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  1. Save Man's Best Friend from the Dog Meat Trade - Say YES to House Bill 2991
  2. Re: Hollywood's Dog Trainer
  3. awesome German Shepherds video
  4. 9 year old German Shepard with torn back knee ligament and Arthritis in spine
  5. Help!!! My Shih-Tzu is shedding
  6. easily gets hair from furniture
  7. Stop your Dog's Behavior Problems
  8. Advice
  9. Beagle Skin Problem
  10. Need help
  11. Dr. Do More: a video on "Animal Health"
  12. See Jerry Howes Home movies
  13. Dykes that post here home movies
  14. asthma/lung disease????
  15. Is egg yolk OK for dogs
  16. help! my poor yorkies paws!!!
  17. Moist Ear Problem: What to Use?
  18. Re: Healthy coat suggestions
  19. Re: Healthy coat suggestions
  20. Re: Healthy coat suggestions
  21. Sores under eyes
  22. Has anyone tried DinoVite supplement for their dog?
  23. Here's my dog's stool issue....
  24. ? about ivermectin
  25. Moxedectin Proheart SR 12
  26. St. Bernard having seizures
  27. Anyone know how to block Jerry howe in Outlook express ?
  28. Dogs Nails
  29. suddenly paralysed
  30. The 5-Minute Veterinary Consult, Canine & Feline edition
  31. Health food tips.
  32. Strange Condition with Sensitive Paws
  33. needle aspirate or death ?
  34. Small limp in puppy ... is this a concern?
  35. Side Effects of Glaucoma Drugs
  36. Our dogs are better now, thanks for caring folks!
  37. tag
  38. Nutrition tips.
  39. Do dogs talk?
  40. problem after spaying
  41. Stunning Pet Portraits
  42. Bacterial skin infection
  43. Best way to put weight on a dog?
  44. Europe Tests Established Chemicals on Millions of Animals
  45. Buddies Heartworm Treatment
  46. Ear infection
  47. Can I jog with a Great Dane?
  48. Dog has big hole in chest after operation
  50. Male dog peeing on female dog!
  51. vaccination for Lymes disease uk
  52. High ALT Level Mystery
  53. Saved dog
  54. Hands down the best dog taining program!
  55. Problem with stool
  56. 他*怳@定很愛麥記,謝謝
  57. Memorial for Thunder- beloved GSD
  58. (Video I Made Myself) It's About Fire And My Dog
  59. Nutrition tips.
  60. Video: US Soldier Shoots Dog w/ M203 Grenade Launcher
  61. lipomas-profusion of multiple soft bumps
  62. Dalmatian Vomiting Mucus, Licking, and Gagging
  63. arthritis
  64. Overcharged by my vet?
  65. Overcharged by my vet?
  66. help- dog ate gum with Xylitol
  67. How do you like your DKNY dog fur coat?
  68. How do you adjust to your baby going blind?
  69. Buddy is back
  70. Dog has rubbed the skin off his nose, bleeding. Is the vet taking me for a ride?
  71. bleeding ear
  72. Adopting dog with kennel cough
  73. my dogs ear infection again
  74. Incontinence
  75. Anybody see "Dealing Dogs" HBO documentary?
  76. best dog training tips
  77. Nutrition.
  78. Is my dog having a seizure?
  79. Sore on elbow
  80. My Dog is Panting, Shivering, and seems nervouse!?
  81. Dog drinks out of puddle????
  82. Is there a "WebMD" for dogs?
  83. Lies an Distortions
  84. No Merit
  85. Repost: BEWARE
  86. Which bones are safe which are not?
  87. My Rottie/lab mix cut open the pad on her right front paw...HELPME..!!
  88. Lab loosing his coat?
  89. New Dog Advice Blog
  90. Swollen Testies...Cancer......?
  91. Swollen Testicals...Cancer...?
  92. Swollen Testicals...cancer...?
  93. Black German Shepherd has bald spots
  94. Deception...Disguised, as a Dog Manual
  95. Need help with dog food.
  96. Barter Needed
  97. Leaking dog
  98. Help with my Maltese
  99. My maltese
  100. New Owner: Doggy problems
  101. Double standards !!
  102. Healthy diet
  103. pommy with dry hacking cough
  104. RE: Password for dogguide.html change.
  105. NY Times articles on hypoxic chambers for dogs
  106. How to make your dog tip top
  107. Sugestions on sick dog
  108. Prednisone / Lymphoma questions...
  109. Terrier Anxiety
  110. FYI: Pet deaths prompt recall of pet food
  111. possible stomach problems
  112. pigeon with a broken feather bone
  113. Site elevage canin de Cavaliers King Charles
  114. Recalled Dog Product Information Recall Information 1-866-895-2708
  115. Re: Wild untamed lab! help!
  116. Pet Food Recall web site
  117. What is the toxic substance causing the kidney failure in the tainted dog food?
  118. New Zealand Natural Bee Pollen
  119. Fwd: New Orleans Needs you to barter a-little
  120. Fever & no appetite
  121. Oppie's surgery for laryngeal paralysis is today
  122. Pet-food recall: More than 500 Dead Pets
  123. Kidney Disease?
  124. Healthy diet
  125. Pet-food recall: 769 Dead Pets
  126. Have our pets been killed by poisoned wheat gluten from down under?
  127. Dog Obedience Training
  128. Pet food poison found
  129. Re Question about Dog food
  130. Oppie's LP surgery update -1
  131. Food poisin in pet food
  132. Vet med info from VIN on aminoptern
  133. (Video) My Dog Ran Away
  134. So then is there a difference in dog food
  135. Banfield Vet Hospital database results
  136. Joint Disease?
  137. Update on Mighty Dog Pouch Withdrawal 3/24/07
  138. Have ALL the AFFECTED PET FOODS Been identified ?
  140. Re: Barking Lab
  141. Don't we need to know ...
  142. News updates - recall
  143. Healthy diet
  144. Congress asking Menu Foods and FDA questions
  145. ASPCA not convinced there's only one toxin
  146. news for pets food
  147. Screw you Purina
  148. Healthy diet
  149. The Long-term Heath Impacts of S/N in Dogs
  150. how did you handle losing your pet
  151. News roundup - recall
  152. AHDC unable to confirm Cornell's findings
  153. healthy pets, Lifes Abundance
  154. Leeroy Jenkins update
  155. Recall to be Expanded to include all Dry Food
  156. Melamine found in pet food, FDA news conf 3/30
  157. Vet
  158. Lymphoma in Dog: General vet or specialist?
  159. Diet.
  160. fear in a german shepherd pup. Help!
  161. News update - recall
  162. start over post -> fear in a german shepherd pup. Help!
  163. Hill's Recall, statement from P & G, more from CEO of Menu
  164. Some potentially "Responsible" dog food vendors
  165. What am I in for with my dog's stomach cancer
  166. The commercial dog food you trust may be killing your dog
  167. Purina recalls Alpo prime cuts in gravy - dog
  168. VIN information on melamine
  169. FDA HOW TO for reporting pet food complaints
  170. So Why Doesn't The FDA or Menu Foods
  171. additives preservatives and fillers
  172. Alpo recalls the day our family dog dies. Rusty was fed Alpo BECASUE it wasn't on the list.
  173. cyst on my dog
  174. Is Mars operator telling me the truth?
  175. DelMonte pulls some dog and cat treats
  176. My Yorkie's kidneys are failing
  177. Todays News On Pet Food Recall
  178. Are there any Dogs food without any additives?
  180. Detention of Wheat Gluten 3/30/07
  181. Contact Info of the Chinese Terrorists
  182. Pet Pictures
  183. Owners may get little in pet food lawsuits
  184. Why are we getting wheat products from China?
  185. Del Monte joins pet food recall...
  186. Puppies Available + 2 sets of Shots ~ Chihuahuas ~ HEALTHY!!
  188. Help! Heartworm Treatment Problems
  189. Chihuahua Skin/Coat Problems - Help - Pics
  190. Food healthy.
  191. Distemper infected pup: Prognosis/recommendations please.
  192. Purina fortiflora
  193. SAS diagnosis
  194. Lymes Vaccination, To vaccinate OR not
  195. New member and new link
  196. Pet owners retreat to kitchens
  197. Salt content of supermarket meats: Re: Pet owners retreat to kitchens
  198. Health food.
  199. Need some QUICK ideas
  200. More pet food recalls 4/5/07
  201. Any safe brands out there?
  202. What does your pet look like?
  203. Anyone know about this food?
  204. Living Foods Festival- Sedona, AZ, Oct. 12-14, 2007
  205. Root Canals in Dogs?
  206. Delmonte expands recall - pet treats
  207. CNN transcript - pet food recall a commercial fraud?
  208. Riley's skin problem
  209. Re: Switching commands for an action...
  210. anal glands
  211. another recall- Dingo Jerky
  212. Re: Best way to hit your dog?
  213. FDA update - food recall
  214. Natural Dog Training
  215. Pet Food Recall Info
  216. Re: Best way to hit your dog?
  217. Does your dog have allergies?
  218. VIN reports the real numbers - pet food recall
  219. Allergy Season Getting to Your Dog?
  220. Recall - lab test show melamine in unrecalled food
  221. For Buglady - E.R.D. Test
  222. 4/10/07 PM Menu Foods Recall___AGAIN
  223. Royal Canin recalls can feline medical food
  224. Nutro recalls ALL canned food w/wheat gluten
  225. UC Davis asks for pet food and urine to test & more news
  226. Menu foods/insider trading/timing information
  227. Pugs and paper
  228. CSU Signs Multi-year Agreement With World-Renowned Mayo Clinic
  229. Dog doesn't want to eat, drink, or go out, when at my house.
  230. Oregon updates the numbers - pet food recall
  231. husky/akita moving to hot climate
  232. Dog collapsing and recovering quickly
  233. Pets could develop problems long after eating tainted food?
  234. Health food
  235. Senate hearing- pet food recall & other news
  236. Vegetarian Dog Food
  238. Canned Food Serial Numbers Available
  239. New Ideas For Pet Health Foods For Pets
  240. Natural cures for heartburn
  241. dog bite on tail
  242. Chinese plastic in food?
  243. Main Benefits of Dog Training
  244. Natural Balance pulls 2 dry foods????
  245. Healthy diet.
  246. VIN preliminary survey results
  247. Dog chews pulled due to Salmonella
  248. Update - melamine in Natural Balance - more products pulled
  249. Menu Foods adds Natural Life dog can vegetarian
  250. Melamine rice gluten sent to 5 pet food makers