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R. Dino Rulli, Ph.D., Product Development Manager

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Old December 6th 05, 02:19 AM posted to rec.pets.dogs.health
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Default R. Dino Rulli, Ph.D., Product Development Manager

R. Dino Rulli, Ph.D.
Fort Dodge Animal Health
PO Box 5366
Princeton, NJ 08540-5366
(formerly American Cyanamid Co.)

Product Development Manager Jan. 2000 - present
Sr. Product Development Coordinator Dec. 92 - Dec. 99
Global Animal Science Development (GASD)

Above from his bio:


Please see list of Peer Review Papers below.

Dino Rulli is apparently a famous satanist. He is affiliated with my
legal mother, Donna Landsberg.* Photos:


He and I dated for a year and a half. When we broke up they started
having an affair. They manipulated my life situation until I ended up
in a psychiatric facility. Please see "The Love Game:"


I had my first memory of being abused in a satanic ritual in 1985 and
years later came to understand I had been subjected to mind control
experiments (scars, etc.) I grew up in Bay Village, OH, near Lorain,
where Dino grew up.

*She said she was secretary to the Undersecretary of the Navy in the
1940's (probably James Forrestal.)

My father is in a photo with Arlen Specter having to do with the
"single bullet theory" in the JFK assassination.


His friend, Art Madden, is married to my mother's sister. She and her
first husband used to live on the same street as the Rulli family --
Andover Avenue in Lorain, OH. (Please see "Landsbergs and Maddens.")


Dino has been bothering me in the astral plane: "You can't prove
anything. You can't prove one ****ing thing."

"You can't touch me in any conventional sense."


Peer-Reviewed Papers

Grubbs, S.T, D. Amodie, D. Rulli, M. Wulster-Radcliff, C. Reinemeyer,
T. Yazwinski, C. Tucker, D. Hutchens, L. Smith and D. Patterson. Field
Evaluation of Moxidectin / Praziquantel Equine Oral Gel in Horses.
2003. submitted.

McCall, J.W., P. Supakorndej, M.T. Dzimianski, N. Supakorndej, A.E.
Mansour, J.J. Jun, S.D. McCall, G.T. Wang, A. Sinha, and R.D. Rulli.
Evaluation of Retroactive and Adulticidal Activity of Moxidectin Canine
SR (Sustained Release) Injectable Formulation Against Dirofilaria
immitis in Beagles. 2002. submitted.

Stewart, T.B., S.E. Wiles, J.E. Miller, and R.D. Rulli. Efficacy of
Moxidectin 0.5% Pour-on Against Swine Nematodes. Vet. Parasitol., 1999,
87 (1), 39-44.

DiPietro, J.A., D.E. Hutchens, T.F. Lock, K. Walker, A.J. Paul, C.
Shipley, and D. Rulli. Clinical Field Trial of Moxidectin Oral Gel in
Horses. Vet. Parasitol., 1997, 72 (2), 167-177.

Rulli, R.D. "Quantitative Evaluation by Computer-Based Video
Densitometry of Film Response to Different Isotopes and Fluorographic
Treatments" Anal. Biochem., 1988, 175, 145-153.

Perng, G., R.D. Rulli, D.L. Wilson, and G.W. Perry. "A Comparison of
Fluorographic Methods for the Detection of 35S-Labeled Proteins in
Polylacrylamide Gels", Anal. Biochem., 1988, 173, 387-392.

Bruch, R.C. and R.D. Rulli. "Ligand Binding Specificity of a Neutral
L-amino Acid Olfactory Receptor", Comp. Biochem. and Physiol., 1988,
91B, 535-540.

Rulli, R.D. and D.L. Wilson "Destinations of Some Fast-Transported
Proteins in Sensory Neurons of Bullfrog Sciatic Nerve", J.
Neurochem., 1987, 48(1), 134-140.

Rulli, R.D. and D.L. Wilson. "Proteins in Fast Axonal Transport are
Differentially Transported in Branches of Sensory Nerves", Brain
Research, 1985, 335, 165-168.



Old December 12th 05, 01:52 AM posted to rec.pets.dogs.health
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Default R. Dino Rulli, Ph.D., Product Development Manager

Donna says there are many M.D.'s and Ph.D's (M.D.'s and veterinarians)
Dino's age who will recognize her -- she tortured and programmed many
of them during satanic rituals.

She is very concerned about her photos.

Please note: several photos of her have been altered.


1st collage: bottom 3 on the left

3rd collage: top right


Old December 14th 05, 10:49 AM posted to rec.pets.dogs.health
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Default R. Dino Rulli, Ph.D., Product Development Manager

From "William D. Jensen -- Subject: Monarch Subproject #15 - Saucer
Club PSI Operatives:"



8. Certain global coordinates were to be occupied by the Nazis at all
costs. One location was near Washington DC, and others were located
around the world at ancient religious sites.

The reports were noted, but in the confusion surrounding the end of the
war, most were forgotten as Germany fell, and the Manhattan Project
reached its conclusion against the Japanese Imperial Forces. The only
communication to be acted upon was the hasty construction of the
Pentagon, erected in January 1943 to enclose the Nazi coordinates of


From "Pistis Sophia, Holy Spirit of God:"



(Dino is associated with James Baker III. Their satanic group would
meet in Maryland where Dino kept his boat docked.**)

....The goal of Bush/Baker III is a police state. If they should cause
the system to collapse they want to be sure people cannot get their
food from nature. Deer in Wisconsin have come down with prion disease.

I wondered what role Dino would play in the future. He is a veterinary
parisitologist. He may be working with prion disease. He has a
@pt.cyanamid email address below (see listing for the "Layla.") I
haven't been able to get much information about "American Cyanamid."


I understand that the appearance of the Divine Feminine is the most
hidden event in world history. My family and other Nazi Occultists
meant to hide my status from me and from others. I was portrayed as
mentally ill, kept poor, then stressed and isolated until I met the man
mentioned above.



I have exposed the Nazi Vril.

Laura Landsberg
"Study of Evil -- A World Reappraised"

Old December 18th 05, 11:25 PM posted to rec.pets.dogs.health
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Default R. Dino Rulli, Ph.D., Product Development Manager

From "To My Friend -- more iii:"



Saw Donna (Dino's former lover): black 3-headed bird, from top to

Shape of heads similar to this (heads facing in the opposite
direction), from the Book of Kells:


More similar to this one, from a Princeton grad student's site. (Dino
is affiliated with Princeton.)


And this one:


end quoting


From "Maltese Falcon:"



Donna's bird head more like this:


True spiritually advanced people have lived in obscurity for a long
time, perhaps for the last 2000 years, perhaps longer.

The Church may have been created in opposition to me. It may be that
Christ was given institutional notariety to mislead me.


"We are everyone you've ever known or admired." -- Carla*



Where is the Black Bird Now?

http://www.angelfire.com/journal2/la...hlig hted.jpg


end quoting

*Please see: "Carla Ross-Robertson Files (All):"



Old December 19th 05, 06:09 AM posted to rec.pets.dogs.health
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Default R. Dino Rulli, Ph.D., Product Development Manager

I think he was killed by one bullet also.

Old December 21st 05, 04:25 AM posted to rec.pets.dogs.health
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Default R. Dino Rulli, Ph.D., Product Development Manager

Dino and his friend Steve Vensel (also civilian military) say
everything on television is fake. They are in an "emergency broadcast

"We're just trying to kill as many with despair and hopelessness as we
can until it's all over," said Carla Ross-Robertson, Mossad.

They expected to have a few more years to do "fake terrorism" before
doing "fake alien invasion" scenarios.

Steve had also been one of my boyfriends at one time.

The trigger for this conversation was this article from July:

"New Mexico City UFO Fleet Sightings Cause Commotion"



"The images were carefully analyzed and the 'balloon' explanation was
quickly discarded because of the patterns flown by the whole mass of
UFOs, and it's synchronyzed flight path - a classic feature of a UFO


Carla says, of those who love God, "Over them alone the darkness fell,
image of the darkness that was to receive them."

Please see:

"Carla Ross-Robertson Files (All)"

"Didn't you expect emergency break-ins to educate people?" asked
Sheldon Nidle, sarcastically.




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