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  1. Dog Rescue Site List
  2. If You Stiil Care, The Site Has Been Updated.
  3. Save This Pet
  4. T-shirts for dogs
  5. Shih Tzus: Doggie Mail
  6. WOOF! Doggie Email.
  7. Beware the MPAA's DVD-sniffing dogs
  8. celebrity pet names project
  9. Government Goons Murder Puppies!
  10. Live racing vs Virtual racing?
  11. Beagles are so menacing...
  12. compare dog breeds
  13. Search Engine for all doggy related info (eg breeds / training/ obedience etc)
  14. Dogs and Chickens
  15. Only $3 For Clock Movements Set
  16. Professional Handling
  17. $5 DOLARES Bills are so cool
  18. CBC looking for...
  19. want references on rescue group
  20. Assault with a deadly Chihuahua
  21. Shih Tzu Webmail - Free
  22. Assault with a deadly Chihuahua
  23. Ol' Roy recall
  24. dogs detect THC
  25. A new wiki-based site for Dog owners.
  26. Fwd: New Heartworm Treatment Information
  27. my dog
  28. Akita/Pit Bull mix?
  29. Re: Taking Animals Seriously
  30. help with pet clams
  31. re: help with pet clams
  32. Re: Taking Animals Seriously
  33. Re: Taking Animals Seriously
  34. Soccer world cup 2006
  35. dog dispcline
  36. Shih Tzu Lovers.....Free Webmail
  37. "Extreme shelter makeover"
  38. tail docking or banding
  39. Dog terrified of air conditioner
  40. Re: Training dog to not be afraid ?
  41. Garfield is right.
  42. "animal rights" vs Animal Welfare
  43. Motor oil removal from dog paws
  44. 30 Day Free Trial. Start Today And See your First Check in Just One Week
  45. Re: "animal rights" vs Animal Welfare
  46. Shih Tzu
  47. Dog training by dove cresswell
  48. New podcast, "The Petcast" wants your questions
  49. Shih Tzu websites
  50. police dogs attacks last week
  51. Torturing Beef-Jerky Dog Trick..............very very funny
  52. Labrador retriever cost?
  53. Prevent The Cruelty
  54. Re: Sorry....geez!
  55. Attractive Dogs directory
  56. Boycott Gettysburg
  57. New 4PetsOnline Pet Community
  58. Pet Paparazzi
  59. custom made dog clothing
  60. custom made dog clothing
  61. China - DOG HOLOCAUST !!!
  62. Re: Chinese county kills 50,000 dogs
  63. Don't Use Groomingdale's Dog Grooming Wyndmoor, PA
  64. Lengths of dogs - table sought!
  65. Mongrels - % of all dogs
  66. Pet Friendly Cabin
  67. Protect Your Dog
  68. My dog stops during walks
  69. Boycott Gettysburg
  70. Re: Protest new dog slaughter in Jinan, Shandong Province!
  71. WASABI
  72. Puppy defecating in crate
  73. pet ebooks
  74. Need help finding a dog toy
  75. Vet Secrets
  76. Help with behavior and health research!
  77. dog lovers' gifts
  79. Re: Dog Breed
  80. Re: Dog Breed
  81. another dog with lymphoma
  82. Re: Dog Breed
  83. Re: Dog Breed
  84. Dog Jacket to help keep people from petting your dog
  85. Re: Dog Breed
  86. Re: Dog Breeds, Expense
  87. Re: Dog Breeds, Expense
  88. Re: Dog Breeds, Expense
  89. Re: Dog Breeds, Expense
  90. Housebreaking Puppy
  91. Dog Book Recommendations
  92. Introducing littermates after 5 years**HELP**
  93. any tips?
  94. canadian eskimo dogs
  95. bubbles, bubbles, bubbles
  96. Shih Tzu Webmail FREE!
  97. diving in water after nutering
  98. A Thought To Share
  99. bath time
  100. pet sit
  101. there is goodness in this world
  102. Dogs in films, The Captain from Castile
  103. HiPet- Share yuor pet profile
  104. Oso's legacy
  105. Tennessee pit bull club VSBA
  106. Re: Best Pet Tags in the world Free shipping Free Postage
  107. Doggie Duty
  108. Blue Healer
  109. Re: Good articles (online) regarding choosing a brand of dog food.
  110. Re: Good articles (online) regarding choosing a brand of dog food.
  111. Re: Good articles (online) regarding choosing a brand of dog food.
  112. Re: Good articles (online) regarding choosing a brand of dog food.
  113. Join Pet owners who care!
  114. pet rescue auctions
  115. Transporting an old dog from Germany
  116. picking the right dog
  117. Request for information
  118. lovable puppy needs new home asap
  119. Re: Housebreaking a new 5yr old shelter dog
  120. Re: Housebreaking a new 5yr old shelter dog [jerry]
  121. Pet Lovers Place
  122. backup to carry our dog (15 pound Shih Tzu)
  123. FS: A pomeranian puppy
  124. Dog, baby, and a dysfunctional clan...
  125. Re: I had a Muttley
  126. Re: Janet and AOL boards
  127. Re: need help with dog walking
  128. Looking for real-world stories about successful dog and puppy adoptions
  129. Cruel and Degrading: The Use of Dogs for Cell Extractions in U.S. Prisons.
  130. Re: Muttley: Now a question of Life or Death
  131. Re: My Dog won't go potty outside!
  132. Did you get your Puppy from a Reputable Breeder?
  133. new dog problems
  134. Wanted: Dog's abuser $2,500 Reward
  135. Classic Halloween Pet Photos
  136. Dog Obedience Training Secrets to Transform Your Dog's Behavior Problems
  137. Re: Rant...
  138. Is this picture real ?
  139. Trying to put weight on my 2 new rotties
  140. Fun Dog Quizzes
  141. Re: We got a second dog
  142. Gay Men and Their Dogs
  143. Re: Cesar Millan seminar
  144. Age for Speutering?
  145. ADVERTISEMENT - Dog life jackets!
  146. Dog pees in the house only at night time
  147. urgent advice needed
  148. A painting of Miniature Pinscher
  149. Vote -- Best Dog
  150. Go Ahead... MAKE MY DAY <{}: ~ ( >
  151. Kira Beagle goes to visit my parents
  152. WOOF woof woof woof
  153. Please please please can someone help me
  154. Please please please can someone help me
  155. Commercial dog food that kills thousands of dogs
  156. Commercial dog food that kills thousands of dogs
  157. Re: Two Cavalier King Charles ... home alone?
  158. Re: Goldie Help
  159. Re: The animal right
  160. help please
  161. Re: Doggie Dalliance
  162. Re: Raising two Shih Tzu littermates
  163. dog related book list
  164. Re: The animal right
  165. Do some that might actually help an animal...
  166. Christmas Gift ideas for dog and cat lovers (especially agility and athlete dogs)
  167. No slaughter of 20,000 Inuit sled dogs
  168. Dog activities in (southwest) Florida?
  169. How to Get Rid of Fleas?
  170. Do our pets admire art?
  171. Chihuahua's we have 4
  172. Dog shows aversive response squished tick
  173. For The Best Training Results, Here's What You Need To Do
  174. AD: check this website out
  175. Buzz the Dog.
  176. Buzz the Dog.
  177. Buzz the Dog.
  178. Need a moment o your time - THIS IS NOT A SPAM!
  179. What's this all about?
  180. Anyone willing to submit his caretaking/breeding tips online?
  181. English and french bulldogs for sell
  182. Dog Rimming Service Available
  183. Classic "ar" idiocy
  184. FA: BIG Lot Old Photographs AMAZING VINTAGE DOG Photos 50+
  185. Parvo
  186. English And French Bulldogs For Sell
  187. Re: English And French Bulldogs For Sell
  188. Man's Best Friend ?!
  189. Re: Pomeranian eats Iam's cat food
  191. Cutest puppy Jumba, I added him, Aint he the cutest
  192. Help: Whats on my dogs docked tail. Skin condition, tumor... I don't know
  193. male dogs
  194. Surgeon Kills Dog During Medical Sales Demonstration
  195. Re: HELP: Can a nondoctor stop me from taking my dog to my therapist?
  197. Zander and the Rattlesnake
  198. theamazingpuppyretard!
  199. A Tribute To Barney
  200. The fastest, most effective, and most FUN way to train your puppy or dog
  201. Books: A Girl and Her Dog
  202. Which Org for my Will?
  203. Video: US Army Troops Torture Crippled Dog in Iraq
  204. January 23, 1957: Toy company Wham-O produces first Frisbees
  205. Re: Hollywood's Dog Trainer
  206. Excessive shedding
  207. excessive shedding
  208. awesome German Shepherds video
  209. easily gets hair off furniture
  210. Stop your Dog's Behavior Problems
  211. Advice
  212. Re: border collie owner
  213. Dog food advice
  214. pet passports - what vaccinations required?
  215. How to remove odor from car trunk
  216. Boston Terrier
  217. How Dogs Invented Civilization
  218. tag
  219. Do dogs talk?
  220. DIY Doogie Dooley
  221. My dog doesn't like female genitalia !!!
  222. Buddies Heartworm Treatment
  223. arthritis in dog
  224. Iraq Video: US Soldier Shoots Dog With Grenade Launcher
  225. Breeder Warning
  226. Buddy is back
  227. Thunder Passed Away
  228. FA Modern Kennel Management dog breeding
  229. Any pet owners feed BARF?
  230. Dog Show
  231. New Dog Advice Blog
  232. DOGS RULE
  233. DOGS RULE
  234. RE: Password for dogguide.html change.
  235. How to make your dog tip top
  236. Take dog to England?
  237. Re: Prey drive OVERBOARD !
  238. The Net's #1 Joke eBook
  239. Shearing a Shih Tzu
  240. Supports large or small animals coping with stress from the on-going effects of illness
  241. Re: Wild untamed lab! help!
  242. CHAIN MOTELS that allow pets??????
  243. pet food packaging
  244. Pet Food Poison Lawsuit blames Excessive Vitamin D
  245. Royal Canin changes Vitamin D3 Pet Food premix supplier
  246. Dog Obedience Training
  247. My 2-3 month old Blue Great dane keeps bitting people
  249. Re: Barking Lab
  250. training mannuals online ?