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  1. south west michigan 2 strays
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  18. Re: Palomuurin+virusohjelman valinnasta (osto vai ilmainen)uudelle
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  25. Need transport help for Momma and babies from GA to VA
  26. treeing walker coonhound -at scenic overlook in Pigeon Forge, TN
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  30. 2.Inarilainen 23.12 ampiaiskato.
  31. help reunite my pugs with me
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  38. Re: Can someone help me understand hot spots?
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  40. Lab needs a great home!
  41. Are you suffering from Vitiligo?
  42. Are you suffering from Psoriasis?
  43. Orlando, FL Abandoned dog needs home
  45. 2 Pit bull mixes NEEDS NEW LOVING HOMES
  46. black & tan coon hound-beagle mix needs home
  47. Need home for dogs
  48. Lost Vizsla Washington DC
  49. Need Home for my old dog - Florence Alabama
  50. Pit bull mix puppy found on California Reservation
  51. Female Pitbull Desperately Needs Home
  52. Mr. Bojangles needs a new home (San Diego County, CA)
  53. Pretty Brindle Pit Bull needs a home, Los Angeles
  54. Desperate need in Galveston County
  55. Portland Oregon rehoming our dog
  56. Rescuecontacts Group on Yahoo has returned
  57. Re: Red State Hero - Idaho Man Wades Into Icy Pond to Save 2 Dogs
  58. Honolulu, HI: Looking for a home for a very sweet, high maintenancepup
  59. Rescuecontacts Group on Yahoo has returned
  60. Newbie looking for advice please?
  61. FAQ for brining home a rescue dog
  62. we will wean the dog onto another food at some point
  63. 10 month old female Brinlde Pit in need of a home! (Las Vegas)
  64. Pittbull Needs a Good Home
  65. Amazing Chocolate Lab Mix Needs a Big Fenced In Yard
  66. Newly rescued haircut question
  67. Australian Shepherd/ German Shepherd mix needs home
  68. Sweet, Neutered Male Pitbull in Reno, NV
  69. Rescues may be needed Friday! (7) dogs (4) horses
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  72. Jacksonville, Florida ~ needs assistance placing female great dane
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  74. I can help...
  75. dog need home rott/shep
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  77. Another reason to make sure your charitable donations aren't wasted.
  78. have 2 beautiful mixed-breed rescues (PUPPIES!) for adoption nearAtlanta
  79. Good dog in need of good home - Baltimore, Maryland area
  80. Male German Shorthair/Russell Terrier mix needs new home-Placerville, CA
  81. Male rotweiller needs home (Sacramento area)
  82. NEED her 2 Poo In Kennel
  83. The Best Inun Info - The Latest Inun News and Information
  84. Ypsilanti, MI. Adult female Chow/Rotweiler mix needs home.
  85. 4 yr old Pitbull mix in Albuquerque, NM looking for a home
  86. Need loving home with yard for my pit mix
  87. Re: Need loving home with yard for my pit mix
  88. Need Homes for Los Angeles Area Rat Terrier Mix Puppies
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  90. Sutter Co, CA - Need loving home for 9mo pup Pom/Chi Mix
  91. Free Rottweiler Dog to a good home - Asheville NC
  92. Pit shar pei mix 5 yr old female
  93. Remember: a dog is not just for Christmas
  94. Roseville, CA Radar needs a home
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  100. Please help us help Ceasar
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  104. Sacramento, California Dog needs good, loving and ACTIVE home!
  105. Dog in Carmichael, California needs good, loving and ACTIVE home!
  106. Re: L.A.County Sheriff Killed my dog
  107. NY: Loving, scared family dog on kill list today (Thursday 10/24)
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  109. kewl things kiosk for animal rescuers and friends!
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  111. Re: rescued a lab tonight.. any advice?
  112. Hartford pitbull
  113. 911 in Knoxville, TN, help finding a home for a beautiful mix breed dog
  114. Rolesville, NC - Found Brindle 6-9mo male (Plott Hound?)
  115. free 3 yr old male 1/2 lab 1/2 pit bull to good home (Sacramento, CA)- good with kids & animals
  116. emergency pet adoptions needed for two 8 month old chiwawa/cockerspaniel mixes
  117. Suspected Hit & Run. 6:40 a.m.
  118. Daytona Beach,Fl Help!
  119. Sacramento - Poodle Mix
  120. Older White Schnauzer seeks female companion- Dayton, OH
  121. Great dane rescue in New England?
  122. New home needed for 4yr old Ridgeback x Staffy. Sydney, Australia
  123. Deltona Florida
  124. Designer dogs?
  125. Australian Shepherd Colorado
  126. My 1 year old pitbull puppy needs a forever home
  127. South Texas- Several sweet adorable rescue dogs
  128. South jersey,delaware area
  129. Adoption vs Buying Poll
  130. looking to adopt large to xtra large breed of puppy
  131. Rescued Golden Retriever
  132. i have a jack russel terrier for adoption
  133. Adopted Dog
  134. 3 DOGS available ALEXANDRIA
  135. Shitzu/Maltese needs good home
  136. 4 dogs in need of good home.
  137. (339) 337 0146
  138. 2 beautiful Cockaliers need a LOVING home
  139. Looking for a temporary home for my dog.
  140. Current Labs for adoption--Albany NY
  141. French Bulldog Puppies now for sale
  142. San Antonio Area
  143. San Antonio Area
  144. San Antonio Area
  145. Yulin cruel dog meat festival!
  146. Huntsville AL dog in need of a new home
  147. 2 doggies need good home in Broward County
  148. Message From Faith Mantooth.
  149. My beagles need a new home
  150. My black beautiful 1 yea old Lab mix needs a new home
  151. My Beagle/Hound needs rehomed
  152. Re: New Hampshire family, farm being terrorized as part of 'vicious shakedown,' FBI says