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  1. orthopedic advice for the best dog in the world
  2. Hi Dog Lovers!
  3. To loss your body weight 207 to 121
  4. To loss your body weight 207 to 121
  5. Question on Natural Defense Flea Treatment
  6. Chemo for Dog?
  7. Pet Alert Decals Save Pets Lives
  8. EnteDerm Ointment?
  9. NDWA Calls For UK Compulsory Dog Insurance
  10. My 7 month old Maltillion (Maltese + Papillion) weighs 6 lbs and has only one testicle.
  11. Organic food.
  13. itching dog
  14. Natural Balance Dog Food recall
  15. folicacid for bitches?
  16. rec.pets.dogs.health
  17. rec.pets.dogs.health
  18. rec.pets.dogs.health
  19. rec.pets.dogs.health
  21. Question about my dog licking his bum
  22. Advice for a sick Schnauzer
  23. Dog food is killing our dogs! Yes, Commercial dog food is dangerous for dogs!
  24. HD treatment info needed.
  25. Re: HD options question
  26. Professional Football Players
  27. Adopted dog gets wheels
  28. Organic health
  29. Cushing's disease herbal/holistic alternative?
  30. instilling fear in a sadistic dog
  31. Re: Free Dog Owners Guide
  32. I'm the one who wrote about my 8 mo old Maltion with the one testicle - its an odd, dark color
  33. OT? I assume this applies to so-called organic pet food too...
  34. Doggy Steps work great, do your dog a favor.
  35. how often for teeth brushing?
  36. Extravagant Luxury Hotel for my Dog
  37. Health Support Required. Pls Don't ignore.
  38. Calling All Non-Profit Dog Rescue Shelters And Groups :)!...
  39. epilepsia?
  40. Pregnant dog
  41. 11 mo. Pomeranian not eating.
  42. A Cat That Predict Death - AMAZING TRUE STORY
  43. How does this happen?
  44. poodle problem
  45. collasped trachea
  46. Non-mother dog lactating
  47. Re: Kevin S. Wilson has taken a **** right in the middle of this once respectable newsgroup
  48. Question about my new puppy
  49. Health Insurance - Do you need, and how much do you need?
  50. People who leave dogs alone with babies =HITLER
  51. Dog in season or not?
  52. visiting dogs
  53. Glaucoma in younger dog
  54. Migraines with aura may be a symptom of heart disease
  55. House Training a 4-Month Old Great Dane
  56. Will our 14 year old lab survive lipoma removal surgery?
  57. Dogs and Chickens (and poop)
  58. Hot spot?
  59. my 5 month puppy has little bumps
  60. vitamins
  61. Suspected contamination in dog treat, not yet recalled
  62. cooked chicken bones and dogs
  63. Yellow frothy liquid vomit.
  65. Shiba Inu strange behavior
  67. Advice on switching to continuous feeding
  68. Please Help Support a BAN on Primate Testing in Europe
  69. Siezure?
  70. Is Your Dog's Skin Problems A Sign of Something Much More Serious?
  71. Is your dog's skin problems a sign of something much more serious?
  72. Help - spread the word of canine cancer
  73. Banfield
  74. Sheltie biting at her feet
  75. Re: using sound for training
  76. Re: Report: Vick won't admit to gambling or killing dogs
  77. What do you think, Pills or Exercise to Burn Fat?
  78. New Free Pet Forums You Will Love!
  79. Re: Vick enters guilty plea as black/white public holds separate courts
  80. The commercial dog food you trust may be killing your dog
  81. Insurance FAQ
  82. Lightning strikes again
  83. 19 year old poodle-R.I.P.
  84. Comment On Electric Shock Collars
  85. Papillon stinks
  86. Thyroid Meds for my Dog?
  87. Chip implants linked to animal tumors
  88. what is this skin problem? (see photo)
  89. Sebaceous adenitis - Standard Poodle
  90. The dangers of commercial dog food
  91. Dog allergies
  92. Why I love my dog
  93. Why I love my dog
  94. Contact the Judge who will sentenc Micheal Vick
  95. Ticks
  96. How to help 2 dogs become used to a kitten?
  97. Help! Dog ate puppy pads!
  98. Shocking truth behind up to 87% of DOG DEATHS!
  99. Shocking truth behind up to 87% of DOG DEATHS!
  100. == the most important info in your life? read inside!
  101. Can Lemon Balm help my dog? He has Cognitive Disorder
  102. Insurance
  103. My new dog grooming website
  104. 5 reasons why I love my dog over HUMANS
  105. Re: Updated version of my Dog training website
  106. 5 reasons why I love my dog over HUMANS
  107. New Pet Accessories Website
  108. training your dog had a bad experience with a trainer
  109. Never lose your pet! Microchipping
  111. Are they any problems associated with excessive puppy dreams?
  112. 2 questions about ear mites.
  113. Fat Charlie
  114. wheres that darn monkey?????
  115. Chicken Jerky Treats Warning from FDA (new)
  116. New Loans Website has been uploaded, very informative
  117. Steroid ointments
  118. Animal Healing | Animal Healer
  119. Lab shaking episodes - please help!!
  120. General Great Dane Information
  121. Yeast infection in beagle's ears
  122. Cataracts?
  123. Diet for Calcium Oxalate Stones in Mini Schnauzer
  124. Top 7 Super Foods To Eat!
  125. Shocking truth behind up to 87% of DOG DEATHS!
  126. bladder stones - struvite
  127. Re: My dog behaving badly
  128. Nuthin' like a nice sudsy bath!..........
  129. Affordable Dental Care
  130. surgery for older dogs
  131. Rescue Pup health Concerns?
  132. Mail neutering
  133. Mood side effects with Ascriptin?
  134. OT?: Retractable Leashes
  135. Collars
  136. diet for a yorkshire terrier with gas problems
  137. Enacard
  138. What is so special about Komondor Dog
  139. Unusual Websites about Dogs
  140. Watch NFL Games Online
  141. HP Desktop for sale!
  142. Vegetarian Diet for dog
  143. Fatloss computer program
  144. Food Grading System
  145. Dehydrated Food
  146. Duplicity In Training, Confuses Dogs
  147. Epogen: Should I not start this therapy with my dog?
  148. Freezing Kibble
  149. Lysine loss in dog food due to processing
  150. Heart mumur
  151. FS - Sophisticated kitty sterling silver harmony balls
  152. Horoscope 2008
  153. Pet-Food-Induced Nephrotoxicity Survey
  154. Does anyone feed Honest Kitchen?
  155. Insurance
  156. Treating Pain in Your Dog
  157. Skin blackened on dogs bottom
  158. ointment
  159. Garlic for fleas...
  160. German Shepard in need of a new home.
  161. Separation Anxiety
  162. 21 syptoms that should not be ignored.
  163. broken dog nail
  165. calendar 2008
  166. Sled dogs living on 18-inch chains are killed by wolves in Alaska
  167. Hello!
  168. $16,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for burning 3 month old Beagle pup.
  169. pups after "morning after" injection
  170. A Dogs Love
  171. Pet Meds
  172. Switched our dogs' food
  173. Switching Dog Food and Good Brand
  174. safe after last vaccination?
  175. Ruptured ACL
  176. Dog Food
  177. is this feasible???
  178. Supply basketball shoe, football shoes, clothes, hat and so on
  179. older dog growls at owners
  180. Pet Meds
  181. Dog Insurance
  182. Dog trainer
  183. thyroid question
  184. vote
  185. my dog hurts when she gets up?
  186. Cuts on feet
  187. Salmon Disease
  188. Question about Lyme disease
  189. onion powder
  190. onion powder and other food concerns
  191. Have a Happy Holiday For You and Your Dog!
  192. Raw Dog Food And Your Pet
  193. Merrick food report
  194. Rocky VATCh
  195. Old dog not well?
  196. Urinalysis Drug Tests
  197. Enteric Coated Aspirin?
  198. Flotsam and Jetsam
  199. Skijoring and Diete
  200. Pet Friendly Travel Tips
  201. Pet Friendly Travel Tips
  202. Shocking truth behind up to 87% of DOG DEATHS!
  203. Aging dog starting to defecate inside unexpectedly
  204. Re: Prong collar convert - Using Psycho 201 Language Correctly
  205. Re: Prong collar convert - If You Can't Be Right, Just Sling TheBull.
  206. My dog thinks he's a cat!!!
  207. Dog feed price update
  208. Puppy pad question
  209. as seen on Oprah
  210. as seen On Oprah
  211. Stumped by dog treats
  212. Dog Health is so abundant everyone should be concerned
  213. Need help please on dog urinating inside
  214. Tartar question
  215. Boston sore throat?
  216. negative self effects AND a canine nutritionist
  217. Healthiest Pet Food Online - Life’s Abundance Premium Dog & Cat Food
  218. timberwolf and solid gold opinions sought
  219. Grass seed
  220. Re: Breeding dog, swelling of vulva
  221. Cocka-poo Advice
  222. I here raw is goo but Human grade made premuim pet food is as good
  223. The importance of properly training your dog
  224. Re: The importance of properly training your dog
  225. Timberwolf's take on garlic
  226. Pelliman technique?
  227. Bladder receptors?
  228. Podcast containing discussion of vaccination
  229. toe fracture - dog
  230. Dog Food is Killing our dogs! Watch this video.
  231. Re: 3 separate attacks - kill horse, injure 1 year old, attack inpark
  232. Puppy jabs
  233. Sell the brand shoes model of various world, bag, clothes, Bikiniswimwear swimming suit trousers, sunglasses and watch of the etc.
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  235. Beware of Sidewalk Salt!
  236. Free Prescription Assistance
  237. pale gums,anemia,vomits after drinking water
  238. Lower Airway Blockage
  239. Larnygeal paralysis - type of food post surgery help
  240. Mold Manufacturer
  241. Extrodinary Dog health Pros
  242. Re: Mmm-mmm, good!
  243. hello
  244. doggie question
  245. Wave bye-bye to Vick
  246. Travel Company for Dog People
  247. Any tips on how to shave between a puppy's toes (pads)?
  248. Need Dog Food Recipes for Kidney Disease / 14 year old Bearded Collie
  249. Stop Barking PLEEEEEAAAASSSEEEE.....
  250. My Pet Fly