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  1. basset hound
  2. Re: It Don't Take Wizardry <{) ; ~ ) >
  3. Austin TX dog needs foster/adoption
  4. stolen Great Pyrenees pups
  5. Rottweiler being put to sleep over bad hips!
  6. Re: SomethIng weird?
  7. San Diego Snippy Dog Needs A Home
  8. Training for training pads?
  9. new site
  10. Need new homes
  11. Re: Aggressive rough collie, hormones, ovarian cysts
  12. Re: Aggressive rough collie, hormones, ovarian cysts
  13. Re: Giving Medicine / Dog Bite
  14. new 7" stuff dogs
  15. Re: Info needed on a supposed rescue group
  16. my first rescue transport experiences
  17. Golden Retriever Rescue Sites
  18. Bichons Reputable breeder/Jack Ferman
  19. atlanta georgia
  20. Fireman saves dog's life
  21. Re: Aggressive rough collie, hormones, ovarian cysts
  22. i hope this isn't a repost
  23. For Sale Crate + Dogloo
  24. Looking for sheltie to rescue
  25. Proposed Scheme Exploitative of Dogs!
  26. Orlando FL Boston Terrier Rescue
  27. Knoxville, TN - Sweet Mixed Border Collie for Adoption
  30. Re: digging in yard
  31. Toupie 1990-2005
  32. 500 Greyhounds to die in CT
  33. Plainfield Greyhounds
  34. Re: Cant we get rid of this muppet!!!
  35. New York Times on fate of greyhounds when track closes ~DawnWatch
  36. Re: "The Case Against Spanking"
  37. Just adopted 16-month-old chihuahuas with some bad habits
  38. Dog T Shirts Many Breeds
  39. pet supplies/meds
  40. online petition for dogs
  41. With news stories daily about pets that bite, maim, and even kill, it is increasingly important to make sure your pup doesn’t ‘act out’, and hurt someone.
  42. A First Time Visitor
  43. Animal Control Officers for Western Mass. & Northern Connecticut
  44. Re: Wednesday: 5/18/05
  45. puppy abuse in Oswego County NYS
  46. Looking for a home for 2 chihuahuas
  47. Avoiding A Traumatic Experience
  48. Pet Care
  49. Dog Rescue 501(c)(3) Status
  50. Help me find out what breads my dog is
  51. FREE Pet Id Tags
  52. Puppy Mill Awareness Day!! (crosspost please!!)
  53. Tacoma WA st. bernard lost
  54. Re: ASPCA Full of Poop
  55. My dogs like to eat little children ...
  56. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
  57. Two Chihuahuas Need a Home (Va)
  58. AustinTX - female rottie needs a home
  59. Wisconsin Puppy Mill
  60. Two PETA employees arrested for animal cruelty
  61. Re: PETA caught "treating animals ethically" again!
  62. finding home for Walker Coon Hounds-not for sale
  63. She needs someone
  64. PITBULL RESCUE - ANY in eastern USA?
  65. Puppy Prep for the Whole Family
  66. Advice on buying a Jack Russell puppy
  67. Great dogs australian shepherd mix) need good home
  68. no kill shelter needs $2000 to save Pomeranian
  69. 7 People to chain themselves to doghouses
  70. basset hound rescue?
  71. Pulmonic stenosis - Pomeranian
  72. Can anyone help?
  73. Most people aren't pitbull fans but I thought I'd give it a shot...
  74. US Pet Owner Survey
  75. Do you think she is spoiled?
  76. New Poster - Hi y'all
  77. who owns this group?
  80. need info on 2 ohio rescues/rescuers good or bad
  81. What a welcome
  82. Adopting an ex puppy mill dog
  83. Dog Pheromones
  84. Can anyone recommend some rescues in the Southern Ontario Region ,,Thanks
  85. 6 Month Old Puppy Free to Loving Home
  86. Good dog needs home in Georgia...
  87. Adopted Terrier Cross is peeing on my bed
  88. Adopted Terrier Cross is peeing on my bed
  89. Adopted Terrier Cross is peeing on my bed
  90. Sorry for the multiple postings about my dog peeing in the bed...
  91. Fort Myers Florida - Lucy is a beautiful Shar-Pei/Lab mix
  92. Fort Myers Florida - Lucy is a beautiful Shar-Pei/Lab mix
  93. To Diddy re:NILIF and my terrier, Delta (Personal)
  94. Please sign this petition!!! This dog's life depends on it!!
  95. Beagle Free to good home, 2 yrs old, female. Near Chicago
  96. Do you rescue animals?
  97. Would appreciate feedback
  98. Re: USERS FYI
  99. Re: LOST FEMALE DOG:8\8\05
  100. LOST DOG:
  101. A snake in the doghouse! good article attached
  102. Irish Wolfhound/Shepard mix for sale-w/cage and shots $75.00
  103. LOST FEMALE DOG Please take a look.
  104. Lost Family Pet - Please look
  105. Re: Shaq likes the Roanoke/Bedford Area.
  106. I know what my dog thinks
  107. Re: Visitor looking For Some Sanity.... Am I In The Right Place?
  108. Attn: Katrina Refugees
  109. !!!!!!!!! Pet Shelter For Evacuees of Katrina !!!!!!!!
  110. Animal Disaster Relief Forum
  111. HSUS Donations
  112. NEW - Dog Related Newsgroups
  113. Forum for Those Needing N.O. Pet Fosters
  114. NJ Volunteer & Charity Resource
  115. Web site with interesting stuff for dog handling
  116. test
  117. Re: Bethwhore wants us to help New Orleans dogs
  118. Continental Airlines is providing FREE transport for pets / Katrina
  119. Northwest Indiana Lab/Hound Mix for Adoption
  120. CALL to save your stranded pets in Hurricane
  121. MA organitzation needs help with rescued Katrina canina victims
  122. a snake in the doghouse
  124. Tacoma, Wash. Akita needs a home
  125. Sweet Pit-mix puppy needs a home!
  126. Keeshond Discussion Forum
  127. we help adopt dogs
  128. Trying to identify my dog mix for training ...
  129. FEMA Blamed for Needless Deaths of Pets
  130. GSD wanted!
  131. Katrina Animal Rescue Report
  133. Katrina Ferrets - IMPORTANT!
  134. Katrina Ferrets- Part Two
  135. deaf pit bull needs a home
  136. Katrina & Rita Rescued Dogs & Cats STILL need YOUR Help NOW!
  137. rescue
  138. Katrina Pet Convoy
  139. Pit Bulls Seized in Monroe County
  140. The Best Dogs in Death Row
  141. Looking for Chihuahua in NL
  142. The Other Part of The Problem.
  143. New Orleans dogs displacing local dogs
  144. Restraining problem
  145. Looking to adopt/rescue a Chihuahua or Rat Terrier
  146. York, SC Dog to Good Home
  147. Re: Cat Fleas
  148. help us help animals
  149. Mastiff rescue needed
  150. (Austin, TX) URGENT! Pit Bull to be euthanized!
  152. looking to rescue a norwich terrier
  153. (Sacramento, CA) young dog needs rescue, please help
  154. looking for basset hound
  155. Awesome Dogs in Athens, GA
  156. yorkies
  157. Petfinder starting to exclude users
  158. Dogs
  159. catahoula leopard dogs
  160. Special needs dog in Cincinnati
  161. West Sacramento, CA
  162. Homemade Doggie Treats & OTher Stuff
  163. Free Border Collie
  164. Free Border Collie
  166. Looking for Beagle
  167. Lab, Boxer, Golden, Fiest, Bulldog, Corgi, Rotti, Dachshund
  168. Chinese shar-pei
  169. Chinese shar-pei
  170. Amazing 2 yr old beagle for adoption
  171. Poodle graphics
  172. Help With Pet Hoarding
  173. Chow mix for adoption
  174. Re: cutting too much of a dogs nail
  175. Lola needs a home (South Carolina)
  176. Copper of Toledo Ohio
  177. Maybe you could help?
  178. Chinese Crested Hairless Adults need new homes
  179. BATESVILLE, Mississippi -- 'Humane Society' - - Something you NEED to Know!
  181. Alaskan Malamutes
  182. Need Good Home: Young BOXER-MIX Brother & Sister THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS
  183. Best Place to Post Information About Repealing California's New Breed-Specific Law?
  184. New Home Needed-Lab
  185. Looking for a Maltipoo Puppy or Rescue dog!!!
  186. Hello Friends
  187. Need resources in Iowa...
  188. forget it...got iowa covered
  189. Dog Rescue ORGS Needed To Foster Rescued Katrina Dogs
  190. Potty Training an older dog?
  191. Animal Rescue NEW ORLEANS
  192. Suggestion Please
  193. Secrets Of A Professional Dog Trainer!
  194. Herbal Nutrition
  195. Dog Rescue sites
  196. Boston Terrier Ear Problems
  197. great news in our rescue. :D
  198. Jerry's Internet Address is
  199. Re: Video clip of training in dogpark.........correct link
  200. Adopt A Homeless Pet!
  201. "puppy parole" idea
  202. I Am New To This Group
  203. Re: ADH is now officially, finally, and irrevocably DEAD
  204. What Could This Ear Tattoo Mean....?
  205. police dog?
  206. broken fibula
  207. eBay to Consider Allowing Pet Listings.
  208. come and see me if you come to b.c.
  209. B.c. blowing away the tourists
  210. show Dog is right
  211. did you know i was
  212. Growls on waking
  213. Jerry has Snot in hiS nose
  214. o my God!
  215. Flat-Coated Retriever seeks new brother/sister
  216. Greyhound Sore Throat?
  217. my owner
  218. Excessive Thirst/hunger in Aging Greyhound
  219. Re: Just leave Jerry... Now
  220. ill dog
  221. Dog Pampering - What About Yours?
  222. It's Christmas Eve and all I want is
  223. my first folding crate
  224. Re: Errors novice dog trainers often make
  225. need a home for a dog in Altoona, PA
  226. HELP! My new puppy peed in my cat's face!
  227. Re: need a home for a dog in Altoona, PA
  228. wanted: med size (20-30lbs max) puppy
  229. cavalier king
  230. howling at sirenes
  231. Dog Rescue Online (UK)
  232. Re: howling at sirenes to puppy wizzard
  233. Re: Dog will not listen
  234. American Eskimo in Norfolk, VA Needs Home
  235. Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler pups
  236. Dog will not come when called, HELP!
  237. Scared pup needs help quick!
  238. Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler Puppy for adoption
  239. Do NOT adopt out to these people
  240. Help with a needy, recently rescued dog
  241. Rescue responses
  242. New in the USA Magnetic Dog Beds
  243. For those that haven't heard: Georgia Lab Rescue is closing
  244. Found stray - Need advice -Atlanta area
  246. CORGI needs rescuing in New York (welsh, looks pure)
  247. Advice on adopting out a bitting dog.
  248. 0P% ***Hot stuff - check this out !!! 0P%
  249. President Kittycat.....don't laugh, it may happen.
  250. Get Rich