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But it's working!!!

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Old June 28th 06, 11:21 AM posted to rec.pets.dogs.behavior,alt.animals.dog,rec.pets.dogs.breeds,alt.support.grief.pet-loss,rec.pets.dogs.rescue
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Default But it's working!!!

HOWEDY lying "I LOVE KOEHLER" lynn you pathetic lyin
dog murderin long term active acute chronic incurable
mental case,


Its great that your pups are doing so well. The Wits End
method IS THE BEST WAY TO GO:-) i wish i had found Jerry
when my dog was a puppy, would have saved so much trouble
(and money).

Gee willikers, I wish I had, too.

LikeWIZE. HOWEver, you can't stop jerkin chokin
shockin and sprayin your dogs in the face with
aversivse when you lock them in a box and ignore
their cries.


"Granted That The Dog Who Fears Retribution
Will Adore His Owner," lying "I LOVE KOEHLER"

lyinglynn writes to a new foster care giver:
For barking in the crate - leave the leash on and
pass it through the crate door. Attach a line to
it. When he barks, use the line for a correction.-
if necessary, go to a citronella bark collar," Lynn K.

"Training is not confrontation,"Lynn K.

except when it is

"Unfortunately, some confrontation is necessary,
just to be able to handle the dogs. For example,
we need to crate train a dog immediately because
they are usually in need of medical care and they
are in foster homes with other dogs. It's a safety
necessity," lying "I LOVE KOEHLER" lynn.

"Training is not confrontation,"Lynn K.

except when it is

"So what? Whoever said that it's right to
always not confront? We sure can try, but
a dog who knows a command and growls when
given it is certainly being confrontational".
You can't simply walk away and pretend it
didn't happen or leave it for later work in
every situation." Lynn K.


My 1 yr old GSD has never had a correction,

Of curse not. We was just talkin abHOWET HOWE jerkin
an chokin dogs increases their PLAY DRIVE, kinda like
HOWE it done for you Search And Rescue / sheepherdin
champion JIVE, who's IN RETIREMENT at the age of ten,
HAD EVER worked a SAR site OR won a sheep hurtin title.

heard a NO or a can of cons shaken.

Of curse. You use "tsk tsk" or was it "uhn unh"instead.
You mentioned that in a lengthy post to Mr. Mastiff, if
you recall, a few years ago, pryor to leavin The Sincerely
Incredibly Freakin Insanely Simply Amazing Grand Puppy,
Child, Pussy, Birdy And Horsey Wizards'100% CONSISTENTLY
Kat And Horse Training Method Manual Forums in SHAME and
EMBARRASSMENT for a few years and only retuning last week
when your MENTAL ILLNESS compelled you to post in response
to Crystal and her dog Starr and Show Dog Bark talkin abHOWET
is havin{); ~ )

She's only got her CGC,

That's a ridiculHOWES "title," lying "I LOVE KOEHLER" lynn.
All it means is you can walk DHOWEN the street withHOWET your
dog attackin someWON and let a stranger hold her leash for a
couple minutes while you run into a pharmacy to pick up your
Xanax and Lithium so you don't GO INSANE and post to The
Sincerely Incredibly Freakin Insanely Simply Amazing Grand
Puppy, Child, Pussy, Birdy And Horsey Wizards' 100% CONSISTENTLY
And Horse Training Method Manual Forums {); ~ )

What happened? Couldn't you find someWON to hold your dog
while you ran in to get your prescription filled? Byt the
bye, have you had your blood levels tested lately and are
you takin then with a little food as prescribed?

RN, and TC and will have her RA, CD, HT, PT,
and TD before she turns 2 yrs old.

Yeah. It's a WIZE idea to spread those innoculations
HOWET over time, you don't want to give too many
vaccines at WON time {) : ~ )

I haven't been able to work much with her because
she's my demo dog in 11 classes a week,

Yeah. Your SAR dog JIVE used to get high scores in
the A.K.C. trials on accHOWENT of you jerked and
choked and shocked him in the ring environment
every day, but COULDN'T BE FORCED to WORK a real
life SAR site OR herd sheep when you COULDN'T SHOCK

THAT'S what's called RING WIZE, but IN REVERSE or
OPPOSITE. IOW, MOST dogs FAIL when they go into
the ring where they KNOW they CANNOT BE HURT, as
opposed to YOUR SAR dog JIVE who EXXXPECTED to be
HURT in the ring but learned right off the bat that
YOU CANNOT HURT HIM on a SAR or sheep dog trial.

LUCKY THING you can always carry FRAUDreck's clipboard
and work the SAR Central CON-TROLL office of the Left
Coast {) ; ~ )

and she won't start agility until mid-July.

On accHOWET of you don't want to injur her delicate
growing bones. That's CURIHOWES for a NATURAL ATHLETE
like a German Shepherd Dog, AIN'T IT, lying "I LOVE
KOEHLER" lynn?

Your "agility" dogs DO NOT BREAK DHOWEN from bein
WORKED too much too young, they get cruciate ligament
failure aka ACL/TPLO DIS-EASE from STRESS from bein
ABUSED {) : ~ )

She was a timid, dog aggressive fear-biter

INDEEDY. Perhaps that's on accHOWET of you are
a dangerHOWES pathetic violent mental case and
dogs are EXXXCELLENT judges of CHARACTER {): ~ )

and it took me a whole month to turn her into a dog park dog.

Yeah. HOWE old was your PUPPY when you got her?
It USUALLY takes The Sincerely Incredibly Freakin
Insanely Simply Amazing Grand Puppy, Child, Pussy,
Birdy And Horsey Wizards'100% CONSISTENTLY NEARLY
Kat And Horse Training Method Manual Students like
Professora Daniel and Sunshine or Ms. Mick or Valerie
just a couple days. It took Nevyn two whole weeks
but he had two fighting Pit Bull X bitches to train
and didn't have a heelper to handle WON of them {); ~ )

How I wish I had found the method you speak of
so I could have trained my little GSD girl.

INDEEDY. Had you been intelligent enough to HOWEtwit
the cunning of the domestic puppy dog you wouldn't
SAR dog JIVE like HOWE you done with your pronged
spiked pinch choke and shock collar and jerkin an
chokin IT on the long line to train IT to come for
a cookie.

How's your dog doing?

She's PERFECT. Starr was the most fearful dog The
Sincerely Incredibly Freakin Insanely Simply Amazing
Grand Puppy, Child, Pussy, Birdy And Horsey Wizard
had EVER seen. It only took HIM SIX DAYS to TOTALLLY
rehabilitate her {); ~ )

Lynn K.

Of curse, you NEVER DO what you DO when you
AIN'T DOIN what you NEVER DO, ain't that true,
lying "I LOVE KOEHLER" lynn.


Subject: Lyin Dancin
Date: 2004-02-24 07:48:29 PST

HOWEDY People,

"Don't infer from that description that force is an
intrinsic part of it, though, because it isn't. I
know that that is what you are trying to get at, but
you'd be very wrong," "I think of precision heeling
as dancing with my dog and he works for it as hard
as I do," Lynn K

"Lynn K." wrote in message

"Jerry Howe" wrote in message

Hello People,

"Huh? I've Never Reeled In A Dog In My Life.
I Don't Like The Long Line Method And Don't
Use It." lynn k.

Read the following and then let's discuss proofing.

Maybe you want to read it again, Jerry. I don't use the
long line method of teaching a recall. You know, the
old "give the command and reel the dog in" thing.

From: Lynn Kosmakos )
Subject: dog comes when he feels like it
Date: 1999/05/21

"A.Waugh" wrote:
Does this mean no trips to the fenced off-leash dog park ?
At what age should a dog be trained 100% ?
What about socialization?

I've found dog parks to be great places for proofing the
recall, even with young puppies. Let the pup play with
other pups, while on a long line.

Call the pup, reeling in if necessary, and praise the heck out
of him, then let him go play again. The reason this works so
well at the dog park is that the pup learns that leaving the
fun to obey the command doesn't mean the fun is over. A very
good thing to learn early.

Timing is critical here, because what you want
is for him to think about escaping, maybe even
start, but still have time to give the command
and have him decide to come back to you before
he hits the end of the long line.

The very 1st thing is to secure her while you're training
so she can't chase when you are preoccupied and can't
work with her.

And, yes, I've had more than a few "come to Jesus
meetings" with dogs over willful disobedience.
Example - pup who knows full well what a recall is
hits adolesence and decides that the recall is optional.

Putting him back on a long line and doing 5 fast
recalls is a "come to Jesus meeting". Or if he suddenly
decides that he can release himself from a down/stay
after being solid at it for 5 months, and turns it into a
catch-me game, a sharp downward collar correction
as you put him back into position is a "come to
Jesus meeting".

Don't infer from that description that
force is an intrinsic part of it, though, because it
isn't. I know that that is what you are trying to get at,
but you'd be very wrong.

Lynn K



"You Lying Sack Of Dung.When Have I Ever Said
Anything About Using A Prong Collar, Or Any Collar
Correction At All, To Make Dogs Friendly To House
Cats? Don't bother. The answer is never," lying "I

lying "I LOVE KOEHLER" lynn writes about kats and dogs:

"This Article Is Something We've Put Together
For SF GSD Rescue

From: Lynn Kosmakos )
Subject: I have a dog he has cats
Date: 1999/11/20

How can I get him to quit chasing the cats.

Okay - this is going to be a bit loooong - Lynn K.

"Put a prong collar with a six-foot leash on the dog. Don't
forget to put the muzzle on the dog. I think a prong works
better than a choke with less chance of injury to the dog in
this situation.

Electronics can be used to create an aversion to cats, but
should be used under the direction of a trainer who knows how
to instruct the owner in their proper use. Electronics can
take the form of shock, sonic or citronella collars. At that
time the owner will train with electronics instead of food or
whatever other reward system was being used."

8) Put a prong collar with a six-foot leash on the dog.
Don't forget to put the muzzle on the dog. I think a prong
works better than a choke with less chance of injury to the
dog in this situation. Have the dog in a sit-stay next to
you with most of the slack out of the leash and let the cat
walk through the room and up to the dog if it wishes (this is
why you have the dog muzzled).

If the dog makes an aggressive move towards the
cat, it must be corrected strongly with both your
voice and the collar.

This is important - the correction must be physically
very strong - not a nag. (PS: not many dogs need
to be corrected at all)."

"I used to work the Kill Room as a volunteer in
one shelter.) But their ability to set their own
schedules and duties causes a great deal of
scheduling overhead.

And it takes effort and thought to ensure that
volunteers get the meaningful experience that
they work for.

Someone has to be responsible for that
Volunteer Program, and it is best done
by a non-volunteer."

Lynn K.


"I worked with one shelter where I bathed and groomed
every adoptable dog on intake. I frankly felt that the
effort/benefit equation was not balanced for some of the
older/ill poodle/terrier mixes we got in badly matted condition.

Should I have refused to groom them?

Or even more pertinent - I was one of the people who
had to make the euthanasia decisions at that shelter."

Lynn K.


Baghdad Bob Baghdadbob wrote in message
news:04591a2c5d469ef78d35c[email protected] .

Lynn, looks like he got you there if these
quotes are true.
In the posts below you take responsibility for
making those calls.

In your post above, you state you do not
make those calls.

Which one is it?

From Our Own Lynn Kosmakos
1200mg Of Lithium And 50 mg Of Zoloft
For Twenty Years


"I, too, have a bi-polar mood disorder (manic-
depression) requiring 1200mg of lithium and 50
mg of Zoloft every day.

I, also, care about dogs and use this forum to
learn more, while happily sharing pertinent
information I have learned. But if I were ever
to post such sh*t, I would hope that every other
reader of this group would be rightfully outraged."

"Community is an evolutionary thing that we
earn the right to participate in by observing
the easily understood rules and contributing
to in constructive ways."

"It wasn't that meds didn't work for her
- she wouldn't take them. I particularly remember
a comment she made about scarey side effects of
Lithium. Hardly. After 17 years on it, I think
I'm qualified to say that the very low risk of
any side effect is far less frightening than the
very real dangers of life without it."

Lynn K.

Here's WON of rpdb's MOST SUCCESSFUL SAR trainers:

From: Chris Kosmakos )
Subject: Newbies Beware of Dogman's Incivility
Date: 1999/02/01


: I know you do alot more than carry a clipboard Lynn, but if
: you guys ever need a clipboard carrier----I'm game. I'll
: bet you can learn more about S&R just through osmosis---by
: being out there with them, than most people could ever think
: about learning in their lifetime.

Boy, are you ever right about that, Fred! We've had 2 in the
past 2 weeks that were a real "challenge & opportunity". One
was a private plane that crashed into a mtn. side and gave all
sorts of opportunities to learn about ELT emergency signals
and stabilizing aircraft to extract a body. The other was a
person with a psychotic disorder that was running and hiding
from the searchers. What was interesting about that was that
his scent was everywhere because he was looping and crossing
within an area multiple times. I learned tons about scent
pooling and aging from the Bloodhound/Coonhound cross I was
working with.

I've never seen a trailing dog give a clearer indication of a
problem on a trail or lost scent. She would raise her head,
shake out the accumulated drool & scent, and try again. If
she didn't pick up the scent, she would turn and try at right
angles to both sides, shaking out each time. 3 shake outs and
she would turn and look for further direction from the humans.
That dog is incredibly easy to read. So easy that I could
almost "see" the way scent was moving from her actions.

There were 2 other searches in the same time period and 2 new
Bloodhound pups to start training. My big learning from them
is that Bloodhound pups are not necessarily looking for a
place to pee when their noses are on the ground - their noses
are always on the ground!

And it isn't just in SAR work. A trainer I work with made a
brilliant call recently on a really sharp/shy dog. He quickly
picked up that the dog has CEA and has no peripheral vision.
I was indeed impressed.

Frankly, if I ever think I know it all or am not open to
learning something from every incident and every dog, I hope
to hell someone tells me to hang up both my uniform and my
leashes. And I'll always be distrustful of anyone who claims
to know everything.

Lynn K.

Perhaps your problem is you can't blame
your own failure in SAR on a scape goat:

From: Lynn K. )
Subject: Free Feeding (Was Repeating Commands)
Date: 2001-07-17 21:59:53 PST

(DogStar716) wrote in message


For example, if one was to use the dogs regular
kibble as a motivator in class, the dog will probably
not be as motivated as he would be if a different type
of treat was offered (say, a piece of hotdog).

Not necessarily. Remember that there is value added
to the treat by virtue of getting it from the handler as a

That's the reason I handfed Java for a week.

To add value to the food.

It isn't just another piece of kibble when it
comes from Mom as a reward.

Lynn K.

From: Lynn K. )
Subject: Kali gets her CDX!
Date: 2003-10-26 13:49:37 PST

"KrisHur" wrote in message


You deserve it! You have my empathy on the heeling
problem. 2 of 29 qualified in Open A & B this morning
at Sacramento - ring fouled overnight by conformation
people exercising their dogs.

A Borzoi vomited on the spot, a Rottie peed on it, and
almost every other dog (including Java) dropped their
nose to the spot and started tracking.


Lynn K.

From: Lynn K. )
Subject: Goood dog, baaaad sheepies
Date: 2003-07-03 00:02:20 PST

wrote in message news:
Ah - yes a difference there. Tsuki goes into
chase mode too - but because he thinks its fun.

Funny how different dogs are so, well, different.
Java gets extremely frustrated by repeatedly
having to pick up split sheep, particularly when
I'm the reason for it. If I cause him that kind
of work too many times he'll simply take it upon
himself to work the sheep alone. It's humbling.

And he does have enough power that if he
just keeps putting the pressure on he really
doesn't need to grip, it will back off. So far
he's never had a sheep challenge AND
stand its ground.

Like most GSDs, Java has a LOT of power. But
there's a bottle-raised wether at the barn that
is useless for herding because he ignores
pressure. He just walks towards the dog. Java
gets madder than hell at him and recognizes him
on sight :-)

Lynn K.

But until you step away from your
keyboard and actually do some fieldwork,

From: Lynn K. )
Subject: The Smart Sheep Sez
Date: 2003-07-05 21:30:57 PST

"Uh Oh, I don't like the looks of that dog coming
in. It's too hot to play with Power Dogs. I'm
going back into the pen, even if I have to jump
the gate. Well, maybe I can hide amongst my
sisters. Nope, gotta get back to the pen. That
dog's in my way. I'll jump over him & miss the
sharp end. Now I'm in the corner and I'm not
leaving. Don't care what the sisters are doing.
He's coming, gotta get airborne again! If I can
talk the sisters into splitting one way, I'll go
the other way. Again and again."

Needless to say, no qualifying for Java today.
If I see that ewe (Sweet Potato) in the group
we get tomorrow, I think I'll pack up my dog and
go home :-(

Lynn K.

any opinions you form are going to be baseless.

From: Lynn K. )
Subject: Teaching Behaviours before corrections
Date: 2001-08-03 22:04:17 PST

"Jerry Howe" wrote in message


What did flunking out Java tell you about your
"tests"? Didn't you test him? Seems to me your
testing failed, or your method failed.

- That I don't agree with the conventional wisdom of
scores of "3" across the board in the Volhard test
indicate the best SAR prospect.

- That a bringsel alert is not the best choice for a long
backed dog in very hilly terrain with large distances
between handler & victim.

- That GSDs should be given more time to mature
and brought along more slowly than Labs or BCs.

- That endurance should be tested earlier in a training program.

Since you asked. (All of which has nothing
to do with selecting K9s.)

Lynn K.




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