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Repost: BEWARE

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Old March 4th 07, 08:00 AM posted to rec.pets.dogs.behavior,rec.pets.dogs.health,alt.animals.dog,rec.pets.dogs.breeds,rec.pets.dogs.rescue
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Default Repost: BEWARE

sionnach wrote:

"nichy" wrote in message

Hi all,
I am new to this group and have read a few posts, but am wondering what

situation with Jerry Howe is. Is there anyone who can shed light on this
questionable character?

Sure. The following is something I wrote up a while back, and post
periodically when somebody asks, or I feel there's a need for it:
FAQ/History of Jerry Howe: A guide for the perplexed. :
(apologies to M.M.!)

Here is the condensed version of Jerry Howe's history in RPDB, in
order to
give newbies the background to the whole picture. You don't have to
my/our word for any of this- it is ALL a matter of public record, and
easily be verified via Deja News or a similar search engine.

Anyone else is free to use it and to add to it, with the following

Please do NOT change any of my original wording; please make sure
additions are clearly attributed to the correct author.
PLEASE refrain from using foul language or insults. This descends to
Jerry's level, and I feel this would be counter to the purpose of
document. If you want to say that kind of stuff, please do it
elsewhere than
in the History. Please try to be matter-of-fact in your additions.

For those who choose to add to the Personal Histories section, I
suggest adding links to web pages with *personal* pictures of your
dogs and
yourself. A picture speaks a thousand words. G

Section one: History of Jerry Howe in RPDB.

Jerry came in here about two years ago, trying to sell something
called the "Doggy Do Right". This is an electronic device which he
can solve ANY problem ANYONE has with ANY dog, just by plugging it in
having it emit 'sound waves" in the dogs vicinity. Anyone who knows
*anything* about dogs can easily see that this is just plain silly.
Jerry targeted "newbies" in a blatant attempt to make money from
problems with their dogs.

Every time somebody new came in and posted a question about a problem
with a
dog- something like "help, my dog is chewing things"- Jerry would
with an AD for his device. JUST THE AD- NOTHING ELSE. (It's recently
discovered, BTW, that he probably got this device from a web page
claims to let people "get rich quick on the Internet".)

Now, ADVERTISING (even for *legitimate product) happens to be against
rules of this NG. RPDB isn't for selling things, it's for
*discussion*. So
people told Jerry to knock it off, and complained to his ISP.

Jerry then came up with a new tactic, in an attempt to cover up
what he
was doing: he wrote his "manual", and every time somebody came in
asking for
help with a problem, he told them (without giving ANY actual advice)
to go
read his manual. Problem was, the link he gave led DIRECTLY to a page
advertised the "Doggy-do-right" scam, NOT to his "manual". N.B.- he is
doing this.

Again, people told him to knock it off, and pointed out that he was
breaking the rules, since this group is for *discussion*, not for
self-promotion or advertising.

So he shifted tactics again: he started giving a couple of
sentences of
advice (some of which was decent, and some of which was really off-the-
BEFORE telling people go read his "manual"- which still led them to
page where he tried (and is still trying) to sell his "black box".
Naturally, the regulars in here were disgusted by this- knowing him to
be a
scam artist- and tried to tell the people he was "advising" that he
was just
trying to
scam them.

At this point, Jerry began a pattern which has gradually escalated,
continues to this day: he started jumping into discussions with
attacks on people who had questioned him in other threads. His usual
is make up lies about them, accuse them of dog abuse, and call all
sorts of
silly and nasty names. Nearly everyone who has asked him any
questions at
all on the subjects of the Doggy-do-right, his false claims about
others in
the group,
or some of the wildly contradictory claims he's made over the last
couple of
years, is targeted with accusations of abusing their dogs, advising
people to abuse dogs, and supporting dog abusers.
He has also, on more than one occasion, suggested that people who
with him should commit suicide, and given detailed instructions for
them to
do so.

Since we're all here because we love dogs, none of us abuses
dogs, and many of us know what *real* abuse is and/or work in rescue,
has not exactly endeared him to any of us- especially those of us who
been here from the beginning and watched him deliberately *develop*
persona as "crusader against abuse" as a tactic to discredit his

It's worth pointing out that he is *on record* making some
peculiar statements that do not AT ALL agree with his "Crusader"
persona: He
has claimed that he trains "protection" dogs by making them so "angry"
their temperatures go up to 106 degrees and they get bloody diarrhea.
He is
on record as claiming that he can teach BABY PUPPIES to be full-
"protection dogs" by age SIX MONTHS. He is on record as saying that
DOESN'T LIKE DOGS, and that dogs "are just animals put here for
humans to use as we see fit".
Despite the fact that he accuses anyone who uses an e-collar of
sadistic, and claims that e-collars "burn" dogs, he is ON RECORD
saying that
he owns e-collars, that he has used them, and that they are useful to
poison-proof dogs. He is on record as saying that dogs are sneaky, and
they are always looking for ways to disobey.

He's also on record with some statements that point to a lack of
experience with dogs- here are some of the most egregious ones:
1. Jerry is on record as claiming to have been involved with
"thousands" of
breedings; this is an unlikely claim, but if true suggests that any
operation he's been involved with was shady at best- responsible
breed no more than a couple of litters a year.
2. He's on record with repeated statements to the effect that breed
differences don't matter in training dogs. ANYONE with common sense
that you don't handle, say, a Pit Bull or a Chessie in the same way
would handle a Whippet or a Border Collie.
3. He's on record as thinking that a "bumper" is something that
trainers hit a dog with! :-D It's a TOY.

Last but not least, Jerry has several times made claims that
trains dogs for and consults with police departments; some of the
posters on
here are involved with SAR, and have checked with their contacts in
enforcement. They have not been able to find ANYBODY in law
enforcement who
has heard of Jerry.

Again, it's important to point out that all of these things are a
matter of public record, and can be verified via Deja News. (Note:
anyone wishes to add direct quotes from Jerry, please do so at the END
this document.)

Jerry's REAL agenda, at this point (aside from the fact that he's
trying to market the "Doggy Do Right") appears to be to draw
attention to
himself, and to
try and discredit everyone and anyone who ever questions him at all
- despite the fact that on the rare occasions that he gives sensible
people leave him alone. (Pay attention, and you'll see that this is
Watch how he tries to turn all sorts of discussions around so that
they are
about HIM, not about the
original subject.
If you're a careful reader, you'll probably start to notice that
sometimes contradicts himself, and makes claims that can't possibly be
Watch the way he jumps into threads and says NOTHING except to attack
who aren't even talking to him...
Even more important is the fact that if you READ the non-Jerry-
posts made by the people he attacks, you will NOT find most of us
doing or
saying the things he tries to claim we do. Be aware that *discussing*
particular training technique is NOT the same as *recommending* it to
who are asking for advice. In other words, please make up your OWN
don't let Jerry make it up for you.

Section two: Food for thought.

1. If you pay attention to what people REALLY say in here (as
opposed to
what Jerry *claims* we say), you'll notice that nearly all of us
talk about our *own* dogs- of course, everyone thinks his or her own
dog is
the best. (Everyone except me is wrong, of course. :-D ) Most of us
have web
pages up with pictures of our dogs- everybody likes to show off their
and joy, naturally! This allows others to know that we are, indeed,
people with real dogs in the real world.
We also discuss dogs we know, other dog owners we see, encounters
had, and so forth. We talk about our own experiences *with* dogs...
Our love
for and pride in our own dogs, and our care for dogs and other animals
general, is made clear via our writing. Some of us may disagree
violently on
*issues*, but at the same time have respect for the antagonist and his
her love for dogs. After a while, one gets to "know" people AND their
by the posts in here, and has a sense of those people as REAL people
in the
REAL world with REAL dogs.

In addition, many of us have actually met in REAL LIFE, and/or know
each other from REAL LIFE sources completely separate from the posts

For example, I (Sionnach/Sarah) live in the same city as Janet Boss
(J1Boss), adopted my dogs from the SPCA that she's on the board of,
and have
met a lot of her students and seen how she's taught them to handle
dogs. We also have mutual friends in the local dog-sports arena- I do
and USDAA agility and she does Flyball. And I know the reputations of
other regular posters, Diane Blackman and Ann Green, via REAL LIFE-
both do NADAC agility, and we have mutual friends.

Others in here know each other, or of each other, via such venues as
obedience, SAR groups, craft groups, rescue organizations, and
meetings and friendships.

NOBODY has ever been able to verify any of Jerry's claims, and he
to provide any evidence to help us believe that anything he says has
basis in reality. He has been invited to meet various people in here,
has refused every time. He has also refused- indeed, he's threatened
shoot anyone who tries!- to allow anyone to visit his alleged
Pay attention to Jerry's posts, and make up your own mind as to
whether you
think he even has dogs... and to whether he actually deals with them
on a
day-to-day basis the way most of the rest of us do. If you watch,
you'll see
that he posts *constantly*, at all hours of the day and night-
that those of us who are busy with our dogs simply don't have time to

2. Something else you may notice if you read the group carefully
over a
period of time: there has been a PATTERN of alleged "newbies" coming
here, making a post or two in support of Jerry, and then vanishing
ever contributing to real
For example, at one point, there was a series of ludicrous posts
purporting to be from a 12-yr.-old girl named "Susan"; they were
made by an adult pretending to be a kid, and stopped abruptly after I
pointed out to "Susan" that because I have 12 nieces, nephews, and
between the ages of 1 and 19 I know what REAL kids sound like- and
most certainly did NOT.
More recently, there was a series of posts pretending to be from a
named "Otto", and an Italian named "Luigi"; it rapidly became obvious
they were fake- the headers were traced back to Jerry's ISP, and the
sections that were in foreign language had obviously been written in
and then run through translation software.

Many of us suspect Jerry of manufacturing some, if not all, of
posts- IIRC, some of these have actually been traced back to one of
accounts. (He's posted from at LEAST four e-mail addresses in the
couple of
years he's been in here.) As with everything else, you are free to
make up
your own mind about this.


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