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MacKenzie's First Pinch Collar Class (our unsung dog killers/rescuers)

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Old July 6th 03, 10:43 PM
*w_ay* too skinny
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Default MacKenzie's First Pinch Collar Class (our unsung dog killers/rescuers)

Tara O. wrote:
"Melanie L Chang" wrote in message

Tricia9999 ) wrote:

: Does it seem logical to let the wonderful ones go to their death while
: investing weeks and months in rehabbing one?

There's an awful lot about choosing dogs that isn't logical. Your
definition of "wonderful" may not be mine. And finally, I am not
responsible for any dog's death.

I know you weren't addressing me. But I don't believe that there is one
universal moral imperative involved in rescuing dogs.

I do. If a dog is human aggressive it should not be adopted out. Some
rescues want to provide forever safe havens and try to rehab the dogs. If
they have the space and time then whatever. In general though, most rescues
do not have that kind of setup and I think the non-human-aggressive dogs
should be given the open spaces in rescue over the human-aggressive ones.

Now whatever kind of dog a person is willing to adopt and put time into is a
different thing but as an organization highly open to liability suits and
one that has to mind not only the safety of the dog, but the safety of their
volunteers as well as future adopters, I don't feel badly saying I think all
rescue organizations should refuse or put down human aggressive dogs, at
least of medium-large sized breeds/mixes.


We understand Tara O.

We understand why you killed your own dog out of fear and incompetence,
even though she never even bit anyone.

We also understand how you "rescue" people and "rescue" groups are
making money in dog trafficking and rescuing society from all dogs you
kill while you are rescuing them.

Without "rescuers" like you killing all these homicidal dogs, such as
that dynamite, flashy, titled before the age of two border collie that
LynnKillmakos killed, we'd all be getting chewed up bad by that
dangerous border collie, and by the little mutt dog who got lost, and
who got killed when Lynn K found it, and by your daughter's dog, Summer,
whom you killed out of fear and incompetence,, and by all sorts of other
dogs, dogs you people are selflessly killing in order to save us and our
society from certain catastrophe

thank you for all the dogs you kill for us Tara O. You too Lynn

here's Hope, a known biter and jumper upper and scratcher of kids. She
doesn't deserve to live. She Bit Chazz in Lake Erie.

Can one of you dog rescuers come and kill her for me? Thank you. I want
to be a responsible rescuer like Tara KO and Lynn Kill.

And one mooore thing. Thank you so much for taking up the slack for me,
and for other people who don't kill dogs. We understand that it is
people such as myself and shelters who do not kill dogs and little old
ladies and school children and pasty chefs and bankers and brokers and
prostitutes who are not actively killing dogs, who are collectively
forcing people like Tara KO and Lynn Kill to kill mooore dogs.

If we all did our part and killed dogs regularly, Lynn Kill and Tara KO
would not have to kill so many.

thanks again Tara KO



================================================== ======

"when i got harriet she was emaciated, so i asked my vet for advice on
slowly adding weight to her. six months later i took harriet in for her
spring check-up and my vet was surprised that at how thin she still was."
--shelly couv.rette

"raises hand i've been told by three different vets that
harriet (53lbs) is *way* too skinny. we're still
vet-shopping, BTW."

--shelly couv.rette

"if you really can't resist
it when your dog pulls the "i'm starving!" routine G, you can give
him some frozen green beans or a small amount of plain pureed pumpkin.
i would also suggest putting the food out of his sight. i keep my
food--still inside the bags, which are tightly rolled down--inside
trash cans in the closed laundry room. that keeps it fresh and keeps
it out of my dogs' sight."

--shelly couv.rette

"heh. i get the opposite response. people think that poor little
harriet is positively starved to death. i've actually had people stop
me in the pet supply shop and tell me that i need to fatten her up!"

--shelly couv.rette

"i think that may be part of the problem. who wants to go to a
vet who tells you you're hurting your .widdle precious? i
think the other part is that some vets really don't *realize*
that what they consider proper weight is fat. after having
been told by a couple of vets that my dogs are too thin, i've
got a dim view of vets on that topic."

--shelly couv.rette

"my mom is kinda that way, but not *as* bad. she thinks that harriet is
awfully skinny, so feeding her table snax is okay. she tells me that
just a bite won't hurt."

--shelly couv.rette


shelly's fat face
================================================== =====

There are a lot of big fat women on these groups who starve their dogs
out of vanity, but shelly is a special case.

shelly is moor.e than a little bit beyond the pale

Shelly has OCD, and maybe she's just a little obsessive about measuring
out extra tiny and discrete portions with a tiny measuring cup, or
counting out pieces of green bean or pumpkin that she gives her dogs
when they give her the "I'm Starving" routine. When grandma tried to
give Hattie a snack, shelly probably went apeshit, because it was in
violation of her Obsessive need to oversee every tiny calorie that goes
into her widdle precious' mouth.

shelly's a special case, a special kind of dog abuser.


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