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  1. Cocker Spaniel dies of heart attack at age 26
  2. The best of Nature - and 1 Dog!
  3. Main Benefits of Dog Training
  4. tell me about Chihuahuas
  5. Toy Fox Terriers
  6. What is my breed?
  7. some very cute dogs
  8. Calendar 2008 with your dog and breed
  9. Running with Australian Cattle Dog puppy
  10. akita breeder?
  11. test
  12. Vets give thumbs up as pets and owners get the exercise and food diary treatment
  13. Dog beds
  14. British Citizens please help stop the vile trade in Foie Gras
  15. Rhodesian Ridgeback Breed as a Family Pet
  16. Boost your Visitors and/or Sales.
  17. New Member
  18. Rat Terrier Puppies For Sale
  19. American Staffordshire Terrier?
  20. Re: goldendoodle golden-poo
  21. Dog Sweaters
  22. the real celtic dog...
  23. Discover Critical Elements of Dog Health
  24. Dog Sweaters
  25. Vellus products and more!
  26. Chinese Cresteds you say?
  27. Dog Training and Health
  28. Your dog food is killing your dog....
  29. Standard Poodles
  30. Stunted growth of the beta male
  31. 130 pictures of my Top quality Choc Labs
  32. Shetland Sheepdogs
  33. American Bull Dog MIX
  34. Lots of Pets in need of homes, the shelters are full =(
  35. search for adult doperman
  36. BSL - 75 Breeds Listed (Even Goldens!)
  37. How not to spoil my dog
  38. We created a website with Bully T-Shirts :-)
  39. AB 1634 passes the CA Assembly
  40. What to look for when breeding?
  41. Cute Bichon in Taiwan
  42. Identify And Correct Your Dog's Behavioral Problem
  43. Re: Some GOOD news for a change
  44. Small Dog Breed Photo Contest
  45. Resource Guarding
  46. Need help in housetraining 10 month old cocker spaniel
  47. clickers
  48. Flying with your dog?
  49. test
  50. ACK - Pugschers!
  51. any ideas on what kind of dog this is?
  53. Shelty
  54. Bio spot
  55. Help Stop the proposed UK Government cull of Badgers
  57. PetSafe PIG00-10680 Deluxe Dog Receiver Collar for Medium to Large Dogs sale
  58. Are they a new species?
  59. Re: long hair chihuahua
  60. chihuahua
  61. Dry Skin home renedies?
  62. how to train your dog
  63. Muttley's twins - Anatolians
  64. Do your dogs Chew and Bite everything in Sight?
  65. Golden Retriever Puppy color
  66. DELCANTICO - a new webpage
  67. Thinking of getting a Standard Poodle?
  68. How do I instill fear in a dog?
  69. Help us choose a dog breed!
  70. Samson, 6′5”, is the Britains Tallest Dog
  71. Which dog food should I use?
  72. Actually considering a labradoodle (Help with choosing a breed)
  73. WANTED: Border Collie + Alaskan Malamute hybrid pup
  74. Tell me your Beagle-related story
  75. Pet Alert Decals Help Save pets Lives
  76. Re: Invisible Dog Fence Question
  77. Huksy-Shepherd Mix
  78. Alternate forum?
  79. folicacid for bitches?
  80. rec.pets.dogs.breeds
  81. rec.pets.dogs.breeds
  82. rec.pets.dogs.breeds
  83. rec.pets.dogs.breeds
  84. Guess The Breed
  85. Odd Poodle Breed?
  86. instilling fear in a sadistic dog
  87. Re: Free Dog Owners Guide
  88. stop dog barking now
  89. Bug eyed Chahuahua
  90. Puggles
  91. designer breed test. -I failed
  92. breeding a teacup poodle
  93. stop urine killing plants
  94. water consumption
  95. People who leave dogs alone with babies =HITLER
  96. Any Vancovuer BC GSD breeder?
  97. What kind of dog do we have?
  98. i need to no what kind of pup i have
  99. what kind of pup do i have
  100. Another Mystery Mutt
  101. How much money does a good Doberman puppy command?
  102. All About Dog Breeds
  103. Lost, Missing or worse Stolen Pets
  104. border collies
  105. Looking for Yorkie breeder in PA or OH
  106. Please Help Support a BAN on Primate Testing in Europe
  107. Is your dog's skin problems a sign of something much more serious?
  108. Is your dog's skin problems a sign of something much more serious?
  109. Re: using sound for training
  110. Documentary on Canadian Inuit Dogs
  111. Guess That Breed: The Biscuit Edition
  112. American Rat Terrier Puppy
  113. The commercial dog food you trust may be killing your dog
  114. Boston + Bassett?
  115. mental stimulation
  116. Smelly Cocker Spaniel....... Help, please!!
  117. Smelly Cocker
  118. Dumb question from newbee about breeding
  119. Pepito
  120. Labadoodles
  121. Can anyone guess what kinda dog he is?
  122. English Pointers UK
  123. i think
  124. that was a nice set she had on her
  125. Was there a need for her to be N A K E D?
  126. What breed to get
  127. dog training
  128. Cane Corso ?
  130. Agressive behaviour
  131. Re: Aggressive dog
  132. Silky Terriers
  133. Poodle Day at Dogwood Park in Jacksonville, Florida 9/23
  134. Shocking truth behind up to 87% of DOG DEATHS!
  135. My new dog grooming website
  136. Re: Updated version of my Dog training website
  137. 5 reasons why I love my dog over HUMANS
  138. Dog breeds in order of 'size' - Help needed please!
  139. Bosanski Oštrodlaki Gonič - Barak / Bosnian Coarse-Haired Hound - Barak in the UK?
  140. Show off your dog :)
  142. Upcoming Litter
  143. German Shepherd x Chow?
  144. A Piebald Lab?
  145. an interesting mix
  146. New Loans Website has been uploaded, very informative
  147. Ear inheritance
  148. Help Locating a Particular Breeder?
  149. Name the Dad(s)
  150. Great Danes
  151. Local ads
  152. New Dog website has been uploaded
  153. Shocking truth behind up to 87% of DOG DEATHS!
  154. 24 Very Strange Animals (Including Several Interesting Dogs)
  155. have you ever
  156. Litter Announcement
  157. Vet School Worker Beat Puppies to Death (Absolutely Sickening! Dont Let Her Get Away With It!)
  158. wanting contact with malamute or husky owner please
  159. Unusual Websites about Dogs
  160. HP Desktop for sale!
  161. Romeo needs your help!
  162. Fatloss computer program
  163. Short Coat Lhasa Apso genetics
  164. english bull terriers
  165. Duplicity In Training, Confuses Dogs
  166. Bogus registries -USA
  167. Dogs and Snakes
  168. Attacked by Pit Bull - GET RID OF THEM!
  169. FS - Pampered pooch sterling silver harmony balls
  170. New Dog Website
  171. New Dog Website
  172. calendar 2008
  173. Hello!
  174. $16,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for burning 3 month old Beagle pup.
  175. Re: (OT) Blocking annoying posts
  176. is this feasible???
  177. Supply basketball shoe, football shoes, clothes, hat and so on
  178. Supply basketball shoe, football shoes, clothes, hat and so on
  179. Attention users of Trademe
  180. Eurasier - Raee Breed
  181. 1/2 off web design & web hosting 4 all...proceeds helps the animals!
  182. choc lab and eskimo husky mix
  183. Double Dew Claws
  184. Youssef Rifaat al Bar should market her with the net
  185. Old Dog Vestibular Syndrome
  186. Dog Food: Even Fido's Gotta Eat
  187. Dog Toilet for Med to Large Dogs Available
  188. Pet Friendly Travel Tips
  189. Free Discount Prescription Cards
  190. Re: Prong collar convert - Using Psycho 201 Language Correctly
  191. Re: Prong collar convert - If You Can't Be Right, Just Sling TheBull.
  192. THANKSGIVING: Living Family and Fun Portal
  193. Blocking?
  194. hi
  195. Thanx
  196. As featured On Oprah
  197. As featured on Oprah
  198. Question for Kuvasz Owners
  199. The importance of properly training your dog
  200. Re: The importance of properly training your dog
  201. Re: PUP'S UPDATE:
  202. Suggested breeds?
  203. Dog mating - can anyone help?
  204. Dog food is dangerous
  205. Re: 3 separate attacks - kill horse, injure 1 year old, attack inpark
  206. Hi!Im from kona in november rush!
  207. German Pinscher
  208. Its called smily face pace!
  209. Re: Tail Chasing
  210. I don't know what to say I need the onwer not a spamer)
  211. travelling with your dog
  212. male dane available for stud
  213. Wishful thinking dogs
  214. Off topic... but very cool! Travel Company for dog lovers
  215. New site for Dog Owners
  216. Petition: Help Save Bear the Pit Bull in Lockport NY
  217. Hot Christmas Shopping,Travel,And Entertainment Marketplace
  218. Re: Cesar Millan and Robin's Comments
  219. Re: Every dog deserves a chance
  220. Newfie missing in Chicago since 12/13/07. Answers to "Johnny".$5,000.00 reward
  221. Agility--Cala 60 weaves
  222. re peeing inside
  223. Dog Travel Company went live!!!
  224. Does Your Dog Have a Pretty Smile
  225. Hamsters Are Perfect For A Childs First Pet
  226. Ever hear of William Kohler?
  227. I stand corrected!
  228. Bulldogs Rarity - Amazing!
  229. America's Darkest Secret !
  230. M I-5 Persec ution ' MI5 W aste Taxpa yer Millio ns on Pointless Hate-Campaig n
  231. M'I.5'Persecuti on ' B BC Newscas ters Lie & Deny Theyr e Wa tching Me
  232. Reading Rusty
  233. Increase your knowledge about pet`s(cats, dogs, birds,hamsters...).About pet`s behavior, health, needs ...
  234. HOWE???
  235. Koehler+Millan+common sense=happiness with your dog!
  236. The leash as communication device,etc.
  237. M I-5,Persec ution Moles tation during T ravel
  238. M,I-5'Persecutio n ' No J ustice f or the Victi ms of M I5
  239. M,I`5,Persecu tion ' MI5 Have Systematica lly Destro yed My Lif e
  240. M`I'5-Persecutio n - Hara ssment t hrough t he Ra dio
  241. M`I,5-Persecutio n . M I5 W ant Me to Se nd You t hese Faxe s
  242. Cairn Terrier Rescue
  243. Westie T-shirts, Westie Magnets, Westie Stickers, Westie Mugs, WestieCards & More...
  244. M I.5,Persecutio n , the BBC, t elevision an d rad io
  245. M I-5 Persecut ion ' Ca pital R adio - Chri s Tarr ant
  246. M I.5 Persecuti on , Ber nard Levin expresses hi s views
  247. M-I 5-Perse cution . Bernard L evin ex presses h is view s
  248. M'I`5'Persecuti on ' wh y w on't the Br itish polic e do the ir j ob and put a st op to it?
  249. M`I 5`Persecut ion . a buse in set-u p si tuations a nd in publ ic
  250. M.I'5`Persec ution - thei r methods a nd t actics