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  1. Here's How To Get Your Dog To Listen To You, Anywhere You Go.
  2. FWD: NC dogfighters trying to adopt from rescue groups
  3. A great onestop spot
  4. Purina Puppy Chow coupon
  5. Re: Wanted: Small-Medium Pup in Wiltshire (UK)
  7. The World Library of Pets is now online Archive your pets image for ever
  8. Puppy Find Sucks - help spread the word
  9. Sacramento, Ca., terrier needs rescue
  10. Re: Dog will not listen <ninnyboy>
  11. 335 Dogs Rescued in PA - Need Donations Please!
  12. Nimbus the cat's SATA RAID array
  13. Rescue in need!!!!!!!
  14. Artwork of your dogs, or any other animal.
  15. Re: beagle wanted
  16. Wanted - Scottie, Collie or something similar!
  17. new family members in our name
  18. Lost Dog available for family home.
  19. intership at Best Friends Sanctury
  20. I have created a poll, Topic: A big dog in next door threaten you.
  21. I have created a poll, Topic: A big dog in next door threaten you.
  22. Israeli site for adopting dogs and cats.
  23. Re: Beagle needs a home
  24. The Dogs Who Found Me - author event 3-15
  25. Hello again nice dog lovers!
  26. g %#U Hot Specials and Collectibles g %#U
  27. Advice sought on rescuing a failing greyhound rescue organization
  28. Thinking about adopting a greyhound
  29. Give me advice
  30. Looking to place 1 yr old Yellow Labrador Retriever (Stratford, Ont.)
  31. Illegal Immigration, the Non-Issue of the Week........................
  32. Puppy rescue - east central Florida
  33. All rottweiler links from all over the world
  34. Dog Rescue and Breeding Documentary!
  35. Florida passes law that allows restraining orders to include pets!
  36. Pet rescue after hurricane
  37. TURN $6 INTO $15,000 IN ONLY 30 DAYS.
  38. Dog Training At Its Best
  39. Re: Crate Training and Feeding a baby Chihuahua?
  40. Re: Immigration's Third World Cruelty To Animals
  41. Re: Hispanic Leaders Brag About Anti-White Hate, Racism
  42. Dog Permits in FL? How many can you legally have?
  43. 1465307831 T0000563 DOGGY SAYS, “KITTY ISFOOD!” 1465307831
  44. 5320726633 T0000563 DOGGY SAYS, “KITTY ISFOOD!” 5320726633
  45. 4685371341 T0000564 SQUIRREL SYMPATHISER 4685371341
  46. 3646178113 T0000597 DOGGIE SAYS, “SQUIRREL MAKESGOOD PATE’!” 3646178113
  47. 2845683336 T0000619 PUPPIES ARE PEOPLE TOO! 2845683336
  48. 3835814547 T0000620 FURRY PEOPLE HAVE RIGHTS! 3835814547
  49. Re: Hispanic Activist Says Carve Up USA
  50. New Adopt a Dog Shirt-Great Message!
  51. Virtual dog adoption (sponsoring)
  52. NC Schnauzer Rescue (NCSR)
  53. Thank you so much for caring!! Page updated if you wish to look.
  54. Re: Mexicans abuse Animals
  55. Maremma
  56. Re: First time dog owner needs advice.
  57. Grooming Tips For Your Chihuahua
  58. Live racing vs Virtual racing
  59. GSD NEEDS A RIDE!!!!
  60. What might she be?
  61. Search Engine for all doggy info (re; dog breeds / training / obedience etc.)
  62. baseball strength coaches
  63. Professional Handling
  64. Pet Classified - Buy Sell trade Pets and Pet Supplies
  65. CBC looking for...
  66. new website
  67. lost/found Golden in OH
  68. Re: Sophie, Tyson And ed williams of pet loss dot CON
  69. Agility DOG free course online creation
  70. Re: Illegals Attacking Pets of Border Ranchers
  71. Ol' Roy recall
  72. A new wiki-based site for Dog owners.
  73. Fwd: New Heartworm Treatment Information
  74. This discount page donates to rescues
  75. Yellow Labrador Retreiver for Sale
  76. Dog needs home
  77. Keepsake Crematory Memorial Jewelry - Memory Pendants by L. Huffman Studios
  78. AMERICA IN DANGER: Secret Torture Rooms
  79. Re: Static No Bark Collars
  80. Re: But it's working!!!
  81. Letter to HOPE in Sugar Land
  82. Do dog's farts smell worse than cat's farts?
  83. Need help with my Dachshunds
  84. 30 Day Free Trial. Start Today And See your First Check in Just One Week
  85. Dalmatian-OwenSound, Ontario, Canada
  86. PET SITTER available in Seattle and Eastside areas, DOGS and CATS
  87. New podcast, "The Petcast" wants your questions
  88. Wanted
  89. Prevent The Cruelty
  90. pet rescue network
  91. Dog groomers
  92. Dog Rescue
  93. Purebred beagle puppy for placement
  94. NBC Today show "giving up a dog"
  95. Please help us save our puppy...
  96. Re: puppy bites
  97. Re: Man pissed at gf, kills puppies <= U$ Soldiers KILL Iraqi Civilians !
  98. Re: My dog breaks out of his cage at night
  99. Re: Flea Control Products (and other advice)
  100. Help with finding a home for our dog -Raleigh/Durham NC
  101. Re: Introducing new dog to household
  102. Protect Your Dog
  103. Killing unwanted dogs
  104. Designer Pet Id Tags $9.95 Free Shipping and Engraving
  105. help dog charities
  106. Re: Introducing new dog to household
  107. Re: Introducing new dog to household
  108. animal adoption website
  109. Hunte-60 Puppies Killed in Truck Fire
  110. Vet Secrets
  111. FOUND DOG 8/11/06
  112. help with behavior and health research
  113. Re: Dog Breed
  114. Re: God Damn! (BOYCOTT CHINESE PRODUCTS!!!!!...
  116. Re: Dog Breed
  117. Re: Dog Breed
  118. Re: Dog Breed
  119. Dog jacket to help keep people from petting your dog...
  120. Re: Dog Breed
  121. Cruel Country Music Star Troy Lee Gentry Murders Tame Bear
  122. Beagle Needs Foster or Forever Home
  123. Jack & Nick Need Homes
  124. Great New Dog Site Geared Toward Dog Rescue
  125. Beagle Brothers In Georgia-----Deadline Friday, September 1, 2006
  126. Beagle Brothers In Georgia-----Deadline Friday, September 1,
  127. Doberman wanted
  128. Doberman wanted
  129. ACTION ALERT! Please stop the City of Los Angeles from killing my dog, STU!
  130. Pets on death row
  131. CALIFORNIA bad guy alert
  132. Baseball and Softball Bat Speed and Hitting Power
  133. Pet sit
  134. Need Australian Cattle Dog Rescue info Houston Texas
  135. Dogs needing homes Crosby, Texas USA
  138. Hipet- Share your pet profile
  139. "Luna" needs a new home ASAP. Female dog, 1.5 y/o, 30lbs Tampa, FL
  140. Chocolate Lab In S Wisconsin needs home-EMERGENCY
  141. video: why i prefer dogs as pets
  142. German Wirehair Pointer Found 10/1 Citrus Heights
  143. Ping: Toad----->can you help?
  144. Auctions for Buddies Thru Bullies
  145. Re: Housebreaking a new 5yr old shelter dog
  146. Re: Housebreaking a new 5yr old shelter dog [jerry]
  147. Re: I had a Muttley
  148. Re: Janet and AOL boards
  149. Re: need help with dog walking
  150. Looking for real-world stories about successful dog and puppy adoptions
  151. New to the newsgroup
  152. Re: Muttley: Now a question of Life or Death
  153. Please sign for killed chihuahua
  154. Re: My Dog won't go potty outside!
  155. Wanted: Dog's abuser $2,500 Reward
  156. Spayed too early?
  157. spaniel cocker
  158. Re: Rant...
  159. need to give up my chihuahua palm coast florida
  160. Black and Tan Coonhound
  161. Toy Pei - Puppy Mill Bust in Kansas
  162. Fwd: Neglected Chow - Fulton County, GA
  163. Help Heidi
  164. Older CHow CHow for Adoption
  166. Closing brings new opportunities for Chicago animal shelter
  167. Re: We got a second dog
  168. Re: Cesar Millan seminar
  169. Alberta - 2 female Chow Chows - URGENT
  170. ADVERTISEMENT - Dog life jackets!
  171. agility poodle needs new home
  172. Vote -- Best Dog Breed
  173. Vote -- Best Dog Breed
  174. Vote -- Best Dog
  175. Go Ahead... MAKE MY DAY <{}: ~ ( >
  176. Charity ART auction plus for bulldog rescue
  177. Re: Goldie Help
  178. Re: Raising two Shih Tzu littermates
  179. is this enough to "save" a dog? (long post)
  180. Looking for American Bulldog rescue in Atlanta area
  181. RI couple looking to adopt a puppy in Mid-January.
  182. bulldogs
  183. Re: showing signs of agression
  184. Re: Are there any dog breeds that are happy to stay alone in a house/garden for 2 days a week?
  185. bulldog rescue
  186. Holiday Greetings From The Magic Garden Of Siegfried And Roy
  187. Re: Essay on Dogs - Your Opinion wanted
  188. Pet Rescue directory
  189. Buddy Has Found A Sponcer!!!
  190. test
  191. Buddy's test results.
  192. For The Best Training Results, Here's What You Need To Do
  193. Puppy tortured, baked to death in Georgia
  194. Re: Need help from Belgian owners, trainers, experts, dog people...Anyone!!!
  195. Natural Relief From Stress, Depression And Anxiety
  196. Need a moment of your time - THIS IS NOT A SPAM!!
  197. Rescue Christmas Tree
  198. Stuff that shelters and rescues need FREE
  199. 4 Y/O Maltese?
  200. bulldog newsgroup
  201. New website devoted to Re-homing Chow Chow
  202. Urgent Action Needed to help Millions of Laboratory Animals
  203. Who will help these poor dogs? (Northern California)
  204. Finding Rabies Vac. Info for my Rescued Japanese Chin Please.............
  205. Trying to find a home for dog....sanford, north carolina
  206. Surgeon Kills Dog During Medical Sales Demonstration
  207. Question about children
  208. Free copy of new dog book
  209. cuteoverload Puppy channel
  210. Questions to expert bottle feeders
  211. this is a sweet pup stretching out on the floor
  212. Pitbull in need of new home and medical
  213. my dog Bosco
  214. "non-profits" and other phoney orgs
  215. DESPERATE!! Need Legs 2 & 3 Filled - 2/11
  216. One guy here said I should shoot the asshole!
  217. tag
  218. Collars and Leads help dogs in Need
  219. Re: Where things stand
  220. Buddies Heartworm Treatment
  221. make your rescue group more successful
  222. Iraq Video: US Soldier Shoots Dog With Grenade Launcher
  223. How do you like your DKNY dog fur coat?
  224. Buddy is back
  225. Anybody see "Dealing Dogs" HBO documentary?
  226. Rescue Resources still available
  227. Lies an Distortions
  228. No Merit
  229. Repost: BEWARE
  230. New Dog Advice Blog
  231. NW Arkansas -- Missing Boxer 72616
  232. VIDEO: What does Kosher mean?
  233. Free Cocker Spaniel
  234. Deception...Disguised, as a Dog Manual
  235. stray needs help
  236. Finding a good home for my Rottweiler
  237. URGENT: Trans needed to forever home: 3/10-3/11: GA, SC, NC, VA
  238. RE: Password for dogguide.html change.
  239. How to make your dog tip top
  240. Re: Prey drive OVERBOARD !
  241. Dog Behavior Question
  242. FYI: Pet deaths prompt recall of pet food
  243. Great free dog in Farmington hills, Michigan
  244. Dog Obedience Training
  246. great dane problem
  247. a horrible pet owner???
  248. Rescues Needed So many need homes dogs & puppies
  249. Recued dog need surgery
  250. Dog for sale