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  1. Another "Guess that Mix"
  2. Cool photo
  3. Watch SPCA, they will hurt your animals
  4. Tom Dugas; Petite Amour Kennels; OK City, OK
  5. Lab-like breeds??
  6. leash training
  7. Oh yeah, I'll get right on it!
  8. Review: How to Stop Your Puppy or Older Dog from Biting
  9. Anyone heading to UKC Premier?
  10. Skinned dog found hanging from utility pole in Portsmouth, VA
  11. guess the breeds
  12. shih tzu
  13. Housebreaking a beagle!!
  15. Weavin' AmStaff
  16. Silly question about recessive genes
  17. Picardy Shepherd
  18. Anatolian Mix?
  19. For Sale: Bichon Frise female pup
  20. Allergic dalmatian owner
  21. Best Birthday Present!
  22. FS: Texas Heeler puppies (near Houston, TX)
  23. What is the difference between the Havanese and Bichon Frise?
  24. Re: Re; Take that Fido!
  25. Importing Havanese from Hungary
  26. Cairn Terrier question
  27. White suisse shepherd dog
  28. Looking for home for Bichon Frise pup
  29. New BSL site
  30. Outdoor dogs ?
  31. Big MISTAKE!!!
  32. Which breeds are hypoallergenic?
  33. How much do you spend a month (or annually) on Dog Training/Showing? Please help us for our upcoming article...
  34. great dane puppy
  35. great dane puppy
  36. American Bulldog
  37. Re: My lab seems to get targeted at the dog park
  38. How to find local breeders
  39. Is this group psycho?
  40. Re: A new Pup in town!
  41. Bull Terrier Breeding
  42. Pet care
  43. For the Dogs ...
  44. Crate vs No Crate need some advise
  45. Any comments on Fox Terrier (Wired) and biting
  46. Re: Knitting with Dog Hair!!
  47. Grooming and Miniature Schnauzers
  48. Now *that's* a mix
  49. !st Night with a puppy
  50. Some questions regarding pets and cockers and cockapoos.
  51. Help me find the breads of my dog
  52. Just Adopted from Rescue...
  53. Re: RIP Dylan 1994-2005
  54. FREE Pet Id Tags
  55. Time Bomb Ticking
  56. can someone help us identify the breed(s) in this pup
  57. I'm a baker
  58. Do cocker spaniel breeders cut the hair on the top of their showdogs' heads?
  59. Treadmills?
  60. dog thrown out window
  61. What breed of dog is the one in this picture?
  62. Pictures for shelly and one for Melinda
  63. Natural healing for dog's yeast infection?
  64. HELP!!! Irish Wolfhound question
  65. Puppy Mill Awareness Day!! (crosspost please!!)
  66. Smart Cross Breeding
  67. Doggy Quest Begins
  68. Anyone with experience using a crate and playpen
  69. Tacoma WA st. bernard lost
  70. 12 year old killed by his own Pit Bulls.............
  71. ASPCA Is Full of Poop
  72. Shock Collar?
  73. Weaver Leather lot of dog collars: ideal for pet or tack shop
  74. Do you want a website to display your current puppies?
  75. Fencing
  76. Tans HeartlandBoxxers
  77. Tans Heartland Boxxers
  78. Pet Groom Pro
  79. off topic: I thought this was funny
  80. breed - help?
  81. Do I need crates ?
  82. Dog Names ?
  84. Pictures wanted ...
  85. Breeder Listing Questions? Where Do You List?
  86. Love Siberians, my neighbors likely don't
  87. ,Dog Fishing*
  88. King Barker
  89. Favorite dog commands ?
  90. Re: Jerry Howe is DOG KILLER!
  91. Dog Necklaces Hand made, original look!
  92. shock collars and prong collars
  93. It's Raining.
  94. Best Dog Breed Book
  95. Pros & Cons on owning a Chihuahua?
  96. Doggie All You Can Eat ?
  97. Puppies in the yard
  98. Flea collar question...
  99. Irish Wolfhound
  100. chocolate lab wanted from breeder in S.E. Wisconsin or N.E Illinois
  101. "dog loving freaks" read this.............
  102. test
  103. Bulldogs
  104. BSL Up-dates
  105. Boston Terriers?
  106. Pet store dogs - opinions LONG
  107. Re: RPDB stats
  108. Rhodesian Ridgeback's Lumps
  109. Looking for an American Bulldog
  110. One newbies view
  111. Denver's pit bull ban roils owners
  112. New Doberman site - Looking for Members and Moderators
  113. Books for People Considering Breeding
  114. Shelly? with black Bodi?
  115. AKC judge/Holsteiner/Golden Retriever breeder Douglas B Spink drug charge update.
  116. Re: PETA caught "treating animals ethically" again!
  117. 12 Week Cairn Terrier loves to eat branches, grass etc
  118. Leptospirosis and drugs
  119. Tosa Inu questions -- please assist
  120. 3 year old loses arm to Pit Bull attack!!
  121. French Bulldog tail
  122. Ping: Shelly/Bodhi
  123. Must C photo fa: Old Photo GIRL in WHITE w MAGNIFICENT White COLLIEDOG
  124. Must C FA: Photo - Old Photo GIRL in WHITE w MAGNIFICENT White COLLIEDOG
  125. Must C FA: Old Photo GIRL in WHITE w MAGNIFICENT White COLLIE DOG
  126. A dog wouldn't...
  127. Re: "We're Here For The Dogs." "We're Here For The Dogs." "We're Here For The Dogs."
  128. Re: "In Love And Gratitude" [God Bless Jerry Howe]
  129. KOTM? Re: Introducing New Dog to Household Cats
  130. Re: "In Love And Gratitude"
  131. Re: Leash laws, poop laws
  132. How do dog breeders breed dogs?
  133. Viva Does Rally (long)
  134. Cocker spaniel character
  135. 7 People to chain themselves to doghouses
  136. french bulldog bark sounds like strangled child
  137. Wow! That Was Close!!
  138. Shilo
  139. Ethical Breeders Needed
  140. How to teach NO
  141. My chihuahuas
  142. My poodle's hair
  143. Insane Corgi Cuteness!
  144. US Pet Owner Survey
  145. Village Dog - another "What's the mix?"
  146. Re: I thought of Robin N when I saw this
  147. Want a new career?
  148. pitbull puppies 4 sale! great markings, parents on site. [ s.w. indiana].
  149. Re: pitbull puppies 4 sale! great markings, parents on site. [ s.w.indiana].
  150. What Breed is Right For Me?
  151. Calling all Doberman lovers! New site devoted to the Doberman
  152. Why dogs belong indoors
  153. Book of verse on Westies?
  154. Re: Downsize That Breed! Part 1
  155. Longhair Weimaraner Puppies
  156. Dachshunds - Min Longhair or Shorthair
  157. Pit Bull Ban in PA Town Proposed
  158. Looking for unique pet items like Burberry Beds, Carriers and Blankets?
  159. Info on Boykin Spaniels
  160. New dog name
  161. Ugliest dog alive
  162. Miniature Schnauzer breeder in Riverside California?
  163. In the contests of ability .. running jumping etc ....
  164. Someone Help!!! My dog is rolling in own crap
  165. Dog rolling in crap
  166. Fabio is SO smart...
  167. Q: Verifying that specific dog breeders' sites are legitimate?
  168. Ah, back "home" again (OT--re: newsreaders)
  169. Re: Downsize That Breed! Part 2
  170. For Mustang Sally
  171. KICKED TO DEATH-15-yr-old Blind and Deaf Dog
  172. AKC Toy poodles for Sales
  173. Has anyone seen this?
  174. Do many weeks-old cocker spaniel puppies have lazy droopy eyes with their eyeballs on the outter corner of their eyes?
  175. Beagle Pup - leave water dish out?
  176. Re: Belgian Malinois attack
  177. Re: Free 43 Page Dog Training Book
  178. Need Help Identifying Mix Breed
  179. enver Pit Bull ban!! Awesome for humans!!
  180. Support Requested
  181. guess the breed
  182. Dogs on eBay
  183. Dog Pheromones
  184. Ice cubes and puppies
  185. Why Are People Allowing Denver Pit Ban?
  186. Ping...Shelly
  187. US Pet Owner Survey
  188. Liisa!
  189. Handlers being sued by owner for death of dog
  190. Would Like Some Advice
  191. Introducing....
  192. American Bulldog for sale
  193. Nuetering and physical attributes
  194. Alberta "Ban The Pit Bull" poll
  195. help anyone?
  196. Calming Therapy Shampoo for Dogs - All Natural Products
  197. Identifying a stray dog's breed
  198. Calling for Compassion
  199. Correction: Calling for Compassion
  200. Dog Recommendations
  201. Re: My Dogs Website...Help Anyone?
  202. Dealing With An Older, Blind Dog
  203. Puppy growing to fast?
  204. Gate latch for electric fence?
  205. Re: Weimaraner peeing in the house
  206. The girl...
  207. BMD: ok for apartments?
  208. Mixing breeds: Doberman - Boxer
  209. Please sign this petition!!! This dog's life depends on it!!
  210. Guess the dogs' mix plz?
  211. Would appreciate feedback
  212. Re: Golden ret jumps up on kitchen counter
  213. Another "what the heck is this dog" post?
  214. Kitten Cannon (GAME)
  215. How old are males when they first start lifting their legs?
  216. A question to the group
  217. Chihuahua-Daschund mix
  218. Warning about Xylitol poisoning in dogs - sweetener in mints, gum and some household baking products
  219. Who's your daddy? (breed question)
  220. another unprovoked rottweiller kills 2 year old...............
  221. Need Male for breeding.
  222. Shameless Advertisement--Dogthoughts shirts
  223. looking for a dobe pup
  224. Yet another Breed ID (YABID)
  225. Looking For Boxer Puppy In Pensacola
  226. looking for a boston terrier
  227. Ping: weimar Ruth
  228. Adopting a puppy advice/comments please
  229. PET Necklaces $5.00 hand made original!
  230. RARE For Stud
  231. Buy your pets products on line and save.
  232. Gifts and more - 68 dog breeds
  233. No more flies in my kennels!
  234. - brandynap_500.jpg (0/1) Pic: My Red-Nose AmStaffy
  235. Interesting looking dog...no pics :-(
  236. Re: Ears!
  237. Westie Breeder near Cleveland, OH
  238. Re: Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
  239. The Underwater Jack, the Ball Thief, and other amusements
  240. Re: Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
  241. Ping Darby re: brindle possible lurcher
  242. TAPW:Choke Collar
  243. TAPW:Cattle Prod
  244. Liisa and Rocky's Matt
  245. European GSDs?
  246. Feel sad, wish I knew more earlier.
  247. Wombat Updates
  248. Is it possible : dog-to-human tape worms?
  249. PUGS
  250. Effect of Ontario Pitbull ban