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  1. Vet Pet Insurance
  2. Survey, what is your relationship with animals?
  3. Dogs for Defense: Military Dog Training during World War II
  4. A patriotic public donated dogs
  5. The Quartermaster Remount Branch
  6. Dogs were trained for a variety of tasks
  7. The unsuccessful experiment of using dogs
  8. Subsequent to World War II dogs
  9. Dogs for Defense
  10. Why Choke Collars Should be a Thing of the Past
  11. Considering the presence of a safer choice
  12. Options that have been demonstrated
  13. Choke collars are very dangerous
  14. Choke collar can slip out of position
  15. Observe the next several dogs
  16. Proper placement of the collar
  17. Vote for Tucker!
  18. You're not gonna believe what my friend's dog did
  19. DOGS of WAR? U.S. Troops Cremated at "Capitol Crematory & FriendsForever Pet Cremation Service"!
  20. Learn to train Your Dog Like A Pro..
  21. Dog Training/Puppy Training
  22. Dog Training/Puppy Training
  23. My dog was mad!!!!
  24. attn jaw cross
  25. My Blog About Me
  26. HELP:How to prevent dogs from crapping in yard!
  27. loud noises
  28. Re: dirty boy
  29. Dog Training/ Puppy Training
  30. Re: dirty boy
  31. Re: dirty boy
  32. Help With Training Your New Puppy
  33. Sell multi-brand shoes
  34. Help us save usenet news for Time-Warner customers
  35. Pet Shop pets...
  36. woofreport is live!!!
  37. Free stuff for your best friend
  38. Homemade pet dog car barrier for bucketseats
  39. Pet Food Recall - Discover the 4 Healthy Food Secrets That WillExtend the L..
  40. German Shepherd Dog Breed
  41. Portraits painted of your dog
  42. ibuprofen
  43. Numerology for Dogs
  44. EoaYF Get-Rich-Quick Cons BEWARE EoaYF(1
  45. A*C0e Rich or Stupid? A*C0ep(
  46. m88p7 Rich or Stupid? m88p7vE
  47. `9(rH Get-Rich-Quick Cons BEWARE `9(rHyg
  48. XV&b3 Rich or Stupid? XV&b3y&
  49. sWjhT Get-Rich-Quick Cons BEWARE sWjhT^i
  50. '4ZB. Rich or Stupid? '4ZB._5
  51. P>.,7 Get-Rich-Quick Cons BEWARE P>.,7p?
  52. :;qbS Get-Rich-Quick Cons BEWARE :;qbSf$
  53. stuffed dog
  54. My Dogs Training is WORKING!
  55. What is this dog besides GSD?
  56. Sourcing small quantities of pet products from China
  57. Dog Symptoms
  58. Platinum Paws
  59. Free dog/cat food for homeless animals
  60. Christian The Lion (A True Story)
  61. Animal Friendship Between Different Species
  62. silly dog video...
  63. silly dog video...
  64. Strange, True Dog Stories
  65. Md. Mayor's Labs Killed by SWAT Team in Drug Bust
  66. *I Have A Tazer Gun, & I Know How To Use It!!*
  67. Invisible Fence
  68. A Different Kind of Pet - An Introduction to Chinchillas
  69. Supplies needed to groom your dog
  70. Will a bobcat eat my dog?
  71. Peticure rotary nail groomer?
  72. Contest Help
  73. This is so cute :]
  74. Online training for dogs
  75. Bay area Boston Rescue needs a little help.
  76. dog is limping
  77. SHAMEFUL breeders who deserve BIG grief
  78. Ole Blue
  79. Skin Problems in Dogs and Cats
  80. Sammy the dog
  81. Dog Lovers Helping Dog Lovers
  82. The Best Solution to Disobedient Dogs in Town!
  83. Pet Food Allergies and How You Can Help Prevent Them
  84. (fake) stuffed dog
  85. An Intelligent Dog & Baths
  86. re: Old McDonald Had a Farm!
  87. Pugumentary
  88. Receive $130 Paid to You Immediately
  89. Beagle puppies for sale
  90. Dog training tips
  91. How to tell if your dog has fleas
  92. House Train your Dog using Positive Reinforcement Method
  93. Bach Rescue Remedy Pet - New Improved Formula Now Available
  94. Love your dog ?
  95. Putting Your Dog On A Diabetic Dog Food Diet
  96. Chihuahua Dogs
  97. Chihuahua Dogs
  98. Christmas meat
  99. Weaning off of canned food.
  100. Pets Can Help Keep The Doctor Away
  101. Beagle Scent Problem
  102. FA Hippy A Dog Austria Dachsbracke 1943
  103. Do You Know The Best Natural Homemade Dog Food?
  104. Protecting Your Pet for Eternity
  105. Your Dogs Photo On Cover Of Pet Magazine
  106. Foods To Avoid In Dog Food Recipes
  107. what breed of dog do you have?
  108. what is the funniest thing...
  110. 2 Vari Kennels to sell/trade
  111. Re: What breed of dog should we get?
  112. WOOFCHAT hello
  113. Re: "Inside of a Dog" by Alexandra Horowitz
  114. A Funny Cat
  116. What? That dog's stooge is a ...
  118. When you see the dog driving the car
  119. I FINALLY TRAINED THE DOG!!! sit fetch stay YAY
  120. A bird on skis
  121. A dog and TV
  122. changing name of a 9 month old rescue dog
  123. muddy dog pen solutions
  124. Re: How can I find/start a homeopathic care forum for pets
  125. Social Networking Website for Pet Owners
  126. Dog Door Plans (Energy Efficient)
  127. Whats the chearest and safest way to fly my dog?
  128. A Boy and His Dog video
  129. Corgi Owner - New to Forums
  130. Please help
  131. Dog Training
  132. is 7 too old for a border collie to have her first litter?
  133. Re: Pet demand for chickens
  134. Re: Pet demand for chickens
  135. Re: Move livestock exist because of demand for pet food
  136. Pet Sitting Services in New York
  137. Re: Are some livestock raised only for pet food?
  138. Re: Are some livestock raised only for pet food?
  139. Dog Shop
  140. Re: Are some livestock raised only for pet food?
  141. Dogsitting With 4 Cats in the House
  142. Strange Situation
  143. Re: "Wif One You Get DOG Egg-Roll!" Chink Canine ConnoisseursConfronted By Animal Lovers!
  144. Re: Animal Welfare, or elimination? (was:Re: Douchebag...)
  145. Re: shaping progressions - more
  146. Missing Dog - Reward
  147. Eating Puppy Meat Is the Same as Eating Pork, British TV Chef Says
  148. Christmas Labradoodle puppies expected
  149. What are your top 3 favorite dry dog food?
  150. Amazing Video: Dog Involved In Deadly DUI Accident Swims Half-Mile To Sarasota Kayaker
  151. Looking for more cures other than supplements for my dog's joint pain.?
  152. Re: author seeking persons able to adopt homelss dogs
  153. Why would my dog allow my puppy to dominate him?
  154. What is better, a labrador retriever or a golden retriever?
  155. Campbelltown Vet Provides Info for Pet Lovers
  156. help:UK - Border Collie Pup needs new home
  157. Culture of Violence
  158. variable length cable tie downs
  159. can apply Johnson baby oil on 3months chihuahua puppy
  160. Re: Being eaten by dogs
  161. [SM] dogs, but not wolves, use humans as tools
  162. How do I get my idiotic neighbors to stop letting their dogs crap onmy lawn?
  163. Re: Were you ripped off in a dog sale/papers/adoption by Stacy
  164. Boycott the Iditarod and Disney's Snow Dogs
  165. A divorcing couple asked a judge to treat their dogs like children.Here is his reply.
  166. Shock Therapy.
  167. Adorable French Bulldog Puppies for sale
  168. Family tree of dogs reveals secret history of canines
  169. Message From Faith Mantooth.