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  1. Adding a Schnauzer to house of Bichons
  2. Dog blog
  3. Love dogs?
  4. Looking for help for a dog in need of surgery
  5. Re: Leeroy Jenkins update
  6. Creating Incredible Jokes In Everyday Situations
  8. how do i take care of great danes
  9. Re: Switching commands for an action...
  10. Pet Food Recall Info
  11. BarkingTalk.co.uk
  12. Dog less and less interested in eating, going out
  13. keep Imus Petition
  14. Main Benefits of Dog Training
  15. My Puppy
  16. Calendar 2008 with your dog and breed
  17. Develop And Deliver A High Powered Stand-Up Comedy Act
  18. Re: Training dog to not be afraid ?
  19. Any groomers out there?
  20. what to ask for pet/house sitting?
  21. Boost your Visitors and/or Sales.
  22. When the time is right?
  23. dogs with blogs
  24. Canis Congenital immune deficiency syndrome
  25. Flea protection for a large Dog?
  26. Sterilitation
  27. Dog Sweaters
  28. Discover Critical Elements of Dog Health
  29. Training Dogs
  30. Dog Sweaters
  31. Deputy Shoots Family Dog in Elkhart Indiana
  32. Meet "Rocky" the German Shepherd pup, new member of the Jones Racing Team
  33. Dog Training and Health
  34. Your dog food is killing your dog....
  35. Travel with dog
  36. Lots of Pets in need of homes, the shelters are full =(
  37. Hot and Hard. Best of free adult video 3
  38. Im back!!!!!!!!
  39. smoking can be cheaper!
  40. We created a website with Bully T-Shirts :-)
  41. Free Adult Video Vol. 1
  42. Lubbock, Texas : Beat a Puppy To Death, and No Charges Will Be Filed
  43. Identify And Correct Your Dog's Behavioral Problem
  44. The hole-digging-craze, and a question on clicker training ...
  45. Small Dog Breed Photo Contest
  46. Hilarious and Free Dog Event Coming Up
  47. Flying with your dog!
  48. Pet friendly lodging Northern Vt. lake
  49. I find online pharmacy
  50. testoster0ne help
  51. Concentration Test. Are you concentrated enough? [funny / pr
  53. Re: long hair chihuahua
  54. Variance in Number of ostings to Dog and Cat Newsgroups
  55. Jessica Cirio erotic video
  56. Healthy and Happy pets
  57. Show off your dogs :)
  58. Question About Euthanasia - Not For Faint of Heart
  59. human medicines?
  60. Bend Oregon Cancels Pet Parade
  61. Do your dogs Chew and Bite everything in Sight?
  62. Free Ringtone by Bush and Putin
  63. sheepdog commands in Irish or Scots Gaelic?
  64. sheepdog commands in Irish or Scots Gaelic?
  65. how do I instill fear in a dog - real fear?
  66. How do I instill fear in a dog?
  67. Microchip question
  68. kennel ?
  69. Pet Alert Decals Save Pets Lives
  70. folic acid for bitches?
  71. Dog food is killing our dogs! Yes, Commercial dog food is dangerous for our dogs!
  72. zyrtec tabs and zyban
  73. Some advantages of owning a dog for elderly people:
  74. instilling fear in a sadistic dog
  75. Re: Free Dog Owners Guide
  76. poo :-(
  77. what you don't know about the dogs
  78. Extravagant Luxury Hotel for my Dog
  79. Housekeeping for you and your dog
  80. Re: __ Man mauled to death at Ving Rhames' home __
  81. Ciao ragazzi
  82. Michael Vick dog chew toy
  83. Boring Topic, Soma
  84. Lost, Missing or worse Stolen Pets
  85. Rove Finds Himself in PETA's Crosshairs
  86. Switching from daily feeding to continuous feeding
  87. Is your dog's skin problems a sign of something much more serious?
  88. Re: Ethics question: the relative worth of different types of animals
  89. dog sitters/walkers North of Boston
  90. New & Improved Antioxidant Health Bars for Dogs
  91. The commercial dog food you trust may be killing your dog
  93. Hello
  94. Creating Incredible Jokes In Everyday Situations
  95. The dangers of commercial dog food
  96. Why I love my dog Hottest cannie news letter get your free copy
  97. Big dogs vs. Little dogs
  98. Pet vs. boy/girlfriend
  99. Poodle Day at Dogwood Park in Jacksonville, Florida on 9/23
  100. Blood DNA breed determination
  101. Show off your dog :)
  102. The Dog at Heaven's Gate
  104. New Loans Website has been uploaded, very informative
  105. Help please :-) College survey on natural and organic pet products...
  106. General Great Dane Information
  107. Wyoming County (NY) SPCA in danger of closing Please help!
  108. funding
  109. 24 Very Strange Animals (Including Several Interesting Dogs)
  110. Recipes for your dog!
  111. Collars
  112. Watch NFL Games Online
  113. HP Desktop for sale!
  114. Dogs massacred in Puerto Rico
  115. Great treat site, also please vote for Romeo!
  116. Fatloss computer program
  117. ~~ Woman Checking Mail Attacked, Killed By Dogs ~~
  118. Vick Case
  119. Canine contemplation
  120. First past the post, or past it?
  121. Greyhound Racing - Who is the real winner?
  122. Animal Kindness Industry
  123. Attacked by Pit Bull - GET RID OF THEM!
  124. FS - Pampered pooch sterling silver harmony balls
  125. Webkinz Cheeky Dog
  126. Hello!
  127. $16,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for burning 3 month old Beagle pup.
  128. brand new training manual
  129. last vaccination question
  130. Using GPS Collars To Track Lost Or Stolen Pets
  131. How to Make Homemade Dog Food on a Budget
  132. Dog Toilet for Med to Large Dogs Available
  133. FA The Dog in British Poetry vintage 1893 coursing hunting
  134. as seen on Oprah
  135. as seen on Oprah
  136. Hi to all
  137. Cocka-Poo Advice
  138. Which rights for which animals? (was: Re: problem with this newsgroup)
  139. Dog Food is Killing our dogs! Watch this video.
  140. Free Discount Prescription Cards Are Donated Nationwide
  141. Travel Company for Dog People
  142. Dog Allergies in my family
  143. New site for Misc dogs andd Misc owners
  144. Petition: Help Save Bear the Pit Bull in Lockport NY
  145. How You Can Prepare A Healthy Dog Food Recipe
  146. Important Information About What Your Pet Eats
  147. Animals in funny situations
  148. Free Prescription Help Provided By American Consultants Rx
  149. Hot Shopping,Travel,And Entertainment Marketplace
  150. M I-5 Persec ution ' MI5 W aste Taxpa yer Millio ns on Pointless Hate-Campaig n
  151. M'I.5'Persecuti on ' B BC Newscas ters Lie & Deny Theyr e Wa tching Me
  152. Increase your knowledge about pet`s(cats, dogs, birds,hamsters...).About pet`s behavior, health, needs ...
  153. M.I 5-Persecu tion ` MI5 a re Afraid to Ad mit Th eyre B ehind t he Persec ution
  154. M-I 5-Persecu tion ` No Just ice fo r the Vi ctims of M I5
  155. M'I`5 Persecut ion ' Harassmen t throug h th e Radio
  156. M`I'5.Persecut ion . T hree Year s of MI5 Persec ution Faxe s
  157. M I-5 Persec ution , M I5 Wa nt Me to Sen d Y ou th ese F axes
  158. M.I,5`Persecuti on - 22,544 + 83 7 = 23 ,381
  159. Westie T-shirts, Westie Magnets, Westie Stickers, Westie Mugs, WestieCards & More...
  160. M I.5 Persec ution t he BBC, televisio n and rad io
  161. M.I,5.Persecutio n - Capital R adio - Chr is Tarr ant
  162. M`I'5-Persecuti on . cost of th e o peration
  163. M.I,5`Persecutio n ` how an d why did it st art?
  164. M.I 5`Persec ution . w hy w on't t he B ritish police do the ir jo b and put a s top to it ?
  165. M,I-5'Persecu tion ' why won 't t he B ritish pol ice do their j ob a nd put a stop to it?
  166. M`I'5-Persecu tion . wh y w on't the Bri tish police do thei r jo b and pu t a s top to it?
  167. M'I-5 Persec ution ' ab use in set- up sit uations and in publi c
  168. M.I,5-Persecutio n . purp ose in pu blicizing it ; censo rship in uk.* newsgro ups
  169. M,I`5,Persecut ion th eir metho ds an d ta ctics
  170. M I`5'Perse cution w hy the securit y servic es?
  171. M`I 5`Persecut ion . w hy t he se curity service s?
  172. M-I,5-Persecu tion ` harassme nt at w ork
  174. [OT] disqualifications
  175. beagle dog
  176. Ramps
  177. how much do you know about dogs?
  178. Raising Puppies: Be Positive
  179. Increase your knowledge about pet`s, all you should know...
  180. Worth Seeing : One Of The Funniest Dog Movie Ever
  181. Subprime crisis takes toll on pets
  182. $10 could help build NO-KILL - gassing communities
  183. Some Basic Pet Supplies for Your New Pet
  184. How to Test Your Dog for Food Allergies
  185. Dog with heart murmur and is developing cataracts
  186. Dog Doors
  187. Looking for help for my pug Milo
  188. Puppy in distress--seeking 2nd opinion
  189. Women And Insecurity
  191. Win a Pet Portrait
  192. Dog Training
  193. Pet Health Care Tips
  194. Wild stray male tamed by neuter?
  195. Common Foods Harmful to Pets
  196. 24 week old puppy not feeding
  197. own free urine urine therapy (153,000 web pages) alleged to cure allillnesses
  199. HELP: Lost Black & White Sheltie - Pointe-Claire, Quebec
  200. Common Foods Harmful to Pets
  201. Foster dog Sparkle
  202. Cheeky little fellow...
  203. Cat and Dog Friends?
  204. Common Foods Harmful to Pets
  205. Help the Wyoming County SPCA win a Shelter Makeover from ZooToo
  206. Brandi and Kadin have graduated
  207. STOLEN MASTIFF - please crosspost
  208. Help Angel - She needs surgery at the Wyoming County SPCA
  210. Funny Video : U.S. Soldier Kills Puppy For Fun in Iraq
  211. Dog Care - How to Choose Healthy Dog Food
  212. Dog Treats - How Safe Are They?
  213. Musth Have Pets
  214. I chased my German Shepherd down the street
  215. HELP: Lost Black & White Sheltie - Pointe-Claire, Quebec - FOUND
  216. Art Deco Banner---Opening of Crissy Field---May 6, 2001
  218. 7 Reasons For Barking Dogs- Understanding it
  219. Dog Parks
  220. training your dog..
  221. New Free Pet Forum
  223. Michael Vick?Do you think he got what he deserved?Or do you think hegot off easy?lets start a debate...Ill here some inputs first,then ill let youknow what i think?
  224. Your pets photo printed on just about anything.
  226. How to Recognize the Best Dog Food for Your Dog
  227. The Dog Lover's Essentials MegaPack
  228. Is A Dog Right For You?
  229. Training a Show Dog
  230. Show dogs come from all breeds
  231. Why does Fido do that?
  232. Choosing a Trainer: Two Key Considerations
  233. Dog trainers do not require specific licensing
  234. Choosing A dog Trainer
  235. No Magic Formula Choosing the Right Trainer
  236. Significant Experience
  237. What about new trainers?
  238. Rank of Less Experienced
  239. Puppy Hints
  240. If You Want New Puppy
  241. Teaching your new puppy what is ok?
  242. Start Training Your Dog Not to Bite
  243. Make Sure You Handle Your Puppy Every Day
  244. House Train Your New Puppy As soon As Possible
  245. Give Your Puppy Lots of Love
  246. Hi everybody
  247. Simple tips for pet lover!
  248. New Dog Breeds Recognized by the AKC
  249. New Dog Breeds Recognized by the AKC
  250. Re: Many alerts - many states - please help/crosspost