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Old May 19th 04, 02:42 PM
Gary Stollman
external usenet poster
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My name is Gary Stollman and I am the person who in August of 1987 crashed the
live set of KNBC TV in downtown Burbank, California, and forced Consumer
Advocate David Horowitz to read a prepared statement about how the CIA and
alien beings had replaced my family and friends with clones, and were
attempting to take over the human race. I was arrested and taken to LA County
Jail, where I was held for 2 weeks until my parents raised bail and I was
placed in the locked ward of UCLA NPI (Neuro-Psychiatric Institute) while
awaiting trial. I was offered the chance at the Burbank Police Station of just
walking out the front door, and placed in the same situation, but my arrogance
kept me from doing anything and I blew my chance.

I spent the next year in 3 mental hospitals, each with less restriction on my
freedom, until my time in court took place, and I pleaded guilty to 1
misdeamenor count of Unlawful Inprisonment, and was subsequently placed on 3
years probation. Since that time, I have fought a never-ending battle of wits
against the forces of evil that did this to me and my family and friends and

I am not insane. I am a computer science student at TCC (Tallahassee Community
College) here in Tallahassee, Florida, which I have made my home since 1979. I
was awarded the AA degree from TCC in 1982, but since 1981, I have been
enbroiled in a fight to the finish with the CIA, enemies from Los Angeles known
to each other as the "dudes", and aliens. I know about 10 computer languages
fluently or fairly so, having taken classes in all of them over a period of 25
years now. I have lost out on life because of the problems associated with
this situation, and was denied admission back into FSU (Florida State
University) since I returned from Los Angeles after my incarceration.

I have a vast history of computer knowledge dating back to 1977, when I was
introduced into the world of the Arpanet (the forerunner of the Internet) by a
guy I met in a computer store in Santa Monica, California. I spent the next 3
years, night and day, at a top-secret computer site in the south Bank of
America tower in Marina Del Rey, California. I used up millions of dollars of
government money on my friends account, only finding out at the last minute
that is was real money, not "funny money" that I had assumed. I was shown
secrets nobody else knew of on the Arpanet, secrets that would spell my doom.

The worst of these was a secret code, written in a book kept under the
operators console, which carried a penalty of 25 years in prison for merely
opening it. I was shown how this code could literally knock any computer site
on the Arpanet off the face of the earth for about 90 minutes or so by one of
the operators. I was scared out of my mind after he did this, I knew the
Pentagon as well as all our missile silos were hooked into the Arpanet, and if
the Russians ever got their hands on it, we would all be blown away without a
shot fired back at them!

My computer friend came up to me in 1979 and told me some guys had been
standing in the dark the night before and had run down the back stairs when
yelled at. He said something vital to national security and top secret had
been stolen, but couldn't tell me any more, and wanted to know if I had been
there and seen anything. I told him I wasn't there, and he accepted that, but
told me never to come back again. I thought instantly of the codebook as
possibly having been stolen.

When I discovered the Plato computer system at FSU, I thought I had found my
niche in life. I took a free seminar class, obtained a signon, and started
learning. My dream in life was to simply become a good Plato programmer, but
this was not to be the case! I was to become engrossed in the greatest
conspiracy of all time by the CIA and my enemies from Los Angeles.

It started with crazy phone calls from my parents in Los Angeles. My dad
called me, asking about a huge hotel with balconies and if I remembered it
clearly. I told him I didn't know what he was talking about! Then I started
getting calls for other people late at night, and the operator asking me if I
ever heard of them. The whole thing was crazy! I finally went to the phone
company office at the local mall, asking what was going on. The phone girl
picked up the phone, dialed a number, and waited. Then she quickly turned to
me and screamed at the top of her voice, "Do you know CAROL LEWIS?!" I jumped
and said no. She yelled back, "Do you know where she IS, GARY!?" I yelled
back, "WELL, she's not THERE!", meaning my place. The girl totally changed her
tone of voice and said sweetly, "All right, Mr. Stollman. We'll fix your
problems for you!" I got up and left, convinced that I was dealing with
someone like the CIA.

That semester at TCC was SCREWYVILLE, USA! I started noticing **** happening
in all my classes, crazy ****. I finally went to the head of the counseling
department, Slyvia Deloach, and told her what was going on. She got on the
phone and called the Leon County Sheriffs Department from her office. She
spoke to a Sgt. Parramoore and she said he said it was what I was thinking. He
told her to tell me to meet him at the courthouse that afternoon and he would
tell it all to me. I didn't make it. I asked a student in my psychology class
to go with me, and he ran me all over town, while hanging out the window of my
car screaming at people as we drove. It was a total disaster. It would take
days to tell the rest of this. Suffice it to say, that Mrs. Deloach forced me
to enter a small mental hospital in town known then as PATH in order to finish
my degree.

When I entered it, I signed a admission form voluntarily. My Dad called me on
the pay phone and asked if I knew if the call was being MONITORED! I knew
something was ****ing crazy and it wasn't ME! He then asked if I remembered
throwing pennies at people out the window of my car in LA. I did this to my
discrace, but he shouldn't have asked it like that. I walked up the hill in
shock. One of the counselors sat down next to me and asked if I had 2 sisters,
and their locations. She then put her head in her hands like it was the end of
the world. then someone yelled from the doorway, "The GENERAL is on the
phone!" and she ran inside. I went to the pay phone and called my sister Rita
in New York, who worked as an Associate Editor at Business Week. She told me
that her new husband Steve had just lost his job, and thought the CIA was
taping them and following them everywhere. I asked her to put him on the
phone, and then I asked him if he thought it was the CIA. He couldn't talk and
broke down and Rita told me he had lost his mind. I immediately hung up and
demanded to be released. The doctor there, a Dr. Connie Spears, gave me a
diatribe about how I would be better off to resign myself back in. I refused
and she went into a room to decide what to do with me. I jumped on the pay
phone and got in touch with my friends at Plato Services at FSU and told them
to get me help. She came back out and told me I was being transferred to the
main hospital nuthouse. Some sheriff deputies came and took me away. I was
taken to the main nuthouse and forced to fill out another form. My friends
from Plato got me a lawyer, but the whole thing was nuts! After a week I was

I can tell you that the other stuff I was going through was nightmarish! I
walked with my best friend on Plato, Dennis Riley, a brilliant programmer, when
I got out, and he showed me a printout of assembly language and asked me if I
had ever seen it before. I lied and told him no, and he then looked like it
was the end of the world, and instantly, I knew it was that damn code everyone
was after, and that everyone was sworn to secrecy.

I went haywire after that. It ended when my Mom came to visit me at the
holidays. I knew it was a clone of my real Mom, having tied enough rope around
the door handle to the bedroom so no human being could open it. The clone
almost ripped the door off its hinges in an instant. I spent the next couple
of days zooming around town with the thing, trying to find a solution. You
wouldn't believe what that clone of my Mom did, suffice it to say the whole
affair was an excerpt in insanity. I finally had to run into the night away
from Tallahassee, after the whole sheriffs dept. showed up at my door, and
tried to drag me to PATH again. I wound up getting picked up in Cinncinatti
and thrown into another nuthouse, only this time for 2 long months! There was
something about my keys, and the guy at the desk asked if they were mine and
when I said there were, he yelled for all the phones in the place to be turned
off. It was like death for weeks and weeks. I finally got out and drove with
my father back to Tallahassee.

I could tell you about the CIA agent who called me late one night on Plato, and
told me to run for my life, to get off computers and never get on them again,
screaming that the CIA didn't trust people on computers. I am not lying about
any of this! I was in a total paradox and it was lunatic city here.

I spent years trying to get out from under the nightmare, but was blocked at
every turn by the CIA and the dudes and the alien beings they call the "7's".
They got that name from a gasoline stop I made on the way to a better life in
Orlando, and the CIA guy said of the $7.00 black aliens purchase behind me,
"That's a "7" behind you!" I have heard the CIA and the dudes call for the 7's
to save their worthless asses about a million times now, they are aliens with
unbeleivable powers and strength. I put my faith in God and bided my time.

Finally, all my plans fell apart when a girl on the Plato system from
Jacksonville told me HER friends had been replaced too! I became desperate. I
knew if I didn't do something and fast, the human race was doomed! You
wouldn't believe how many times I had been forced into illegal incarcerations
in mental hospitals all over the country by CIA thugs. I made up the plan to
jump on network TV and did so. But my plan failed when I didn't walk out the
easy way. I was almost killed in prison by a convict assault and when I was
bailed out, by a shirt given to me which was infected by some kind of terrible
disease by the CIA. If I hadn't have gotten to the nuthouse at UCLA, I would
have died. It was all planned, 3 guys in the prison lobby yelled out my name
and started circling me. I knew the jig was really up when I took a package to
the post office across the street from my Dad's pharmacy, and the CIA stooge
working there, yelled, "Dodgers tried to help you pal! HARD BALL!" They must
have known I was going to try something desperate with the toy guy I bought.

The worst time I had was having my penis cut up in the Emergency Room of the
Tallahasssee Memorial Hospital by the CIA, when I went haywire from it all
again, and collapsed outside my apartment in the street. I almost bled to
death and was once again forced into the nuthouse here. I should pay for a
permanent bed in the horrible place, so many times I was illegally imprisoned
in it.

I am not, I repeat, NOT crazy! I am not, nor have I ever been insane. My mind
is as normal and rational as anyones, but I was involved in a conspiracy so
deep, it goes to the very heart of our government! I know for certainty, that
the CIA rigged the 2000 election, and that the Republicans in the government
have used their help and the dudes and the aliens to circumvent the
Constitution. They have been given telepathy to communicate with each other,
without anyone in the public scene being aware of it. They are sending each
other secret messages, and have been doing so since they tricked the people of
the United States into falling for their fake "Contract With America" scheme to
take over the Congress.

I know what I have said may be hard to swallow. I know it sounds crazy, but
these are the facts. The whole point may be moot, now that the Ice Age is
almost upon us, and the world is probably going to end. I don't know what to
do about it, any of it, except to tell my story in a book I have been trying to
write for many years, which I am calling, "The Invasion of the Human Race!" I
don't know if I will ever get it done in time before the oceans drown us all.
I knew there was an Ice Age coming 30 years ago. I was one of only about a
hundred that did.

I only know that I have survived to tell the tale. What good or difference it
will make, I know not. I only know I blew my chance in 1987 to end this. The
last thing the CIA and the dudes and aliens want is publicity, which the clone
of my Mom made clear to me back then. I almost wish now I HAD run for my life
when the CIA agent I knew told me to, my life would have been a lot better for

Good luck and may God bless you all!

Gary Stollman


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