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  1. Things to Look for in a Trainer
  2. Star-spangled Spangler
  3. Darby’s Healing
  4. Wysong recall
  5. Another Wysong recall
  6. Problems with VetsulinR to Treat Diabetes in Dogs and Cats
  7. The Dominance Controversy
  8. With These Recipes In Your Hands, You Can Achieve The Best Health OfYour Life
  9. Help!
  10. VACCINE SEMINAR Drs. W. Jean Dodds & Ronald Schultz
  11. flea trouble
  12. Why I'm ashamed to be a vet
  13. A Most Carnivorous Christmas
  14. Canine Addison's Disease, Learn the Warning Signs
  15. The Question of Bacteria
  16. Retaining ovaries may be a key to prolonged life in women and dogs
  17. Mastiff with carcinoma in front leg
  18. Warning: Pet Food Contaminated With High Levels of Fluoride
  20. RABIES LAWS IN THE 50 UNITED STATES as of 1/3/10
  21. Nashville TN Metro/Davidson County Rabies Ordinance 3 Year
  22. WEST VIRGINIA Rabies Law -- Action Alert
  23. Pumpkin subsitute
  24. Horizon: The Secret Life of the Dog
  25. looking for a dog cookbook
  26. Is the pet food you are serving up killing your four-legged friend?(and making your vet rich)
  27. Vaccines - Are They Safe for Your Dog?
  28. Flu vaccine for dogs.
  29. Re: Dog hair everywhere - problem
  30. Hypertension, the Worst Problem !!
  31. JEFFERSON CITY; MISSOURI Rabies Law--Action Alert!
  32. Scientists Find a Shared Gene in Dogs With Compulsive Behavior
  33. pet's promise
  34. Nature's Variety Recall
  35. KMR and Esbilac sickened and killed many animals in 2009
  36. schnauzer
  37. Canine Diabetes
  38. Re: Anyone here?
  39. health question.....
  40. Question about Bathing
  41. Duration of Immunity to Canine Vaccines, Dr. Ronald Schultz
  42. All About Vaccine Issues & Vaccinations, Dodds & Schultz 2/10
  43. VIRGINIA HB322 Medical Exemption Clause Legislation
  44. Fluoride in pet food: The link to osteosarcoma
  45. Cheap Flea Medication
  46. Canine Food Allergies
  47. Pet deaths prompt warnings on flea meds
  49. CALIFORNIA--Medical Exemption Bill AB 2000 ACTION ALERT!
  50. Pacreatitis
  51. URGENT--Defeat CA Rabies Bill AB 2689
  52. Vicodin
  53. Spinal arthritis
  54. Green Beans
  55. Age and Long-term Protective Immunity in Dogs and Cats
  56. Toxic Levels of Vitamin D found in Nutro Cat Food
  57. An open letter to representatives of the veterinary profession andgovernment regulators
  58. Rabies Challenge Fund
  59. Notice: California Dog Owners
  60. Recommendation dog food for tibetan terrier puppy wanted
  61. Need recommendation for dog food for new TT puppy
  62. USDA Certified Organic Dog Food
  63. Found Yahoo group, Raw feed shift questions
  64. Re: Why Were Raw Diets Banned From Delta Society!
  65. Re: Kibble versus RMB: A Cost Comparison
  66. Dogs In Elk
  67. Pyrantel dewormer question
  68. Raw feeding, fasting, and energy levels...
  69. With A Flick of the Wrist
  70. Cognitive disorder
  71. Illinois Vaccine Seminar Dr. Schultz 10/10/10
  72. Horners' Syndrome
  73. PING Char
  74. The horrific results of allowing the unnecessary vaccination of companionanimals to continue
  75. Colorado Passes Rabies Medical Exemption Clause
  76. West Virginia 3 Year Rabies Law Effective June 6, 2010
  77. 13 States with Medical Exemptions
  78. MASSACHUSETTS Medical Exemption SB 784 Action Alert
  79. Avoiding Heat Related Injuries in Dogs
  80. GE and Modified Live Virus Vaccines; Public Health and Animal Welfare Concerns
  81. Catherine O'Driscoll will be on Just say no2Vaccs
  82. Accupressure Point,for Bloat
  83. Mail order flea and tick medication for dogs / cats (CanaCreek, others)- scam or legit?
  84. Vote for The Rabies Challenge Fund, Please
  85. SUMMARY on Vaccines
  86. Yeast infection in my dogs ears
  87. I have a question about the health of dogs
  88. Notice: NEW MEXICO Dog Owners
  89. Dry Pet Food Linked to Salmonella in Kids
  90. Making Booties
  91. Help needed with canine skin condition
  92. Chihuahua with Epilepsy & subsequent weight gain
  93. PENNSYLVANIA Dog Owners--SB 1454
  94. AAFCO Admits Rendered Pets in Pet Food
  95. Laugh for the day
  96. Schultz Seminar 10/10/10--Bloomington, IL
  97. rabies vaccine provided org in Nepal
  98. Professional Laboratory and Research Services Undercover Investigation
  99. Nasal/Digital Hyperkeratosis
  100. Veterinary Coalition to Target Drop in Client Visits DVM 360 Oct. 1, 2010
  101. my dogs head is shakin invaleentaraly
  102. Blue Buffalo food recall
  103. dog stinks, drinks lots of water
  104. Should I worry about salmon poisoning?
  105. Heartworm - To Guard Or Not to Guard? That is the Question
  106. Cushing's Disease
  107. Does Your Dog have Allergies Too?
  108. Happy the Basset Hound....
  109. HELP - Prednisone Causing Lab To Lose Hair
  110. Dog spay options
  111. Dog spay recovery
  112. Spices and dogs?
  113. injured boarder collie
  114. Your Pet's Gallbladder Health
  115. Interview with Dr. John Virapen
  116. Ping Char: Elederly dog with *bad* teeth
  117. Re: No shrink is like a puppy licking your face.
  118. Waco, TX Passes 3 Year Rabies Ordinance
  119. Open Sores on dogs back
  120. Grinder gotten
  121. Please help
  122. Grinder arrived
  123. Vet, Mabel Anne
  124. Canine VacciCheck--Titers
  125. Re: Canidae Lawsuit
  126. veev la diffrence?
  127. Natural tick repellent
  128. Vaccinations
  129. Suture or TPLO for ACL tear
  130. MINNESOTA Rabies Rule ALERT
  131. Heavy metals in pet food
  132. Sled dogs slaughtered
  133. Pitbulls; Accurately Portrayed or Demonized
  134. allergic reactions in dogs
  135. Xylitol
  136. Mastiff -Leg Joint
  137. Help
  138. Concern about 'Performatrin' dog food
  139. Don’t Neuter Your Dog YET – Read This Life-Saving Information First!
  140. Video: Ambull Bubbles VS Dachshund Donita
  141. Is Your Dog Getting the Right Amount of Vitamins and Minerals? Why itis Necessary
  142. News For Bulldog Lovers
  143. Dealing with Ringworms in Dogs and Cats
  144. Re: allergic reactions in dogs
  145. Video: 8-Week old American Bulldog Bubbles Playing with Cousins
  146. Sour breath
  147. How Often Should I Feed My Dog? Here Are Some Tips to Answer That
  148. PA Passes Vet Disclosure
  149. Re: Stalker pup update
  150. WARNING! Phenobarb recall
  151. pet food cattle??? (was:Re: Goo Was Pretending....)
  152. PeTA kill stats for 2010
  153. What’s Really in Pet Food
  154. Adjuvants in vaccines
  155. Adverse events diagnosed within three days of vaccine administrationin dogs
  156. Re: Adjuvants in vaccines
  157. Bordatella Vaccination for Dogs: Fraud and Fallacy
  158. Congestive heart cough
  159. Red lump in my dog's lower outer eyelid
  160. Vaccine Insights - Part 1
  161. Vegetable substitute for grass
  162. Red lump in my dog's lower outer eyelid
  163. When is the right time to neuter ??
  164. Re: When is the right time to neuter ??
  165. Does your dog have allergies?
  166. Completely Honest Veterinarian
  167. Kennel Cough
  168. If Luke Skywalker was alive in the fresh today, he would be happyrocking a pair of
  169. K9 Advantix II vs. Adams Flea & Tick
  170. When to put my dog down???
  171. White Dog - Licking paws, etc, hair turnn redish-brown
  172. John Bradshaw book
  173. Bravo pig ear warning
  174. What's in pet food?
  175. Delaware Sb 147 Action Alert
  176. Anyone know what this spot could be?
  177. KILLEEN, TX Passes 3 Yr Rabies Ordinance
  178. For those of you who think vaccines actually work
  179. Rabies Vaccine Probe MN 7/27/11 Fox News
  180. The Key to Happiness
  181. Interceptor vs. Heartgard
  182. The United Nations Invites Mark Geier MD to Lead the Charge Againstthe Vaccine Industry ...
  183. Arthritic Pup bouncing back!
  184. Greyhound with early stage kidney disease (HELP)
  185. Kidney Problems In Greyhound (HELP)
  186. Re: Bladder stones
  187. Red bump on my dogs face?
  188. PETNet
  189. PetArmour disappears
  190. Pfizer Sued After Dog Dies From Rimadyl Toxicity
  191. Pet food relief in TX
  192. FT: Nestlé whistles up adverts to drive dogs wild
  193. Beagle with injured tail / back - please help
  194. Boston Always Licking his Beans
  195. Finally - payout in melamine poisonings
  196. Rabies.... odd HUMAN behavior
  197. GoldenDoodles Cream-White Coat, experiences with
  198. 2011 AAHA Vaccine Guidelines
  199. Chicken Jerky - safe or not ?
  200. Old dog, arthritis and skin problems?
  201. West Highland Terrier
  202. Please help!! Not sure what else to do
  203. Lifelong Immunity – Why Vets Are Pushing Back
  204. Death by Vaccinosis
  205. Homeopathic Remedies For Kennel Cough
  206. Curious.
  207. Recall dog food aflatoxin - Arrow and Petrus
  208. RANT: Disappearing Veterinarians
  209. Best way to tranquilize semi-wild rescue for visit to Vet?
  210. MN Rabies Vax Survey
  211. MISSOURI Rabies Bill SB 566 ACTION ALERT
  212. ToothBrush help
  213. Has anyone had experience in the use of diatomaceous earth ?
  214. Food issue..
  215. Dilute Urine in my Honey
  216. HELP! Both dogs are so sick=(
  217. Acidophilus, bifidus, and antihistamines for allergies?
  218. accurate Diabetes information
  219. Clomicalm recall and Novartis issues
  220. NY Vaccine Seminar w/Dr. Schultz
  221. Soft tissue growth under tongue (American Bull)
  222. Scratching Cocker Spaniel
  223. INDIANA Medical Exemption
  224. rabies titer less than 0.50 IU/mL)
  225. AVMA Passes Rabies Waivers
  226. Lump over Eyelid
  227. Re: Diamond pet food recall
  228. dog ate rat poison
  229. Sudden "bed wetting" in healthy adult dog.
  230. Iverhart Max recalled
  231. Re: Diamond pet food recall
  232. needs help
  233. Potassium bromide for dogs
  234. Diamond pet food recall expanded to....
  235. God I hate to ask this question, but
  236. Diamond recall expanded again
  237. What is the treatment for Leukemia
  238. Natural Balance recall codes changed
  239. Sanitation in Diamond planned slammed
  240. Why Kibble (And Other Fake Foods) Could Be Harming Your Dog
  241. A safe way to.....
  242. Swollen Mammory Gland - Mastitis After Psuedopregnancy
  243. Don’t ignore-go smart in life, find another way
  244. Diamond recall expands to 2nd plant and different strain of Salmonella
  245. Disease/pest prevalence in US in dogs/cats
  246. joint pain
  247. Fireworks and thunderstorms
  248. Five Things Your Vet Says That Aren’t True
  249. Vets On Vaccines
  250. My First Experience Out of the Closet