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  23. Great Pyrenees Growth Period
  24. Re: German Shepherd, or Not? what sort of dog is it?
  25. German Shepherd, or Not? what sort of dog is it?
  26. German Shepherd, or Not? what sort of dog is it?
  27. Fireworks Dogs and peeing
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  30. Re: dachshunds
  31. Breeding tips?
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  40. Happy Birthday Beau!
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  50. HOW-e JERkY ?
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  58. EVENT: Canine Freestyle (July 19/20 - Columbus, OH)
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  60. Re: Question
  61. EVENT: Structure seminar, Columbus, OH - Nov. 1/2, 2003
  62. Re: When to kill a dog, depends upon your goal
  63. Blue Tick Hound
  64. This can make you some extra cash, check it out.
  65. Re: oops another puppy wiz_zard question [Je**rr*y]
  66. Just a Funny Anecdote
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  68. Car Sickness
  69. My Boys
  70. URGENT! Yellow Lab Needs Home ASAP!
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  81. O.T. - New Chow Chow website
  82. sniffles
  83. Calling all Norw. Elkhounds
  84. boxer puppies
  85. Update to Free Web/Email for Rescues
  86. Ping - Tara O
  87. What sort of dog is this?
  88. Need some Advice, Please.....
  89. Re: testing
  90. nine week old puppy
  91. ThePuppyWizard
  92. PuppyWizard Pedophile
  93. Re: Takin The matt's HOWET, Just For The Hal Of It
  94. Now the allergies..
  95. Re: Dogs, in general
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  98. Black Bear Bulldogges
  99. Re: For what its worth... Jerry - change ya tactics, man!
  100. frustrated in MN, how to find a chow
  101. Killfile is getting huge
  102. Quality Golden Breeders
  103. Shady Lane Golden Retrievers
  104. Re: Animal Planet's 'Pet Star' Seeks New Talent
  105. Early Spay/Neuter dangerous?
  106. Early Spay/Neuter dangerous?
  107. Early Spay/Neuter dangerous?
  108. Early Spay/Neuter dangerous?
  109. Early Spay/Neuter dangerous?
  110. Re: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
  111. Death of a Gordon Setter and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  112. Aero-Jett Golden Retrievers?
  113. Corgis--Pembrokes and Cardigans
  114. Flat coated Retriever
  115. "What Breed".... Chiahuahua and Corgi folks?? Bay Area
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  120. Re: Adequate dimensions/materials for a doghouse
  121. Is *this* really a Pit Bull?
  122. new dog movie alert
  123. Re: FlackJacket story is lie!
  124. Parsons Jack Russell
  125. OCD Lesions (flaps) on knees
  126. good "family dog" recommendation
  127. Dogwalk Booklet for Johannesburg, South Africa
  129. Best Breed for Active Types
  130. 1 y/o spayed f APBT red and white (4 adoption)
  131. Adoption Alert!!
  132. 12 year old GSD with mammory tumor
  133. Mental Exercise games for Border Collies
  135. Rottweilers need Homes in TX
  136. Re: need advice
  137. Yorkie
  138. Having trouble switching food
  139. Dog Show Friendly Motels
  140. Re: Miki dogs?
  141. Re: New Photos...
  142. Re: Basset Hound
  143. Re: Interesting Vaccination Info.
  144. Re: Dog Show Friendly Motels
  145. Irish Setter Puppies Available
  146. Re: Is a fence-jumper trouble?
  147. Super Mini Schnauzers
  148. Re: Nova Scotiia Duck Tolling Retriever
  149. min schnauzer/boston terrier
  150. Court Sends a Clear Message to NC PUPPYMILLER!!!!!
  151. Re: INJURED DOG (PAW)
  153. puggles?
  154. [Fwd: Mass Gassing of Shelter Dogs, San Antonio, TX]]
  155. chihuahua
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  166. Who do you believe flew the planes into the World Trade Center?
  167. Re: Doesn't this look more like a Corgi to you?
  168. Introducing your dog to your newborn.
  169. What is our puppy?
  170. Is this racist? snipped from another NG
  172. Olympic Games
  173. Found border collie In Houston Texas
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  177. Looking for a bulldog
  179. Duck Tolling (Toller) Breeders???
  180. Crosspost by req: Deaf Aussie lost in PA
  181. Re: Be very careful who you insure your pet with!
  182. Pandog
  183. types of rottweilers?
  184. Laminate flooring and Yellow Labrador
  185. King Charles Spaniel
  186. Re: Curing problems with rescue dogs
  187. Mixed Breeds Trait Dominance
  188. Earn $500 to $700 per Week Downloading FREE Software
  189. Re: ENG or AMER Foxhound
  190. Offended a Breeder
  191. Re: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  192. Vizslas
  193. New activity, new photos
  194. Re: Dachshund....Shes a chewing fool!!
  195. New Pictures of my gang!
  196. Strange behaviour?
  197. "Stinking Dog"
  199. what Is your Pets names?
  200. Re: NO LOOSE ENDS STICKIN UP... FERSTAICH??? -Re: Learning Curve - Re: "drop it"
  201. Ping Pug People- what do you think of/know about this breeder?
  202. Re: I Got Bitten Today
  204. While we are waiting..... A New Pug Dog Forum....
  205. Re: Crate Training Problem [Jeerry/ Miicheal]
  206. Re: Bad knees and/or bad vet? (long)
  207. Re: Breeds Made from Cross-Breeding?
  208. Thanks! (was Re: Bad knees and/or bad vet?)
  209. Re: Invisible Fence or Training to reinforce existing fence JU_LIAMETHOD OF DOG TRAINING
  210. Re: Labradoodle
  211. Rambo STINKS!
  212. A Place for Pug People!
  213. Re: Nessa- skinnyboy
  214. Re: I Got Bitten Today Lynn K (my life as a dog murderer)
  215. Re: Warning about Dog Trainer
  216. Re: Buying real estate -- Leah can do it.
  217. Re: Puppy problem
  218. testicle alert! testicle alert!
  219. Re: Can I just attach a Pic?
  220. Re: TPW troll posts.
  221. Re: Escalation of behavior prior to extinction of behavior. NICESURGERY FOR THE FAMILY PET
  222. Bioflow Health
  223. Italy places 92 breeds on dangerous list
  224. Ivermectin sensitivity test available! Survey responses needed
  225. Re: My dog Sunshine and Wits End
  226. Re: Getting the Point Across
  227. Re: Where we stand/sit/down/leave it Now
  228. Cooking or alternative food for dogs
  229. New Wisconsin APBT Rescue site
  230. Re: About the dog biters....
  231. Re: Training a dog through negative reinforcement
  232. Re: chilling account of a near -miss dog shooting
  233. Re: i don't get this system, But you get Lynn K.ill very well
  234. Re: Home Visit Checklist?
  235. Whole Dog Journal
  236. TPW, I like your style (Julie Altshuler's Clicker Training Guide)
  237. Re: TPW, I like your style (sara sionnach, which looney tune, thanksin advance?!)
  238. Re: chilling account of a near -miss dog shooting PEEKA WENT BUNGEEJUMPING OFF A CLIFF BUT....
  239. Re: Important news For all webmaster,newsmaster
  240. What are your favorite and least favorite breeds?
  241. Re: Any tips for teaching a "hold" for flyball? DYNAMITE, FLASHY,TITLED, DEAD courtesy of Lynn KILL
  242. Ping Robin N./ anyone with knowlege about ortho issues, esp. in Dobes
  243. Re: over protective dog
  244. Re: My Rottweiler
  245. Re: another eevil pit bull story
  246. Re: RPD* Crazy Person List Update 10/9/2003
  247. Re: Rottweilers...
  248. Where to get a dachshund or miniature schnauzer in the UK (London area)?
  249. World's Smallest Poodles
  250. Bud the "bulldog" crosses America in 1903