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Pet Alive products for your cat or dog

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Old November 26th 05, 03:20 AM posted to rec.pets.dogs.health
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Default Pet Alive products for your cat or dog

PetAlive DetoxPlus - Avoiding the Toxic Pet Syndrome

Regular Use of PetAlive DetoxPlus to:
Purify the blood and eliminate toxins
Prevent bloating
Improve liver performance and bile flow
Reduce the harmful effects of toxin build-up on skin, coat, joints and
digestive system
Assist with systemic recovery after illness, medication side effects or
Maintain healthy thyroid functioning
Improve energy and general well-being and protect against infection

Formulated for cats and dogs.

Natural remedies can be very effective in helping to rid your pet’s
system of toxins and restore optimum body functioning. Improving
thyroid and liver functioning, assisting digestive processes, boosting
metabolism and enhancing the body's ability to process dietary fat will
help your pet to look and feel more healthy.

Herbal and homeopathic medicine can also help to improve all-round
systemic functioning and restore health and vigor to pets with
compromised and toxic systems.

DetoxPlus is a 100% herbal remedy especially formulated to prevent the
buildup of toxins and to assist in toxin elimination.

DetoxPlus is manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical
standards. Individual ingredients are well-researched and are natural,
safe and effective.

What are the ingredients of DetoxPlus?
Fucus vesiculosis (Kelp): is a sea vegetable that is a concentrated
source of minerals, including iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium,
and iron. As a source of iodine, it assists in the production of
thyroid hormones, which are necessary for maintaining healthy
metabolism in all cells of the body. Regular use will also improve skin
and coat condition.
Aloe ferox: has been used as a medicinal plant for thousands of years
and has been depicted in paintings and hieroglyphics on the walls of
Ancient Egyptian temples. An effective digestive tonic, regular use of
Aloe ferox helps to regulate bile flow, ensuring the breakdown of
dietary fat. Aloe ferox also helps to ensure regular bowel movements
and is also valuable for a wide range of conditions including diabetes,
high blood pressure, circulatory disorders, arthritis, stomach ulcers,
hypertension and joint inflammation and was used more than three
thousand years ago by Indian healers to treat obesity. Modern science
has established that this succulent is rich in nutrients and modern
research has shown that Aloe contains 18 amino acids as well as
Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C and E.
Medicago sativa (Alfalfa): is rich in nutrients including calcium,
magnesium, potassium and beta carotene. It is regarded as an effective
diuretic, helping to prevent bloating and assisting in the removal of
toxins from the body. Like Aloe ferox, Alfalfa also helps to ensure
regular bowel movements.
Arctium lappa (Burdock): Widely known as a systemic cleanser and blood
purifier, Burdock is also an effective digestive tonic and helps to
lower blood sugar levels. It is invaluable as a cleansing and purifying
agent, especially when there is a buildup of toxins, leading to skin
problems, digestive sluggishness and arthritis. Burdock is also a
natural antibiotic, helping to keep your pet free of infection and
Taraxacum officinalis (Dandelion): Dandelion contains bitter principles
which have a beneficial effect on the liver and digestive system.
Dandelion is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals, including
Vitamin A, D, C, various B Vitamins, iron, lecithin, silicon,
potassium, magnesium, zinc and manganese. It enhances liver and gall
bladder functioning and may decrease high blood pressure due to its
diuretic properties.
Rice Powder: (inactive ingredient)
(Contains no gluten, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives)

How do we use DetoxPlus?
DetoxPlus comes in convenient capsule form. Capsules may be swallowed
whole by larger dogs. However, most owners find that it is easier and
more convenient to open the capsule and mix the contents with wet food
or a small treat.
This prevents stress to both pet and owner! Cats, especially, hate to
have medicine forced down their throats and will happily eat the dried
herb when it is mixed with a little fish or meat.
Dosage: A three week course is recommended and can be repeated when
Cats and small dogs: 1/2 capsule twice daily.
Medium dogs: One capsule twice daily.
Large dogs: One to two capsules twice daily.
Caution: Safety during pregnancy and nursing has not been established.

Normal retail is $34.95 for 60 capsules.

On sale for $26.95.

Shipping and handling is $5.99 for the first bottle and $1.50 per
additional bottle.

Purchase two bottles at $26.95 and receive one bottle FREE! Get 3
bottles for $53.90! A small price to pay for your pet’s health!

Pet Alive Problem Pet Solution

Use Problem Pet Solution:
To reduce hyperactivity and restlessness in pets
To control aggressive behavior, biting and scratching
To prevent problem behavior such as excessive jumping, barking, mewing,
running and digging
To reduce excessive excitability
To lower excessive libido and reduce inappropriate sexual behavior
towards people and other pets.

Hyperactivity and delinquency in pets
A hyperactive, out-of-control pet is enough to drive even the most laid
back owner straight to therapy.
Some animals become increasingly hyperactive and delinquent over a
period of time while others are that way from the start. Either way you
need to do something to calm their errant ways!
It’s important to try to understand, if possible, why your pet is
behaving the way he is. For instance, some breeds of pets such as
border collies, are naturally more highly strung than others. Border
collies are typically bred as working dogs so if instead they are kept
as pets their owners need to be aware that they need lots of exercise
and attention.
Other factors that can contribute to hyperactivity and delinquency
include boredom, lack of stimulation, an inadequate diet (especially
one with too much protein), allergies, stress, lack of attention and/or
lack of exercise.
Recent environmental changes to their environment such as introducing a
new pet or a new person to the home, moving house or even a new,
particularly high-pitched doorbell can also contribute to problem
behavior. Pets may feel insecure and fearful and “act out”,
sometimes even becoming aggressive or displaying inappropriate sexual

Problem Pet Solution contains selected herbal and homeopathic
ingredients known for their calming properties as well as their ability
to treat hyperactive, delinquent, overactive and highly strung pets.

PetAlive Problem Pet Solution contains the following 100% herbal and
homeopathic ingredients:
Scutellaria laterifolia (Scullcap) is one of the best known herbs for
treating anxiety and other nervous disorders. Scullcap may be used for
situational anxiety linked to a stressful event (e.g. a trip to the vet
or a competitive event) or for more chronic nervous conditions.
Providing tonic benefits for the entire nervous system, it helps to
soothe and calm pets while also reducing excitability and
Hypericum perforatum (St John's Wort) is widely used as a natural
alternative to the prescription drugs for depression and anxiety.
Research supports its effectiveness in stabilizing levels of
neurotransmitters responsible for mood, sleep, concentration, libido
and general feelings of well being. Many problem pets have an
underlying depression and deep sense of insecurity. Some may also have
high levels of irritability with a disposition to aggression. Regular
use of St John's Wort can help to reduce aggression levels, while
calming your pet and inducing a greater sense of well being and
Belladonna C30 is a proven homeopathic remedy which is used for
treating a variety of physical and emotional conditions. It is included
in this remedy for its benefits for highly strung and oversensitive
animals, who are prone to sudden fits of aggression and tendency to
scratch or bite. pets who are very sensitive to noise, light, touch and
temperature changes will also benefit from this remedy.
Cantharis C30: A homeopathic remedy which also has many benefits,
Cantharis helps to treat inappropriate and excessive sexual arousal and
helps to prevent the embarrassing problem of pets (especially dogs!)
who make unwelcome sexual advances to visitors or other animals. It
will also help for pets prone to sudden fits of aggression,
irritability and temper.
Nux Vom C30: A homeopathic remedy which is helpful for hyperactive pets
who never sit still. It can also be very helpful for pets who are
highly excitable and irritable as well as pets with excessive appetites
who may also be prone to developing stress related digestive disorders.

Lactose (inactive ingredient)
(PetAlive Problem Pet Solution contains no gluten, artificial flavors,
colors or preservatives)

Problem Pet Solution comes in convenient dissolvable granule form. The
tiny granules are easy to administer to pets of all sizes and
personalities and are simply sprinkled on the back of the tongue and
left to dissolve. No fuss and bother!
Cats and small dogs: Large pinch of Problem Pet Solution sprinkled into
the mouth.
Small to medium dogs: Half fill inner circle of lid and sprinkle into
Medium to large dogs: Fill inner circle of lid and sprinkle into mouth.

Acute Dose: Every 30 minutes for up to 6 doses or until symptoms
Chronic Dose: Three times daily.

Normal retail price is $41.95 for 60 capsules

On sale now for $27.95.

Shipping and handling is $5.99 for the first bottle and $1.50 per
additional bottle.

Purchase two bottles of Problem Pet Solution at $27.95 each and receive
a third bottle FREE. Get 3 bottles for only $55.90. A small price to
pay for your pet’s health!

I am a distributor of these products by Native Remedies.

These products carry a 60-day money back guarantee.

For more information and to find out how to order send an email to
. Be sure to put Pet Alive product info in the
subject line!
Thank you!


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