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Why did my dog KILL my puppy???

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Old January 13th 20, 10:04 AM posted to rec.pets.dogs.breeds
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Default Why did my dog KILL my puppy???

On Thursday, 4 February 1999 08:00:00 UTC, MV Tanning wrote:
I don't know where to start. I already had a 2 year old APBT (male and
unneutered -mistake) named Chewy. Chewy is basically a good dog except he does
not really like people. He has never bit anyone, but it makes it obvious he
does not like them. If we (me and my girlfriend) are around and someone goes up
to pet him, he lowers his stance, growls, and even whines like he is afraid.
The only way he will let other people pet him is if he goes up to them first. I
tried to socialize him as a puppy, i would walk him and ask people to pet him,
but he always pulled away and growled. Never the less, he has never bitten
anyone and has NEVER shown any aggression to me or my girlfriend.

A couple of weeks back we got a 11 week old female APBT. We introduced them and
after he displayed his dominance by acting like he was mounting her, they
became the very best of friends. They would play and run side by side all day
long. He would always try to entice her to play tug o war with the blanket they
sleep on, he would sleep with his head on her or let her curl her body right
next to his. He used to let her "mockingly" win while play fighting, he would
lie on his back in a submissive posture while she nipped at his face, and
sometimes she would bite to hard and he would just bear it. I walked them both
every night, and they were great walking together. When she got parvo and I
took her to the vet, he sat at home depressed, didn't act happy at all. When
she was better and we brought her home he and she were the happiest dogs in the
world! They basically looked like they loved each other, and he acted like he
was her protector...

Last night I came home and noticed that he was the only one at the screen door
waiting for me. I knew something was wrong. I opened up the door and popped my
head outside and she was lying there, next to an empty food bowl, dead. I
couldn't believe it. (The food bowl was left outside because it was empty. I
had started using another food bowl to feed them instead) I sat down next to
her and her body was cold, and her limbs stiff. There wasnt any blood and I
thought at first maybe he didn't kill her. I turned her over to the other side
and noticed her dew claw had been ripped off. When I turned her over there was
a little blood on her fur but no sign of a fight. Then I look closely at her
head and I saw them. Little tiny puncture holes, near her eye, on top of her
head, on the back of her head. I lost it. I knew in my heart what had happened.
She had probably been sniffing my damn food bowl I left outside, and Chewy came
up to her. He then grabbed her by the head, and she was trying to get away, so
much so that she lost her dewclaw in his chin (He has a cut on his chin that is
swollen and probably infected) and while she was struggling to get away, he
somehow killed her. And I assume it is because of that food bowl I left
outside. I was crying, petting her little head and body, wishing I was god so
bad. I never realized how powerless I was until last night. I wanted to rub her
and make her come back to life, I was telling my baby that I was sorry and
holding her stiff body against my chest. And then Chewy came up to me like
nothing was wrong, his tail wagging, while I was sobbing about my girl. I went
apeshit. I put her down, I punch him in the face while screaming at him, I
kicked him in the ribs hard, I kicked his back end as hard as I could twice, I
kept punching him. I think I was trying to kill him. He just let me hit him the
whole time, he didnt try to really run away, and he just sat there with his
eyes open looking at me. I stopped, realized I didn't know what the hell I was
doing anymore, went inside and cried. After I was done crying, I brought Chewy
in, gave him a bath (he had blood on the front of his coat, and smelled like he
had killed something), then I gave him antibiotics for his inflamed cut on his
chin and made sure he could sit properly, and I checked his ribs to see if he
hurt. I know I should not have hit him like that, I basically abused him and I
shouldn't have. I never have done anything like that before, I was against
people beating there dogs like that. I took Scout (my sweet little baby puppy)
to my old house, buried her, I even brought Chewy along in the truck to spend
time with him (Guilty over beating him, I was trying to justify it was in his
nature, he is a dog, so it was wrong of me to get mad at him), then I went home
cried some more, and went to bed.

I woke up this morning depressed like crazy. I went out, gave Chewy his food
and more antibiotics, but I didn't want to be near him. Inside, even if it is
my fault and he is a dog, I don't want anything to do with him. I still gave
him the medicine, pet him, told him he was a good boy, and now I am here. I
have a couple of questions now because I need to make a desicion on whether to
put him down or not.

Why would he KILL a puppy. I know if it were another dog, since he is an APBT
that he would kill it, but why a female puppy? Does that signify that he is not
a tempermentally sound dog? Is it really because he is an APBT or does he have
a screw loose. She was only 14 weeks old.. If I left the food bowl (empty food
bowl) out to other APBT owners, or dog owners for that matter, would your dog
have killed her?

Does he realize he killed Scout. He doesn't act like he did anything wrong. He
wants to play fetch, he doesn't act like he misses her....

Since he killed a puppy, and he is not friendly with people, does that mean he
can't be trusted when my fiance and I decide to have children? I know people
and animal aggression are two totally seperate issues, but this was a puppy. He
has never shown aggression towards me at all, even when I lost it last night
and beat him.

Lastly, should I put the dog down? I love him, I really do, but I don't want an
animal that I have to always worry about killing things all the time. I don't
want to think that he will bite some kid someday (He will chase them with his
hair standing up if they run, at least he would when he was a puppy. I haven't
seen what he will do now). I am so unsure what to do. I feel like if I put him
down, I am evil. But if it is the right thing to do, I will do it. I won't like
it, but I will.

i guess you could call it dog's plan

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