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Warning about Dog Trainer

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Old August 21st 03, 01:09 AM
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Default Warning about Dog Trainer

Crossposted with permission.

nb - Adam Stone is now considering another name change (to "Legacy") and he
is vocally pro-BSL.


Subject: warning about a dog trainer...

Dear Friends in Rescue,

My name is Elizabeth Turner and I am contact person for Giant Schnauzer
Rescue. I have been involved with rescue for some years and have recently
had a devastating experience with a trainer located just outside of
Stratford Ontario (Adam C. Stone, aka Corey Reddick of Umbrella Dog
Training www.umbrelladogtraining.com )

Much to my dismay I have discovered that his abuse of the animals in his
care and his outrageous behavior have been experienced
by many more people than myself.
His site is slickly marketed and he is able to lure many that are quite dog
savvy in their own right. I will provide links to other's who
like myself paid Mr. Stone a considerable amount of money for what can only
be described as a fiasco.
It would take too long to describe it all in a short email but I needed the
assistance of the Ontario Provincial Police to retrieve my Giant Schnauzer,
Tanner from his "care". I'm ashamed to say that I didn't research this man
as I should have before consenting to allowing my dog to go to his board and
train "facility", or more truthfully put, his dilapidated farm.

While he has been successfully sued countless times in small claims court by
former clients that have experienced the same nightmare our Giant Tanner had
to endure, I am working at present to litigate in Civil court so that his
"technique" (which can only be described as total deprivation) and the
goings on at his "farm" can be documented in the courts. He has been
incarcerated for uttering threats to clients and in my own personal opinion
having worked 10 years as the Head Nurse of a fast paced ICU I have no doubt
that he is truly delusional and dangerous.

He professes to deal with only aggressive dogs and touts himself as a
messiah for turning them around. No small feat considering I now know that
he has typically 20-30 aggressive dogs "in residence" in his home. I can
say only that my dog
came home much worse after only 2 weeks and was covered in fleas and lice
and had a weight loss of 20 lbs.
Devastating for this dog who almost had to be put down when he entered
Rescue due to his extremely malnourished state. His behaviour on return
could only be described as worse and we are having to start over from square

The goings on at Mr. Stone's farm have been well documented and are on file
with the local SPCA in his area. The detachment that assisted me in
retrieving my dog is the West Perth/Mitchell Ontario Provincial Police,
I don't have a web page yet with my own dogs story but with permission I am
submitting some others that you can check:


I have included another with permission to crosspost at the end of this
correspondence. I am fearful that since he deals with dogs that exhibit
unwanted aggression issues, his clients are usually at a point where they
are willing to do anything to assist their pets and that is how he lures
people in. After speaking with him, he stated that he wanted to adopt a
large breed rescue dog (at the time a Giant) and may contact rescues to both
advertise and request adoption applications. Please consider this before
ever consenting to allow this person to adopt and if you receive a request
for a recommendation or endorsement feel free to have the person contact me.

Respectfully Yours,
Elizabeth Turner

Permission to cross post from




I joined this egroup a few short days ago to try
and learn more about how to deal with my dogs. I
am not a professional dog trainer and because of
the previous posts re Adam Stone's program, I
decided I should step up and tell about my
experience with Adam Stone. I have documentation
and witnesses to back up the following:

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Ruth
and I have 3 dogs. They are 1 neut. male beagle,
1 f beagle and 1 xbeagle F. I adopted the oldest
one who is around 10yrs. from the Humane Society.
Her name is Chloe. The x is Sasha and the male
beagle is Buddy. They are approx. 4 & 5 yrs.
respectively. They came from a pound with a
"dirty little secret" according to a local
newspaper article not long after we rescued them.
We know for a fact that the male would be going
for research, the female was suspected to be
going to the same place, (advised by a foster dog
networking program)...

Our dogs became too much for us to handle so we
were searching out trainers. I tried regular
obedience from at least 3 different trainers,
but, with no success.

I read a two page article in the Toronto Sun on a
dog aggression specialist by the name of Adam
Stone, this was last winter. I was completely
impressed. For the record, my daughter is
involved in our dogs as much as I am, so, after
we both read the article, we decided to make the
phone call. It sounded too good to be true, and,
unfortunately it was.

We attended a seminar with Buddy & Sasha. When
Mr. Stone saw the reaction of our dogs at the end
of his seminar, which was aggression towards
other dogs, he said they should spend some time
at his farm. After talking to a couple of people
who had experienced "the farm", plus the
newspaper article & 1 training class, we decided
to take our dogs there. I will not go into the
different things that happened that upset us
while they were there. We just accepted the fact
that we were "wimpy" dog owners and pampered our
dogs too much, because of comments that were made
to us when we would question what was and was not
happening with our dogs.

Not to make a very long story here, we ended the
farm stay with a very serious situation.

We went to the farm for a "workshop" after they
had been there for 8 weeks. At the end of the
workshop, one of Mr. Stone's dogs by the name of
Scully, followed us down the driveway. We were
in our car. We had to stop at the end to open
the gate to go out. We were calling to her to
come to us so that she didn't get out to the road
when we opened the gate, but she wouldn't come.
Scully jumped through a hole in the gate and ran
straight out into the roadway and was JUST missed
being hit by a vehicle that was doing at least,
80kmp, which is the speed limit. I was so upset
but managed with the help of my daughter and
husband, to call her back to us. I got her to
run alongside of me back up the driveway and I
took her and placed her in the house. I
immediately went to Mr. Stone and explained to
him that Scully had just narrowly missed being
struck by a vehicle and described what happened.
I just wanted him to be aware that Scully could
get through the hole in the gate. My impression
was that I should not have interrupted him for
something that wasn't important when he was
talking to another client. The workshop WAS over
at the farm but we were all headed into town for
a walking excerise, part of the training.

Anyways, this led to a post in Mr. Stone's
egroup, which I have a copy of, stating that Mr.
Stone was tired of the clients who were overly
concerned about their dogs not getting the care
that they should while at the farm and, the
concern being shown for his own dogs. I in turn,
posted another note to the group, explaining
where I had come from with my comments to him re
Scully. This in turn led to Mr. Stone having his
assistant call me at home and tell me to come and
get my dog Sasha, immediately. (We had taken
Buddy home on the Saturday, for 1 week, and to go
back the next weekend and do a switch with the
dogs). I said that was not possible because at
this point it was 8:30 at night and it was a 2
1/2 hr. drive from my home to his farm. His
assistant was adamant that Mr. Stone insisted. I
said no, and I hung up. The phone rang about 5
min. later and my daughter answered it, oblivious
to what had transpired earlier. Mr. Stone was
not happy and really not coherant about what had
happened and then, he abruptly said he couldn't
deal with it right now, and hung up on her. She
came to me and asked what had happened and I
explained it to her. She went out after that to
have a coffee with a friend. At approx. 9:15,
the phone rang again and it was Mr. Stone once
again. He asked for me, announced who he was,
and then proceeded to literally scream in my ear
about how he couldn't understand dog owners. I
will not go into the entire conversation, BUT, in
that conversation, he proceeded to state to me
that: 1) if I didn't go to the farm and
immediately get Sasha, (and I had to be there at
midnight, no later and this was approx. 9:30
p:m), she would be going to the pound first thing
in the morning, 2) that it would be posted on his
egroup for all the world to see, that I had
abandoned Sasha and he was looking for a new home
for her, and 3) the worst, that he was going to
B.C. the next morning and he would be taking
Sasha with him and I would NEVER see my dog
again. (Also, it was posted in the group, that
he was going to B.C. and taking Sasha with him,
with no explanation as to why.)
At this point, I couldn't believe what I was
hearing and I got stressed and hung up. I phoned
my daughter on her cell & told her what happened.
At this point I was hysterical. My husband
called him back to say that we would be leaving
to come and get Sasha, when my daughter arrived
home and spoke to Mr. Stone herself. She
remained on neutral territory in his eyes and
allowed him to believe we were not coming that
night to get Sasha, that she believed him when he
said everything was ok with Sasha. We
immediately left and did the 2 1/2 hr. drive to
Seaforth area to pick up our dog. He refused to
give Sasha back to us. All hell broke loose, and
we were forced to call the police to assist us.
The police arrived, Mr. Stone insisted I sign a
release for Sasha, which I would have done
anyways, (and, in our contract,which we still
have, it was stated we could take our dog out of
the program at any time we wished to), and we
left with Sasha. By this time, it was something
like between 1:30 and 2:00 a:m. and the police
were concerned about the drive that was facing us
to go back home, they were very sympathetic. The
next morning I get up to see a post (which I
still have a copy of), with lies about things
that never happened!!!! and to think, this is
WWW! I was NOT amused to say the least. Then, a
couple of days later, he posted another note with
the subject title of "New Ruth Rules for the
Farm" and proceeded with changes he was planning
on implementing, because of my "so called
I have opted to post this now because of the
previous posts from a couple of people re his
program, I would like to make people aware that
"BUYER BE WARE", (this was also the police
officer's last comment that fateful night),
before they enter into anything, especially with
something as precious as our pets.

Mr. Stone made it very clear in his own egroup,
via his own posts, that he was constantly facing
clients that were out to sue him. (WHY???) Maybe,
part of it was due to the fact that someone like
myself was concerned about our dog's health as
well as behaviour. I was told to ONLY be
concerned about my dogs' aggression.

Also, we were VERBALLY guaranteed a "lifetime" of
training from Mr. Stone and free farm time if
needed after training was supposedly completed
which of course, we are not receiving. We are
NOT the only clients in this situation.

I would also like to mention that before the farm
program, Buddy nor Sasha had any aggression
towards food. After they returned home, this is
a problem we had to deal with. They became
vicious with each other at meal times. Why??
Also, they both lost a dramatic amount of weight,
and Buddy's muscle mass was gone (documented with
the vet). So needless to say, I now believe (and
it is MY belief) that deprivation methods were

I have been told that many of Mr. Stone's clients
are referrals by trainers, so therefore, this is
the biggest reason I wanted to step forward and
speak out............



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