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  1. Shaving my Siberian Husky
  2. White GSD
  3. WAR ON DOGS (Press Release) Please Forward
  4. Re: War on Dogs (Press Release) please forward
  5. Save this Pet
  6. Grooming Tips For Your Chihuahua
  7. bishon-poodle mix
  8. Shih Tzus
  9. Puggy Shop
  10. Live racing vs Virtual racing?
  11. Massive cover-up! Here's the proof!
  12. Dog Food
  13. Furminator NICE
  14. service dogs redux
  15. compare dog breeds
  16. Search Engine for online help (re; dog breeds / training etc)
  17. Dogs and Chickens
  18. Newfoundlands for sale
  19. What breed is this?
  20. Professional Handling
  21. start the raw food life
  22. pass the rpd vomit bag please
  23. CBC looking for...
  24. Min Pin and Doberman Pin
  25. DGP for joint pain--testimonial time...
  26. Should I get my 8 mo. old Min Pin Spayed?
  27. poo yuck
  28. dogwrestling is here!
  29. What to expect of our new GSP puppy
  30. 10 month male german shep no manners
  31. Introducing a 2 yr old bullmastiff and 2 yr old rott for the first time. Help.
  32. Herding in Nova Scotia
  34. HOW SAD
  35. Welsh Springer Spaniels in The Omaha Area
  36. lost/found Golden in OH
  37. How to Pump/Fattern up Skinny/Fussy Adult Huskies?
  38. N-R-G food worth the price?
  39. Airedale Terrier Pricing
  40. Assault with a deadly Chihuahua
  41. Calling Shih Tzu fans
  42. Agility DOG free course online creation
  43. Agility DOG free course online creation
  44. Agility DOG free course online creation
  45. Agility DOG free course online creation
  46. Agility DOG free course online creation
  47. PET SITTER Seattle and eastside areas
  48. need a dog
  49. Bichon Skin Problems
  50. Yellow Labs need a home
  51. need money
  52. Re: Angry owner uses dead puppy as a weapon
  53. Japanese Akita Project group
  54. A new wiki-based site for Dog owners.
  55. New purebred dogsled race
  56. Great dogs
  57. Trolls
  58. pet store King Charles Cavlier
  59. Dalmatian Temperament?
  60. Respond to reporter re "doodles" and "puggles"
  61. Cocker Spaniel
  62. Ready.....Set.....GO!!!!
  63. breeding silver labs
  64. Breeder's "What if" worksheet
  65. Brittany Behavior Question
  66. Newbie here: Help identifying mixed breed rescued dog (Muttley)
  67. German Shepherd puppy
  68. Re: Static No Bark Collars
  69. Re: But it's working!!!
  70. Can you guys help me? Need Breed ID LOL
  71. Hey, Sally - Salukis as sled dogs
  72. Looking to Buy Morkie Puppy (Near Maryland/East Coast area)!!!! Any breeders/litter available? (6/29/2006)
  73. Re: Dachshund pees in house before we get up, (Paul)
  74. Does your dog have a soul? Does that soul have a mate?
  75. Some dogs are smarter than People
  76. Best ways to keep a dog (and a cat)
  77. Looking for Sheltie to rescue
  78. Free Pet Classfieds
  79. Newsgroups of idiots
  80. training schools
  81. Boxers Websites?
  82. Re: Raw hide bones
  83. Hybrid vigour - is the term being used correctly?
  84. How do I find the dog I want?
  85. ~*Confused about breed*~
  86. breeding my dog
  87. Re: What I missed about r.p.d.b.
  88. Re: Pit Bulls, BadRap.Org, ETHICKAL BREEDERS, Cockatoos And BreedSpecific Legislation <{) ; ~ ) >
  89. Re: Hi again everyone
  91. Looking for a Dog?
  92. 30 Day Free Trial. Start Today And See your First Check in Just One Week
  93. nightmare whelping (was Re: The Dog Whisperer)
  94. flaxseed and pregnancy (read the label!)
  95. Shih Tzu
  96. plants for dogs to eat
  97. Shiloh Shepherds Revisited
  98. New podcast, "The Petcast" wants your questions
  99. Pit-boxer stubborness
  100. ANZ Happy Jack, 1992-2006
  101. Labrador Retrievers cost
  102. Polish Sheepdog
  103. Trying to find out what breed...
  104. looking to breed a rottie
  105. Maltese or mixed?
  106. purebred doberman pinscher pups for sale(arizona)
  107. corrections for doberman pinschers...
  108. corrections for doberman pinschers...
  109. english mastiff great dane
  110. Sorry....geez!
  111. Am. Water Spaniel
  112. Greyhound adoption
  113. Golden Retreiver pups in Omaha, NE area
  114. Imagine - 4 weeks to get rid of your dog
  115. Dog attack
  116. Saluki vs Whippet
  117. Animal Rescue Group Fundraisers & Ebay
  118. Ping Liisa - White marked GSDs "Panda Shepherds"
  119. What Breed is my dog??
  120. Ping Liisa
  121. Saying no to 60-weave
  122. Where to get dog collar?
  123. See our huge range of pet id tags
  124. Pit Bull and ?
  125. Coat Color Related Question
  126. Re: puppy bites
  127. Whip-Pit?
  128. Flea Control Products (and other advice)
  129. Re: My dog breaks out of his cage at night
  130. plse ignore - test only
  131. flatcoat retriever - droopy eyes?
  132. Lengths of dogs - table sought!
  133. Thinking of getting a burmese mountain dog
  134. $100 in free pet supplies with the purchase of a new puppy
  135. Re: Introducing new dog to household
  136. Teeny Aussies?
  137. Pet Friendly Cabin Kentucky
  138. Bad breed IDs are scary
  139. question on "sable" coloration
  140. Dog Treat Recipes
  141. Boycott Gettysburg
  142. Designer Pet Id Tags $9.95 Free Shipping and Engraving
  143. Re: Introducing new dog to household
  144. Re: Introducing new dog to household
  145. Dog Goes Nuts Over Loofa Dog
  146. Re: blue merle poodles?
  147. Re: blue merle poodles?
  148. Re: blue merle poodles?
  149. Re: blue merle poodles?
  150. Re: blue merle poodles?
  151. The old lady gets one more...
  152. Vet Secrets
  153. Hellooo
  154. deadly dog flu?
  155. Help with behavior and health research!
  156. dog breed gifts for dog lovers
  157. BSL Locations and Info
  158. Zipper playiing "pretty boy," cross fingers please!
  159. Fido Friendly Cabin
  160. Fido Friendly Cabin
  161. Re: Dog Breed
  162. It's official, we have pointage...
  163. Re: Dog Breed
  164. Re: Dog Breed
  165. Re: Dog Breed
  166. Re: Dog Breed
  167. Dog jacket to help people to ask first b4 petting your dog...
  168. Re: Dog Breed
  169. Breed guesses, anyone??
  170. Strange Problem
  171. Bill of Rights for Animals?
  172. Re: Dog Breeds, Expense
  173. Re: Dog Breed
  174. Re: Dog Breeds, Expense
  175. Re: Dog Breeds, Expense
  176. Re: Dog Breeds, Expense
  177. Re: Dog Breeds, Expense
  178. Braxton
  179. Braxton
  180. Question about a pet store:
  181. Great Dane puppy growth
  182. Major Zipper Wootness!
  183. Ontario Moves to Ban Labrador Retrievers
  184. Chow owners, this is a must have book for you.
  185. Send a pug to paris
  186. Puppies for Sale
  187. Looking for Advise from Experienced Weimaraner Breeders.
  188. Is there a list of miniature dogs that like to swim?
  189. Housebreaking Puppy
  190. Dog Book Recommendations
  191. poodle color change?
  192. AKC Pomeranian Merle Male Puppies Available
  193. Medical Service Dog update
  194. Medical Service Dog update
  195. Medical Service Dog update
  196. Medical Service Dog update
  197. goD help us .... or, what do YOU think these Dane-cross puppies are going to look like???
  198. Poodle Quiz and Poodle Color Poll
  199. is it ok to sleep with dogs
  200. Pets on death row
  201. Weimaraner ?
  202. VENT!!!
  203. Things are slow, so let's guess...
  204. Dane coat color question for Liisa
  205. New to this Group
  206. Re: Parvo? Do puppy shots stop it?
  207. Remembering Nell
  208. Great opportunity for your Dog / Pet! See inside for details.
  209. New Fox Terrier Puppy
  210. Name that breed. With a twist!
  211. Zipper show picture...
  212. Looking to Buy Morkie Puppy (Near Maryland/East Coast area)!!!! Any breeders/litter available? (9/12/2006)
  213. Blasphemy!
  214. Bulldogs
  215. Dog Shots
  216. Hasbro's response
  217. A Thought To Share
  218. Liisa - here's a dog for you
  219. Happy Rally/Obedience retirement Viva!
  220. Poodle color fade
  221. AKC contracts with Petland
  222. Golden Retriever Puppy Size
  223. Hipet - Share your pet profile
  224. Scratching, Scratching, Scratching
  226. Estate planning for our pets
  227. Staffie with urinary infection?
  228. Tennessee pit bull club
  229. dogs eating flies and insects
  230. The Pretext: Guess the daddy
  231. Re: Good articles (online) regarding choosing a brand of dog food.
  232. Re: Good articles (online) regarding choosing a brand of dog food.
  233. Re: Good articles (online) regarding choosing a brand of dog food.
  234. Re: Good articles (online) regarding choosing a brand of dog food.
  235. Lure Course Sighthounds
  236. Name for female Dalmation puppy?
  237. Old breed pics
  238. auctions for Pet rescue
  239. WTB germ shep pup female DFW area
  240. rhodesian ridgeback
  241. Aussie Shepherd... Or Not? Aca?
  242. Rescued Collies available for adoption
  243. picking the right dog
  244. Looking for a female German Shepherd
  245. Cesar Millan - Esquire Magazine
  246. breed wish list
  247. Re: Housebreaking a new 5yr old shelter dog
  248. Dogs for kids
  249. Re: Housebreaking a new 5yr old shelter dog [jerry]
  250. Gifted Canine Actors Required for 16mm Short