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  1. M.I,5`Persecuti on - thei r m ethods an d tac tics
  2. M,I`5'Persecu tion ' h arassment at wo rk
  3. political relocation and Overpopulation Town Project.
  5. Badly Behaved Sighthounds!!!
  6. Goldendoodle Interest, advice needed
  8. ear infection
  9. Looking For A Good Dog Breeder
  10. Looking For A Good Dog Breeder
  11. Great Dane blog in South Africa
  12. Please save lives from gas chambers
  13. Re: Crate question
  14. This is my dog Zelda
  15. Standard Poodle Information Website
  16. Standard Poodle Information Website
  17. Re: Problem: Dog runs fast to other people and licks
  18. Re: Problem: Dog runs fast to other people and licks
  19. Re: Overly friendly Jack Russell -
  20. Raising Puppies: Be Positive
  21. Raising Puppies: Be Positive
  22. Raising Puppies: Be Positive
  23. Inhalant Allergies In Dogs And Cats
  24. Nice!
  25. Increase your knowledge about pet`s, all you should know...
  26. Some Breeds have a Natural Desire To Chew Things
  27. Re: Feeding dogs
  28. Essential Dog Supplies
  29. Healthy Dog Food Recipe To Make Your Dog Live Longer
  30. Stop Needling Me!
  31. Full Time Groomer Wanted - San Antonio/Spring Branch, TX
  32. Training Dachshunds
  33. What is Hazel?
  34. getting a new puppy
  35. welsh terriers
  36. OT : The " treats " given to the dogs in the show !
  37. thinning hair
  38. In strong defense of Jerry Howe
  39. What dog breed would be good for a fictional sleuth?
  40. Pets Info
  41. ping filly
  42. Doberman naturally bobbed tail question
  43. Rusty Einstein
  44. Attention - Phishing!
  46. Dogs to give away
  47. Sometimes Irish Wolfhounds ARE protective
  48. Win a Pet Portrait
  49. NY Times article on heavy use of champion studs for breeding
  50. Recommendations please for good breeder books.
  51. Magical Houseplants
  52. You're Invited To..
  53. Dog Training
  54. Hair Style Should Depend On Your Hair Texture
  55. Common Foods Harmful to Pets
  56. Terrier/Husky for sale
  57. Golden Retriever, Male, 12 wks, TN
  58. How my lab puppy turned me onto an incredible cash machine
  60. HELP: Lost Black & White Sheltie - Pointe-Claire, Quebec
  61. Pet Health Care Tips
  62. Canine Massage
  63. Common Foods Harmful to Pets
  64. Help the Wyoming County NY SPCA win a Shelter Makeover from ZooToo
  65. Interesting...
  66. I have 4 of them
  67. Why would a breeder ignore emails?
  68. Re: The dogs catch a squirrel
  69. Common Foods That Cause Dog Allergies
  70. Boxer Dogs Behave This Way
  71. Just Bought Silky/yorkie puppy
  72. My dog ran out the front door...help!!
  73. Zipper, Mr Handsome Stud Man
  74. hi
  75. Hi
  76. I need help with my pet skunk
  77. Thinking Dogs
  78. Is Nicki an Irish Terrier?
  79. HELP: Lost Black & White Sheltie - Pointe-Claire, Quebec - FOUND
  80. puppy guarantee
  81. CeruleanKennels
  82. 6 Ways To Prevent Destructive Chewing
  83. basset hounds
  85. Re: Jumping Up on Couch
  86. german shepherd talk
  87. pets..
  88. re Melinda Shore (ak Big Mouth)
  89. Re: 6 Ways to Prevent Destructive Chewing
  90. Re: 6 Ways to Prevent Destructive Chewing
  91. Re: Tuck and St Louis
  92. Seoul Categorizing Dogs As Livestock
  94. Does anyone know where i can contact a pharaoh hound breeder?
  95. website
  96. Do You Remember Love? A Love Poem From A Dog.
  97. Michael Vick?Do you think he got what he deserved?Or do you think hegot off easy?lets start a debate...Ill here some inputs first,then ill let youknow what i think?
  98. Your pets photo printed on just about anything.
  100. Re: my dog goes haywire in car
  101. oldest brittany?
  102. SEO Strategies
  103. Advice on Search Engine Optimization
  104. German Shepard Hips
  105. Introducing a New Pet
  106. Rusty - Thunder reconsidered
  107. Golden's
  108. Pure Breed or Mix? Are There Training Differences?
  109. The Pure Bred Dog
  110. By and Large, the Answer is No
  111. Mixed Breed of Dog is Not Acceptable
  112. looking for a puppy
  113. Wenger Watches Terragraph Cheap - Wenger Watches Terragraph Watch
  114. Re: May I help you carry this out?
  115. Vet Pet Insurance
  116. Survey, what is your relationship with animals?
  117. Vote for Tucker!
  118. New Listing Service for Labradoodles!
  119. need chihuahua information
  120. bristly spikey hair like-spokes on muzzle of mixed breed
  121. You're not gonna believe what my friend's dog did
  122. Pet Meds On Internet
  123. Lhasa Apso Online
  124. Dog Training/Puppy Training
  125. Dog Training/Puppy Training
  126. How can i train my 6 months male and my 2 months female they bothjack russels terriors?
  127. Wow What happened here?
  128. Dog Training/ Puppy Training
  129. Pugs?
  130. Re: Dog-lead vs. free-dog
  131. westies
  132. Training Your New Puppy!
  133. Best Dog Tricks...?
  134. Re: Obsessive/compulsive??
  135. TOO MUCH CHEWIN'.....hellllllp
  136. what next?
  137. New Air max87 90 95 97 Shoes company
  138. Life is too short
  139. Help us save usenet news for Time-Warner customers
  140. Dog Grooming an essential part of your dog's health
  141. Re: Jezebel is gone
  142. Why This Vet Feeds Her Dogs People Food
  143. Most and least aggressive breeds, per U of Pennsylvania study
  144. Re: Micro-chipping question
  145. Re: Regarding comparison of audio quality
  146. German Shepherd Puppy
  147. Theos ja AD ja kressulogiikka
  148. Here's HOWE COME you chronic manic depressives "GRIEVE": Was: Re: I Never Got To Say Goodbye.
  149. Re: sensational crybaby
  150. My Dogs Training is WORKING!
  151. Ryhmän sfnet.harrastus.audio+video.satelliitti virallinen kuvaus
  152. Re: Concerto di Marc
  153. Pelottavan totta.
  154. Breed info
  155. wuffstuff
  156. Free dog/cat food for homeless animals
  157. For sale Tiny Toy Poodles
  158. Breed Guess, anyone?
  159. Dogs only follow females
  160. Re: Chow Tonight
  161. Bark Collar? Which one?
  162. breeding golden retriever - any info please?
  163. Which dry food for Irish Setter puppy ?
  164. Feeding 6 month beagle...
  165. Training your dog to come, to heel, to lay down, to walking, to sit,to stay, etc. Tips how to training your dog. Tips choosing a dog. PuppyTraining Tricks, Tips, and Lessons
  166. DJ Freddy Retro's dual-sided single "Runaway" / "Knock Three Times"is officially available on Casa Records! Featuring Jim Davis Jr. on vocals.
  167. No Bite - How To Teach Your Puppy or Dog To Stop Biting
  168. Border Collie...This dog is insane!!
  169. PBGV
  170. Training your dog to come, to heel, to lay down, to walking, to sit,to stay, etc. Tips how to training your dog. Tips choosing a dog. PuppyTraining Tricks, Tips, and Lessons
  171. Training your dog to come, to heel, to lay down, to walking, to sit,to stay, etc. Tips how to training your dog. Tips choosing a dog. PuppyTraining Tricks, Tips, and Lessons
  172. anish add
  173. Malaysian Telomian Dog
  174. 13 Golf Balls Removed...From Inside a Labrador Retriever
  175. FA All Spaniels Breeding Rearing Training vintage 1930
  176. Re: help, my two dogs are fighting
  177. Bay Area Boston Rescue needs a little help.
  178. Re: Custom Pet ID Tags, Collars and Leads From Paw Print Pet Tags.
  179. learn more about English bulldogs
  180. learn more about English bulldogs
  181. Progress Report: Culture for Schools - Colleges - Universities
  182. Dog is limping
  183. How to Choose best pets for Kids....
  184. Siberian Husky/ American Eskimo
  185. Over Weight Dog - Help!
  186. In Urgent Need of Info On Pekingese
  187. Brussels Griffon Size
  188. Historical Breed Pics
  189. What is your subrace - Halstatt, Brunn, Falish, Anglosaxon, Tronder,Alpine?
  190. Ping Liisa
  191. Toy and Miniature Poodles
  192. Sammy the dog
  193. Dog Lovers Helping Dog Lovers
  194. Any ideas on the breed mix?
  195. The Best Solution to Disobedient Dogs in Town!
  196. Dog Supplies - Get The Right Stuff For Your New Pet
  197. Boycott Walmart!!!!
  198. Shitsui, small terrier or Havanese?
  199. Pugumentary
  200. (Irish?) Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Cranberries video
  201. PING: Liisa
  202. Liisa to the courtesy phone please!
  203. Ryhmän sfnet.tiede.matematiikka virallinen kuvaus
  204. Receive $130 Paid to You Immediately
  205. When to buy a second std schnauzer?
  206. Which breed should I get???
  207. Re: Working dog diets
  208. Bach Rescue Remedy Pet - New Improved Formula Now Available
  209. Tibetan terrier or lhasa Apso??
  210. Caring for dogs
  211. TIBETAN TERRER HEALTH PROBLEMS/ Have you got one??
  212. A doggy song !
  213. Why This Vet Feeds Her Dogs People Food
  214. Alaskan Malamutes
  215. Any such thing as a LOW ALLERGY dog
  216. Marble Foxes (Anyone with Wolfdogs, or other wild/semi-wild dogbreeds, please look)
  217. Re: liberalite morons crush crufts
  218. Chilean Terrier National Club
  219. Animal Cruelty: The Key to Serial Minds
  220. Chihuahua Dogs
  222. YorkShire Terrier Training Tips
  223. rottweiler
  224. Help AGSR rescue Brooke, a German Shepherd dog
  225. Don't Let Your Dog Die By Choosing The Wrong Dog Food Ingredients
  226. Beagle Scent Gland Problem
  227. Wheaton terrier or Tibetan terrier/ which one for me???
  228. Phu Quoc ridgeback dogs
  229. help reunite my pugs with me
  230. Exotic animals trapped in net of drug trade
  231. You have GOT to be kidding me....
  232. Breed suggestions?
  233. Breed recommendation?
  234. Re: My dog Otto
  235. Dog Halloween Costumes - Are You Serious?
  236. The Obamans really DO hate America
  237. My pet's new teddy bear... awwwwww view!
  238. Abandoned cats in Northridge home...
  239. Re: Communicating with GSD going deaf
  240. Izzy's heartworm treatment
  241. Samoyed?
  242. Finding The Right Dog Breed
  243. Finding The Right Dog Breed
  244. House Training...
  245. Starting my own breeding program ~ Chinese Cresteds / MiniaturePinschers
  246. Companion Animals - Prozac on legs?
  247. Re: Tick preventive
  248. Halloween Costumes for Pets
  249. Is this a real breed?
  250. Brussel Griffon Puppies