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  1. Scottish Terrier
  2. Scottish Terrier Owners
  3. Leave young people alone pervert !
  4. Pet Colony is a Free Service dediacted to pets and animals
  5. i need a dog
  6. Demo dog breed?
  7. Rott Black and Tan mix?
  8. ACL surgery questions
  9. "you ungrateful Whore Of Satan <{): ~ ( >" He is getting DESPERATE because he has been exposed !
  10. Opinions of basset hounds?
  11. Re: I had a Muttley
  12. Re: Janet and AOL boards
  13. Re: need help with dog walking
  14. Looking for real-world tips and stories from reputable puppy breeders ...
  15. Cheap and Best Insurance
  16. Cane Corso
  17. New Photos...
  18. What Breed is my Dog?
  19. Re: Muttley: Now a question of Life or Death
  20. Re: My Dog won't go potty outside!
  21. a good place to buy/sell pups online
  22. Did you get your Puppy from a Reputable Breeder?
  23. Flying 13 year old Schnauzer???
  24. WHY
  25. AKC sells out to SPAMMERS
  26. Black and Tan Dogs
  27. Rotti Advice
  28. Re: breed/mix?
  29. Re: breed/mix?
  30. Re: Rant...
  31. Re: breed/mix?
  32. -naming-nuts-
  33. Zipper window gazing
  34. Help Heidi
  35. Pets and Well-Being
  36. Help my Min Pin Boo Boo win a contest!
  37. New Durable Dog Bed
  38. Min Pin Help
  39. Siberian huskies - prospective owner's questions
  40. what breed is my dog?
  41. chihuahua litters
  42. Norwich Terrier Lovers
  43. Dog breed facts, trivia and quizzes
  44. Re: We got a second dog
  45. Chihuahuas: are males better pets than females?
  46. sweet pugs! Watch the Video!
  47. Potty Training
  48. Poodles
  49. Border Collies?
  50. How to breed a dog that is like a cat?
  51. Re: Cesar Millan seminar
  52. My dog talks
  53. ADVERTISEMENT - Dog life jackets!
  54. The best training manual ever!
  55. screen saver
  56. What breed is this dog?
  57. Vote -- Best Dog
  58. Go Ahead... MAKE MY DAY <{}: ~ ( >
  59. charity auctions for Bulldog rescue
  61. Recommendations needed - good ortho (ACL) surgeon in So Cal
  62. Commercial dog food that kills thousands of dogs
  63. My female in heat
  64. Re: Two Cavalier King Charles ... home alone?
  65. Re: Goldie Help
  66. Re: Raising two Shih Tzu littermates
  67. 4 year old dies from Pit bull-kill the USELESS BREEDS
  68. sorry about topic "dragging"
  69. sorry - posted apology in wrong group!
  70. Basset Hound
  71. What type of large breed dog would do well in an apartment?
  72. Dog Training Secrets Revealed
  73. Re: showing signs of agression
  74. Re: Neo Pic
  75. Re: Neo Pic
  76. Christmas Gift ideas for dog and cat lovers (especially agility and athlete dogs)
  77. Re: Neo Pic
  78. Are there any dog breeds that are happy to stay alone in a house/garden for 2 days a week?
  79. Re: Three Questions
  80. Re: Neo Pic
  81. Too much of a good thing???
  82. A cultural experiment with my boxer
  83. Oh boy, what a weekend (Long!)
  84. Buddy Has Found A Sponcer!!!
  85. How cold is too cold for a Schipperke?
  86. Artificial insemination
  87. Standard Poodle in a multiple cat household?
  88. No one has donated yet
  89. Please check out my Golden Retriever site
  90. Six New Dog Quizzes
  91. New Yorker recommends buying "Schnoodles"
  92. Re: Six New Dog Quizzes
  93. Being with dogs without owning one
  94. I don' wanna do that teeter!
  95. shelty in training video
  96. Buddy's test results.
  97. Pet Health Insurance
  98. For The Best Training Results, Here's What You Need To Do
  99. reputable Golden Retriever breeders
  100. AD: Cool website
  101. Mixed Breed? Can you identify?
  102. Free Dog Breeder Listings
  103. purchased a 6 week old Boston Terrier who isn't drinking water from a bowl & I'm thinking he was just taken away from mom & sold.What do I do?
  104. Need a moment of your time - THIS IS NOT A SPAM!!
  105. Anyone willing to submit his caretaking/breeding tips online?
  106. Rescue Christmas Tree
  107. Shiba Inu question
  108. Shiba Inu question
  109. English and french bullsdogs for sell
  110. Guess the Breed
  111. Joy-fully Rescued!
  112. FA: BIG Lot Old Photographs AMAZING Variety of BREED VINTAGE DOGPhotos 50+
  113. WANTED:female staffordshire pit bull terrior in texas to have puppies
  114. WANTED:female staffordshire pit bull terrior in texas to have puppies
  115. English And French Bulldogs For Sell
  116. Mini Schnauzer w/ pancreatitis
  117. What Breed? Bassett type in Spain
  118. What Breed? Bassett type in Spain
  119. Scariest LOOKING breeds, public perception?
  120. funny labrador puppy video
  121. Black German Shepherd Breeders
  122. New website devoted to re-homing of Chow Chows
  124. looking for a first dog..
  125. looking for a first dog..
  126. What breed?
  127. The Pitbull thing again
  128. Cocker Spaniels Breeders in Orlando, Fl???
  129. Mastiff Puppy
  130. Newfie Lab Mix
  131. Has anyone managed to get a Pit Bull Terrier in the UK?
  132. Has anyone managed to get a Pit Bull Terrier in the UK?
  133. hi,how many of u own a cane corso?
  134. Purebred or Mongrel?
  135. Please don't breed your pet
  136. 5 minute rule.... Any Opinions?
  137. Aussie shepards
  138. WANTED: Doberman Puppy to Wonderful Home
  139. Helf feed a puppy
  140. I need an alternative breed to my Yorshire Terrier.
  141. Loking few people to review new book
  142. Looking for Goldendoodle Breeder in Singapore
  143. low-shedding, clean, short-furred dog?
  144. IMAGES of dog breeds wanted
  145. Xoloitzcuintli (Xolo) vs. American Hairless Terrier
  146. How to dispose of unwanted dogs that are too old to breed
  147. The fastest, most effective, and most FUN way to train your puppy or dog
  148. Dog recently nutered - Day 6 - Need answers!
  149. Have you ever been owned by an irish setter
  150. Re: New dog recommendation
  151. Re: Any info on a Corgipoo?
  152. Standard Poodle Puppy
  153. Petfinder classified weirdos
  154. Rottweiler Breeding "of the Pretoriani di Cures"
  155. Help with pitbull rescue
  156. 2 hour pit bull photo
  157. Save Man's Best Friend from the Dog Meat Trade - Say YES to House Bill 2991
  158. Something A Basset Hound Did
  159. awesome German Shepherds video
  160. Need ortho surgeon recommendations (So Cal) for ACL injury
  161. Stop your Dog's Behavior Problems
  162. Labradoodley-doo
  163. PLEASE sign in support of proposed "Molly's Law"...
  164. Responses to Bryan
  165. Designer dogs article in NY Times Magazine
  166. FREE Show Dog / Show Bitch / Show Kennel / Junior Handler / Show Puppy of the year competition entry.
  167. Zip gets his third major...
  168. American Cocker Spaniel good/bad points
  169. testing
  170. Alaskan Malamutes
  171. Alaskan Malamutes
  172. Just passing through, wanted to say hello.
  173. tag
  174. Collars, harnesses, and leads help save dogs
  175. Which breed is more loving, a toy fox terrier or pomeranian?
  176. New improved empay program (Do you know EM-PAY hidden behidn IPC Shoping ?)
  177. Help with dog selection: low exercise, little/no dander, apartment-friendly, mellow, trainable?
  178. Re: Dog Obedience Training Secrets Revealed
  179. Europe Tests Established Chemicals on Millions of Animals
  180. Buddies Heartworm Treatment
  181. kill the pit bull breed
  182. american bulldog
  183. looking for the right dog
  184. NEWS-GROUP ADS / Post 1
  185. Need List of *Basic* Grooming Tools for Shih-Tzu
  187. Where IS that barf bag?
  188. Cat issues
  189. Looking for Labrador Retriever Breeder Recommendation WA OR or ID
  190. A wonderful and educational presentation on Wolfdogs
  191. Breeder Warning
  192. Buddy is back
  193. Avoid Every Pet Owner's Nightmare
  194. YoYo-Poo question...
  195. neighbor harrassing us over dog
  196. Modern Kennel Management dog breeding FA
  197. Re: spinones
  198. Dog Show
  199. I R an Urthdog!
  200. shih tzu puppies, papers & shots, 2 months, grand champion line, 09278587250
  201. shih tzu puppies, papers & shots, 2 months, grand champion line, 09278587250
  202. shih tzu puppies, papers & shots, 2 months, grand champion line, 09278587250
  203. Lies an Distortions
  204. No Merit
  205. Repost: BEWARE
  206. New Dog Advice Blog
  207. I R A Champeen too!
  208. Deception...Disguised, as a Dog Manual
  209. Partners Dog Training "Arizona Dog Blog"
  210. Jack Russell Terrier - children's book
  212. Pretty Boy Zipper
  213. RE: Password for dogguide.html change.
  214. How to make your dog tip top
  215. Interesting Newspaper Article About Melanie Chang and Solo
  216. Strollers for dogs
  217. For Liisa, finally an explanation of Min Pin color!
  219. Dog breed Advice
  220. IAMS food dangerous?
  221. Breeder website
  222. Senior dog sleeps constantly
  223. Dog Obedience Training
  224. (Video) My Dog Ran Away
  225. Looking for reputable Boxer breeder in Kentucky area
  226. strange Chihuahua behavior
  227. Schnauzer in a house of Bichons
  228. Love dogs?
  229. Eddie Griffin Crashes a Ferrari Enzo worth 2 million $s
  230. start over post -> fear in a german shepherd pup. Help!
  231. Standard Poodle Website
  232. ~~~31~mar~~2007~~~~~Thank~~~~~~You~~~Google~~~
  233. Help to identify dog's breeds
  234. Flying Ears?
  235. Why in the world is Canada (or the US) getting wheat from China??????
  236. Re: Puppies Available + 2 sets of Shots ~ Chihuahuas ~ HEALTHY!!
  237. Great Dane Owners
  238. how to find a great dane champion breeder
  239. House training
  240. you shouldn't hit your dog
  241. Pit Bull - German Shepherd Mix Size Question
  242. Re: Best way to hit your dog?
  243. Welsh Terrier Experience?
  244. Pet Food Recall Info
  245. Re: Best way to hit your dog?
  246. Dog cute overload add your own dog pics
  247. What kind of dog do I have
  248. BarkingTalk.co.uk
  249. Carolina dogs
  250. New Beagle pup not playful only wants to sleep