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Dog Birth Control?

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Old July 12th 03, 08:35 PM
external usenet poster
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Default Dog Birth Control?

What birth control methods are there for dogs?
We do not want to mutilate (cut) our pets.
Separation is not some thing we want to do because of stress to our
pets. In researching the issue we have learned of a diaper and a
hormone shot. The hormone shot is not some thing we want to do because
of possible adverse affects (risks) now or in the future. Most of the
veterinarians we talk to do not recommend the hormone shot.
We want a method that works and is proven not harm our pets (male &
female). We want what is really best and natural for our pets.

Some humans seem to think humans know better then what is natural,
experience tells us when humans mess around with nature unexpected and
unwanted results do occur.

In the hope of avoiding people making incorrect assumptions about our
intentions with our pets in the past or in the future ... A little
Our original intention was after lots of research (2 - 3 years) to
have 1 litter when the Chicklet was over 2 years old and then 1 litter
when she was over 4 years old & keep 1 or 2 pups of the last litter.
Our pets have been successful in ruining our breeding plans 2 times
out of 4 and Chicklet is only 2 years old now. We want to stop any
more litters and not mutilate / cut / hurt our dogs. We never hit our
pets. Training methods for our pets are patience and repetition. It
some times requires more time and effort. We feel it is well worth the
time and effort. We did / do crate train our pets when young and now
allow our pets unsupervised freedom to most areas of our home. Our
pets will live out their lives with us until death separates us.
We also want to share our experiences ( http://Bichon.ca/ ) with
others and share other peoples experiences. Time and money do restrict
what we can do with http://Bichon.ca/ Any constructive suggestions,
volunteers out there?

One last note:
If you do not agree with how we feel we can respect that, all we ask
is please respect us and do not flame (name calling and swearing
etc...) us. We know humans can participate in a discussion with out
flaming other humans they disagree with. We are only humans and we do
make mistakes. Thank you all!

A thread on Bichon.ca, subject: male bichon neutered
http://bichon.ca/cgi-bin/bichon/bich...5459; start=0

Old July 14th 03, 10:39 PM
external usenet poster
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On 14 Jul 2003 19:57:21 GMT, wrote:

On Sat, 12 Jul 2003 19:35:54 GMT Bichon.ca whittled these words:
What birth control methods are there for dogs?

In the absence of surgery complete separation is it. No "diaper" or such
thing is going to be effective for unsupervised dogs. It sufficient to
slow the male down enough for immediate supervision only. Dogs have been
known to go through wooden and plaster walls and climb ten foot fences to
get to each other.

Agreed, in my younger days a german shepherd damaged my neighbors
front entrance (wood) trying to access their female dog that was in

The kindest thing to do is board the male out when
the female is in season. There are LOTS of people who keep intact males
and females - spaying and neutering are not as common in some other
countries but breeding is still controlled. The trade-off for deciding
to keep dogs intact is having to go through the forced separation. The
only folks who can reliably keep intact males and females on the same
premises are folks who cage/kennel their dogs. It can't be done reliably
in a home, and it isn't fair to do so anyway as it is very stressful to
both dogs. Boarding out the male is the humane alternative.

Boarding the male would better for us then crate / kennel separation.
Agreed crate / cage / kennel separation is a option, but one we won't
be using.. Crate / cage / kennel separation would have made the first
two times a lot easier but we just can't do that to them. (we did use
crate / kennel training when they were very young for other reasons).
Boarding the male out, we tried that the forth time but used friends
(failure), if we use the board option we will use professional
facilities only. To date we have really enjoyed this discussion.
Thank you Diane for your comments.

Diane Blackman


Old July 19th 03, 04:23 AM
Nehmo Sergheyev
external usenet poster
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Depo-provera.You're supposed to get a shot every six months. It

fine for females in my experience, but I've only had one dog on it.

he vet I trust more than any other (If I needed a heart transplant

me, I would want Battershell to do the job. I'm not kidding. The guy
knows everything.) approves of it.

Battershell Douglas DVM
7550 South Broadway, Wichita, KS 67203
(316) 522-4797
He prescribes depo. But here in Kansas City, the use of depo is not
common. Most the vets here just want to spay dogs. Hecker will give

though .

Hecker Animal Clinic LC
7240 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO 64114
(816) 333-4330
You'll have to call around in your area. You might be able to get it
over the net. Let me know if you can.
I would say that lifetime depo is less risky than the operation.

I disagree...
Spay and it's over with.

The fuss with depo is minimal.

No side effects, no breast cancer.

I don't really know about the dog studies, but it's a widely used drug
with humans. I would imagine the risks are equal or less than surgery.
Do you know of a comparison?

So they tend to gain a bit of weight. So what.
If you walk them nightly, it benefits both you and the dog.

At minimum.

I have had many cats and dogs spayed over the years, the benefits FAR
outweigh the risks! They have had a lot of health problems related to
hormonal shifts with unspayed female cats and dogs, and NONE with the
spayed animals.

I think we're talking about spay vs. depo - not spay vs. natural.

Breast cancer killed one beloved cat, uterine cancer
another. If I'd have spayed them earlier, they would still be with me.

I recognize how those deaths must have hit you. I understand.

You are doing your pet a favor by "fixing" them. These animals are NOT
humans so there is no psychological impact...


Get over your mental
attachment to your dogs genitals already. :-(

Since birth control is a medical/practical issue, and since nothing I've
said has indicated a "mental attachment to .genitals", you are simply
making a rash accusation.

* Nehmo Sergheyev *


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