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  1. new
  2. Looking for dog websites
  3. Language
  4. dogdaze designs
  5. Kansas City - Boarding Kennel Recommendation
  6. in how many countries is microchipping pets compulsory?
  8. hey can someone try this and tell me if it works?
  9. 6 into 60,000?
  10. Boxer Auction
  11. Leonbergers?
  13. Re Leonbergers(HeatherM)
  14. Fun game about a dog
  15. Fun game about a dog
  16. Breeders in North East Regions
  17. $6 to $6000
  18. squeak toys
  19. Bichon Freise
  20. Miniature Dalmation
  21. New English Bulldog and Pug Forums site
  22. bidabone (?) for my German Shepherd puppy
  23. Re. Bichon Freise
  24. Weimaraner Rescue
  25. San Francisco Bay Area dog sitting exchange
  26. poops on bed
  27. responsibilities of a dog owner
  28. Trying to find a Border Collie Breeder near the Mississippi Gulf Coast
  29. Killing of hiker sparks reaction
  30. Minpin advice please?
  31. 70 year old man kills my daughter's 6-month old Black Lab puppy, was unremorseful
  32. Beds for dogs with hip problems
  35. Aaargh! The shedding season!
  36. Re: From SF Chronicle
  37. Missing Rhodesian Ridgeback
  38. Meow err I mean Woofchat: testingtesting
  39. Woof Woof
  40. Re: Can anyone ID this breed of dog?
  41. author seeking persons able to adopt homelss dogs
  42. Re: Meow err I mean Woofchat: testingtesting
  43. Exporting a Pet Dog from Kenya to UK
  44. Re: The Blogging Dog
  45. What do you get if you cross ....?
  46. Re: Schtuzhund and Ring...
  47. How Could You?
  48. Re: Schtuzhund and Ring...
  49. dogs and people food
  50. homemade remedy for furbiting
  51. Re: What good are Purina Weight Circles, off the dog food bags?
  52. In need of Purina weight circles
  53. In need of Purina weight circles
  54. Special on KCET NOW, 10:30-pm pst
  55. Looking for a picture of Dog sniffing another Dog
  56. Taking our dogs from the USA to Brazil
  57. Staffordshire bull terrier
  58. Drying Cabinets
  59. Dog Boredom Sweeps Nation
  60. good dog training books?
  61. Dog breed merchandise for sale
  62. Re: shedding
  63. It's raining Weimaraner puppies in the Heartland
  64. Wolfdogg's Website
  65. Hip Dysplasia Surgery?
  66. Re: REQUEST: Dog boarding
  67. Dogs & roommates
  68. Website Designing
  69. Rhodesian Ridgeback Fan Website
  70. yahoo group to promote
  71. Lump on dogs head
  72. Old English Sheepdog vs. Sheltie Grooming
  73. Training help...Border Collie Goose Control
  74. Lost your pet?
  75. For Sale Wolfhound cast
  76. Help: Information needed
  77. How to find quik (spelling) on dogs nails
  78. FA: The Well-Mannered Dog (2000) Dog Training BOOK
  79. Lost a treasured pet?
  80. Dog Sitting,Dog walking-With a little free training
  81. New GSD Puppy - some questions
  82. Non-existent - but NOT imaginary - farm animals
  83. Iditarod race starting soon
  84. buying a puppy from another country
  85. greyhounds
  86. Can I feed the postman to my dog ? ? ? ?
  87. What is it on paws that stains my shirts?
  88. Retired Service Dogs
  89. Beware of Cambeas Bichon Breeder in Clearwater
  90. "ARAs" stick together to set their "trap"
  91. puppy cam DIY
  92. Woman on the verge due to dog hair
  93. Re: Jonathan's quotes - posted for Harrison's future reference
  94. Building a Dog Run Looking for Tips on Ground Cover.
  95. help - dog afraid of outdoors
  96. Need references on Klar or Bijou Standard Poodles
  97. Iditarod Sled Dog Race Starts Soon
  98. Imported High Quality Dog Products - Because Your Dog Deserves Only the Very Best!
  99. He Was
  100. Homeowners insurance - cancel your dog?
  101. Muro the Dog (Muro the Dog Marvel) (King, Emperor of all Dogs)
  102. Resocialization for 8mo Rottweiler Puppy
  104. Operation for Chihuahua
  105. Difference between a Labrador and a Golden
  106. do you need money for your new kennel
  107. Online Dog Memorials
  108. wanted, your love stories
  109. Cool stuff... Animated.Dogs doing the Can Can
  110. Before you buy a puppy, ASK...
  111. DogTrainerHotList
  112. New Gizmo Photos for Everyone to see!!!
  113. Re: check
  114. Pugs in Florida?
  115. "Works Like A Charm."
  116. jumping, chewing on my hands and toes
  117. Re: Schtuzhund and Ring...
  118. Bayer (maker of Advantage flea treatment) hits the little guy hard
  119. Iditarod TV Schedule
  120. Iditarod Sled Dog Race Running
  121. Say No to J-Lo
  122. Relocating and Can't take our dog - HELP
  123. Re: Dog pulling on leash
  124. Wireless Fence
  125. Get J.Lo to stop promoting fur! Petition
  126. Re: Schtuzhund and Ring...
  127. Need advice on transporting dog with injured rear leg.
  128. Looking to switch dog food from Innova(too expensive!) $37 per 33# bag
  129. Iditarod Sled Dog Race in full swing
  130. Help! Need info on dog collar fit!
  131. Train
  132. Where is the threshold of cruelty-?
  133. More on J-Lo and the petition
  134. Training
  135. Westie Info and Buying dogs in general
  137. this one is for real!!!
  138. Big Paws
  139. Ideas for care
  140. Inhumane treatment
  141. Black mark on tongue
  143. FA: The New Complete Saint Bernard; rare 1971 edition
  144. Chihuahua or Shih tzu
  145. A new campaign for shelter animals
  146. A new campaign for shelter animals
  147. Help us find lost Dog and get reward!
  148. Traveling with Service dog
  149. Providing for our dogs if we die?
  150. Puppy Pictures
  151. Dog training tips
  153. The Greatest News Ever!
  154. Re: EASTER MESSAGE for Derek.
  155. AKC field trial judge held on drug traffic charges
  156. Can a puppy plus a parakeet = peace?
  157. Pregnancy
  158. Put dog to sleep?
  159. Walking 2 dogs at once newbie
  160. Re: Last rites declaration of Ioannes Paulus PP. II (Karol Wojtyla)
  161. Stolen Great Pyrenees pups
  162. Chihuahua puppies fight too rough sometimes
  163. Need advice on portable chain link kennels
  164. Looking for a Boxer breeder in/around NY
  165. SCABBIES help :(
  166. new site
  167. Dogs and walking on wood floors
  168. crate/housetraining
  169. new 7" stuff dogs
  170. digging in yard
  171. Stop your dog's behavior Problems.
  172. Stop your dog's behavior Problems.
  173. Getting a puppy?
  174. Golden Retriever Forum, Photo Gallery and Link Exchane
  175. New Dog Jewelry Site Up and Running
  176. Huge Leather Dog Collar Sale (and more!)
  177. Meet my dog
  178. Re: digging in yard
  179. Crate with top-and-bottom fastening divider.
  180. Looking for sheltie to rescue
  181. How to keep my dog from being killed
  182. 2 days left - huge leather dog collar sale:
  184. Fighting BSL
  185. Dog collectibles site
  186. Proposed Scheme Exploitative of Dogs
  187. "Halting pet damage"
  188. Help... Finding a Healthy Toy Poodle Pup!
  189. Removing Horse Chestnut Sticky-Buds
  190. My boxer pup
  191. Mini-Schnauzer grooming kit recommendation
  192. A few questions - new puppy help...
  194. Online Dog Photo Contest
  195. Toupie 1990-2005
  196. Looking to breeder of Cockapoo's
  197. Dog problem - pls help.
  198. New Receiver for Innotek Wireless Fence $40 obo
  199. Dog welfare question
  201. Moving My Lab By Car
  202. FA : ENDING 40 min - BIG Old Photo Lot Large DOG VARIETY 1920s-50s** NR **
  203. Read if you know of any Dog Park in the area
  204. new pet decor website
  205. Animals cannot be disappointed.
  206. [PHOTOS] Races and training
  207. Lf: puppy
  208. Husband blames dog for cutting wife's head off with chainsaw
  209. How can I protect my dog from Coyotes?
  210. WANTED: Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkies) Puppy
  211. Dog Trivia Game
  212. Dog T Shirts Tons of Breeds
  213. Don't let SPCA abuse your animals
  214. shed no more
  215. Newsgroup for Rescued Dogs
  216. new beagle puppy!
  217. Review: How to Stop Your Puppy or Older Dog from Biting
  218. Re: I can't believe no one here cared enough to reply
  219. Re: I can't believe no one here cared enough to reply/Ryan
  220. Beleive me it works!!!!
  221. dog litter tray
  222. New BSL site
  223. Training problems
  224. Digging in the garden
  225. A new Pup in town!
  226. UK home desperately needed
  227. Avoiding A Traumatic Experience
  228. Popular Poodle vintage poodles FA
  229. For the Dogs ...
  230. Dog Kennel for sale in Michigan
  231. FREE Pet id Tags
  232. moving to London, England
  233. Weaver Leather lot of dog collars: ideal for pet or tack shop
  234. Pictures wanted ...
  235. Can a cat eat a dog ???
  236. International travel with Dogs
  237. ,Dog Fishing*
  238. *Dog Fishing*
  239. Cute Dog Clothes for sale
  240. WOOFCHAT: Siska is gone
  241. Your Dog Needs Water
  242. Best Dog Breed Book
  243. BSL up-dates
  244. "Old Yeller" brand dog food?!?
  245. Sore Leg
  246. Sore Leg
  247. Shiney
  248. help identifying spot on head
  249. AKC field trial judge/Golden Retriever/Holsteiner breeder drug arrest update.
  250. Small dogs that can run?