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TPW, I like your style (sara sionnach, which looney tune, thanksin advance?!)

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Old September 26th 03, 06:58 PM
Mental Hea_lth Helper
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Default TPW, I like your style (sara sionnach, which looney tune, thanksin advance?!)

sionnach wrote:

Not so. The statement is in support of your praise of our resident
looney tune, not expressing your opinion on training.

Hello Witchcraft Practicing Sara Sionnach,

could you please be specific as to which looney tune you are talking
about? Thanks so much,

Hello Fans,

here is an update, including A NEW MVP,

RPD* Ment_ally Ill All_StaRz as of 7/4/03

Mental illness is a public issue in these newsgroups. People are always
running around calling other people mentally ill and diagnosing their
illnesses. I think it's only fair that we have an accurate list of who
is and who isn't mentally ill, so that we can avoid any
misunderstandings and promote group harmony.

Updated KUCKOO!! KUCKOOO! DING! DING! DING! list as of 9/25/2003:

list of confirmed or suspected mentally ill (crazy) Regulars
Most of whom are women or homosexuals

NESSA Successfully dethroned MaryBeth as MVP
NUTCASE (Most Valuable Psycho) of dog newsgroups
Nessa blames all the problems in her life
most on ADD ADHD Or some other empowering acronym
valuable which encapsulates her futility for her
her dog bagel has used her house liberally
as a toilet since February of 2002. Drives
a 2003 Toyota Matrix, owns a house in
suburban MD, recently got a raise/promotion
to US goverment grade 11 (circa $50,000) and
promptly decided she couldn't afford her two
dogs. With help from non crazy regular
(Paulette) and witchcraft practicing regular
Sara Sionnach, Nessa has decided to keep her
dogs for the time being. She is undergoing
training from Janet "Nice Abdominal Surgery
and getting Run Over for the Family Pet."
Her results have not been dramatic.

CrAzy ReGulAr helping CraZy ReGular
Leah helping Nessa
On Fri, 7 Jun 2002 8:40:08 -0400, Leah wrote

Nessa wrote:
"As far as the depression goes, it's not
related to Bagel at all. I have
chronic major depression and I'm just having
a flare."

Leah asks
Are you on any medication?

yes for depression, mood swings and ADHD.
I have been for over 10 years.


Nessa is Fat as well as crazy
"For what it's worth...

I picked up 30 pounds when I started
Dilantin. I picked up (just recently) another
20 on risperidol.

I hate that I was a size 8-10 before meds and
now I am solidly (pun intended) a 22-24.

Sad part is, the side effects are worth it.
The positive effects
are too much to part with."



Hi, I have a great neuropsych in Arlington Va.
He is at the Rosyln Metro Station. His name is
Martin Stein
1911 N Fort Myer Dr.
Suite 907
Arlington Va 22209

Marty is wonderful. He is really the best.
He has also given me permission to post his
infomation on this Newsgroup. If you call
him and see him by all means tell him Nessa
sent you.



from: Nessa )


I often have to rotate my stimulants.
You can become used to them and sometimes
need a different one for a while. Until I
got on my Desoxyn I rotated Ritilan and
Dexedrine every 3 months or so.

It is true that anti-depressants or
anti-anxiety pills will help with the
stimulants so your DR is not wrong. However,
perhaps she needs to check into the idea that
a switch from cylert to something else might
be in order.

warm thoughts,

FMVP (former most valuable psycho)

Has contributed greatly to the annual profit
(super psycho results at several large pharmaceutical corps
bitch lunatic has taken virtually every mentally ill (crazy)
queen of the drug treatment in the book, and then some:
mentally prozac, zoloft, amitryptiline, Buspar, Xanax,
****ed effexor, paxil, HRT, wellbutrin, tranquilizers,
in the clomid,

has suffered from or been:
suicidal, agoraphobic, tidal waves of PMS,
mood swings, turned into a hermit, bloated,
just real angry, hubby afraid of her, high
blood pressure, divorced, "raving bitch"
"zoloft zombie" for four years, "living
through layers and layers of gauze," chain
smoker, buzzing, weight gain, fatigue,
terrible dry mouth, dull headaches, fuzzy
brain, lack of concentration..etc.
severe depression, severe insomnia, Panic
ALL the time, crying, not sleeping, you name

MaryBeth (on being seriously f'd in the head
aka mentally ill) aka cuckoo! kuckoo! ding! ding! ding!
aka a superpsychotic bitch from hell

"I know for a fact I went thru years of
being overly sensitive, being a b*tch,
being self centered, being self pitying,
you name it, I was a wreck and I ran over
everyone in my path."

"G I do know the power of meds, especially
on a long term basis, and it's not pretty.
You become another person, if it's not the
correct med for you.

--All the best,

"Yup Diane, I am taking Zoloft, and my
Rheumatologist told me that taking
Ultram with it can cause seizures."

"I have all the symptoms.I am suicidal at
times (cyclical) have severe insomnia,
'crawly' skin etc. I have an appt to see
my doc next Friday to test for menopause."


"I noticed that antidepressants cut libido
into the dead zone and I had no real emotions,
like not laughing at funny stuff, couldn't cry
either.....except about my suicidal thoughts
(but at the time I thought there was no other
way out)."


"Hi, new to group, just starting Clomid today.
I talked with RE and pharmacist zoloft (50
mg daily) and ineraction with Clomid. They
reported none. Not sure about the prozac tho.
Gonna poat a new message to intorduce
myself "

--MaryBeth still feeling
like herself G

"I wasted about 10 years of my life, and lost
many many treasured ppl and things. Please
don't do the same. (((((((SCOUT))))))))))


"Slowly but surely my depression got worse and
worse. They put me on meds for it, and all
along kept telling me to wait on the TKR, as
'it really wasn't that bad.....yet". HA!"
The depression got so bad, and lots of other
things happened and my ex and I would up
divorced four years after our move. It was
horrible. The hardest thing I have eve gone


Theresa (paxil, depression, robot displacement)
Willis Theresa is a gang banger who comes out
of cutesy robot mode when it's time to
gang attack people with her pal shelly

couvrette OCD, depression, drugs to be named later
(familial mental illness, possibly related
to family bed) obsessively starves her
dogs according to friends, family,
strangers and 3 different vets, but
not herself (see below)

kosmakos (Lithium, Zoloft, bipolar, manic,
depression) will "put down a biter
as fast as anyone" yet claims to
be a saintly dog rescuer. Murders
dogs because of insurance rates

Leah Effexor for chronic depression, in denial
about being mentally ill. Has taken
several other mentally ill medications
before settling on effexor for her
chronic mental problems. Leah is
improving as a dog trainer and wants
to open her own training/boarding
kennel soon. This drives her fellow
mentally ill regulars nuts, especially
if she succeeds while they continue to
sit on their fat behinds

Tara Green was on antidepressants for a few years
prior to her marriage. During her
marriage, she learned a lot:
"With the therapist I saw during my
marriage I learned that some
situational depressions are masked as
chemical simply because of our too human
ability to prolong the impact of the
causal situations indefinitely"

Sounds like more denial, see leah

Tara is also a drunk who has also had
problems with other substances
TARA on being a drunk/substance abuser:

"Tara (who had some problems with quite a
few substances as well, but who thinks they
are separate issues.....so which camp does
that put me in???)"

"Believe it or not, some people don't have
a problem with drugs even though they are
alcoholics. I'm not one of those people,
but they do exist."

aka, tara has problems with both

Kevin various mental illness drugs, started with
Michael zoloft, didn't like that, then went to
Vail antidepressant, stopped after sufficent
side effects, now on SSRI and in therapy

Furpaw (SSRI, cognitive therapy)

Chris Jung (Prozac and Welbutrin, cognitive therapy)

Charlie drugged out, crazy, ****ed up all his
Wilkes life, Christ the **** he's been through
including psych wards and electroshock
treatments but now pulling down major cash
as a business consultant. Triumphing over
adversity, with a damn good life and a
well trained dog (very much unlike Leah)
One of our most lucid regulars, despite
(or maybe because of?) a penchant for dope

DuChateaux suffered from clinical depression for years
aka Karibear until some drug or something brought her out
of it. Some of her best friends "are
certifiable" and have various degrees of
psychoses. Familial mental disability.
Refuses to say whether or not she is
currently using drug or cognitive therapy
for mental illness.

"DumbOxDumb" threatened non violent dog expert Jerry Howe
Dufort with Mike's fully armed US Army Platoon.
Threatened to bring his platoon to Jerry's
HOWSE. also OCD (obsessed with Jerry's posts)

Jim "Brain
Shivers" Jim is currently on Effexor which he takes
Sabatke because of his depression/mental problems.
Like many of our mental cases, Jim has had
trouble finding the right med(s) to keep him
from going kuckoo!! kuckoooo!!! or getting
the "brain shivers"

From: Jim Sabatke )
Subject: anyone using Effexor?
Date: 2002-11-29 20:25:16 PST

"I'm on 375 mg/day and it has worked
wonders for me. The only down side is
that my blood pressure has elevated
somewhat; oh and if I miss a dose by a
couple of hours the "brain shivers" can
be really bad.

Good luck!


"I switched from Paxil to Effexor about
5 months ago. I tapered off of the Paxil
and tapered onto the Effexor at the same


"After several years on Effexor IR, my
pdoc tried switching me to XR. I
experienced fairly severe Effexor
withdrawel until I went back to the IR."


(please proudly add your name and the drugs/disorders specific to you,
if you are also mentally ill). If we all come forward, we can help
each other with our problems. Remember, mental illness is nothing to
be ashamed of. It's not your fault if you have a defective brain which
may cause you to act like an extreme hypocrite and/or idiot and/or
robot without your being aware of it).

Also, please notify us if you are *not* mentally ill, and have been
added to this by mistake, so we can make our corrections and remove
you from the crazy person list.


mental health weekly



================================================== ======

"when i got harriet she was emaciated, so i asked my vet for advice on
slowly adding weight to her. six months later i took harriet in for her
spring check-up and my vet was surprised that at how thin she still was."
--shelly couv.rette

"raises hand i've been told by three different vets that
harriet (53lbs) is *way* too skinny. we're still
vet-shopping, BTW."

--shelly couv.rette

"if you really can't resist
it when your dog pulls the "i'm starving!" routine G, you can give
him some frozen green beans or a small amount of plain pureed pumpkin.
i would also suggest putting the food out of his sight. i keep my
food--still inside the bags, which are tightly rolled down--inside
trash cans in the closed laundry room. that keeps it fresh and keeps
it out of my dogs' sight."

--shelly couv.rette

"heh. i get the opposite response. people think that poor little
harriet is positively starved to death. i've actually had people stop
me in the pet supply shop and tell me that i need to fatten her up!"

--shelly couv.rette

"i think that may be part of the problem. who wants to go to a
vet who tells you you're hurting your .widdle precious? i
think the other part is that some vets really don't *realize*
that what they consider proper weight is fat. after having
been told by a couple of vets that my dogs are too thin, i've
got a dim view of vets on that topic."

--shelly couv.rette

"my mom is kinda that way, but not *as* bad. she thinks that harriet is
awfully skinny, so feeding her table snax is okay. she tells me that
just a bite won't hurt."

--shelly couv.rette


shelly's fat face
================================================== =====

There are a lot of big fat women on these groups who starve their dogs
out of vanity, but shelly is a special case.

shelly is moor.e than a little bit beyond the pale

Shelly has OCD, and maybe she's just a little obsessive about measuring
out extra tiny and discrete portions with a tiny measuring cup, or
counting out pieces of green bean or pumpkin that she gives her dogs
when they give her the "I'm Starving" routine. When grandma tried to
give Hattie a snack, shelly probably went apeshit, because it was in
violation of her Obsessive need to oversee every tiny calorie that goes
into her widdle precious' mouth.

shelly's a special case, a special kind of dog

your mental heelth heelper


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