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For what its worth... Jerry - change ya tactics, man!

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Old July 22nd 03, 03:40 AM
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Default For what its worth... Jerry - change ya tactics, man!

Lynn K. wrote:
"LytaA" wrote in message ...

Didnt I say, change ya tactics, huh??

You seem to believe that JH's goal is to spread the simple message
"Don't hurt dogs", and that he encounters resistance because of flawed

Do you really think there is anyone who would argue with the Don't
hurt dogs message? Take a look at the response posters get when they
write about something they are doing with their dogs that is
detrimental. They get lots of polite, but straightforward responses
explaining why what they are doing is wrong, and suggesting what they
should do instead. And meaningless diatribes from JH.

I'm afraid that those of us who have seen JH's behavior since he 1st
appeared here believe his goals are very different. Just as people
actually actively involved with dog training or activities know him to
be a fraud. Buy his device, follow his manual with your personal dog,
defend his right to free speech. But be sure you have sufficient
information to assess the situation before proclaiming his goals and
methods worthy.

Lynn K.

you're a dog murderer


On her role in killing dogs in the SF Bay area, a role she claims she
doesn't play anymoore.

"I'll put down a biter as fast as anyone - provided I have seen the
behavior and know that the dog is in fact a biter."
--Lynn K.


"I've been in dogs for over 40 years and worked with
many rescue organizations and with shelters in 3 states. I've
been in the position of evaluating court-seized dogs in bite
--Lynn K.


No. I evaluated Hera. It wasn't all poor upbringing and management.

Lynn K.


Exactly. A couple of years ago I evaluated a BC bitch in rescue who had
gotten in 20-25 bites on her foster family the 1st day in their home.
The problem was that there were a whole slew of people lined up who
wanted her because she was a dynamite herding dog, titled before she was
2, flashy, etc.. Most of these people were single women

[editor's note, like Melanie Lee Chang, who would
have had ZERO problems with this dog, even though
she's 1/10th the trainer Michael is]

into competitive herding who had no children or plans to have any.

Testing the dog revealed that she had a safety zone of about 3 ft and
would use her mouth to drive out anyone who came within that space
(other than whoever was holding her leash). She also would not tolerate
any entrance to her airspace. The deciding factor was that eye contact
was also a trigger and the severity of the bite increased with eye's
moved lowerer to her level. IOW, the shorter the person, the harder the
bite, and kids were shortest of all."

[This is HOWE lynn KillMooreDogs seals a
a dog's fate and this is HOWE SHE KILLS
DOGS. She kills them with WORDS, not with
poison. She lets sucker animal lovers or
sucker volunteers do the dirty work of
poisoning them and dumping their bodies,
after she condemns them to death with
her "evaluation"] --editor's note

We decided that even if we could feel perfectly safe with a person and
situation we placed her into, she still had to live in a world where
there were children and we couldn't, in good conscience, put a known
risk like her into that world. People's lives and situation change and
any adopter might have future contact with children that they don't have
at present.

She was put down.

[because of Lynn K.s Passionate concerns about
LIABILITY INSURANCE, the ONLY thing she cares
about, besides her REPUTATION as an "animal
lover" BWHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAA!!!] --editor's note

Lynn K.

"I had a somewhat similar situation 2 weeks ago. I got a call from the
city pound informing me that a dog that had once been in our Humane
Society program had been picked up and was scheduled to die the next
day. After much research, I found out that the dog was never really one
of ours, but that a foster home we had briefly used, then fired, took a
litter, let most die needlessly, and this was the sole survivor. I got
the dog extended 24 hours, sent 6 interested parties to the pound to see
the dog, and ran to the pound to let them know the owner's contact info.
It turns out that they knew well who the owner was - over 20
complaints against her and the dog had been picked up twice that month.
She went to Mexico for a long vacation and left the dog in the back
yard, trusting neighbors to throw food over the fence. To make it
worse, I evaluated the dog as unsafe, and then the dog went for a kennel
worker and was declared unsafe by the pound, and only available to us.
The pound would not let the owner reclaim the dog, even if she were
available to do so. So that left me with -
- a dog with unclear legal ownership
- an unsuitable owner who wanted the dog, but couldn't have the dog
- an unadoptable dog for the general public
- a dog that couldn't go to anyone who would be able to help him
- and no foster homes or resources to take him into our rescue program.

The dog died. And I had to tell that irresponsible owner on her return
why her dog had to die."

Lynn K.

[it's always a tragedy and the dog
just up and dies. But Lynn KILL
won't mention her part in the
killing. She condemned that innocent
dog to death simply because it got lost.
But Lynn Kill will ignore that.
Lynn K always blames
someone else when she is involved in
killing a perfectly good dog.

The organizations Lynn K is
and somebody has to make up stupid
reasons to kill perfectly good dogs
Because the STATE is paying those
"shelters" to ELIMINATE dogs & puppies
Lynn K. plays a role in that capacity,
despite her lies and denials. The STATE
needs those dogs dead, and Lynn Kill
helps them achieve their objective, like
she did in her part in the confiscation
and murder of the lost dog in the case
above. The dog HAD TO DIE, because Lynn
KILL said so.]
--editor's note


Shows you what you know. It was SF, not LA, and I evaluated Hera.
She was fear aggressive. Period. No training of any kind on that
dog, much to the DA's chagrin because he wanted to be able to charge
them with Murder 2.

Lynn K.

[Hera was one of the dogs involved in the San Francisco Diane Whipple
dog fatality. Lynn K. frequently brags that she was involved in
evaluating that dog. That dog, of course, was killed]
--editor's note


There's several threads going on now in .behavior about dominance problems.

In one of them (HELP! Life or Death...) I gave the 21 management rules I
use for a dominant dog. For real hardcases, the other option is to
escalate to a full NILIF regime. Frankly, any dog that doesn't respond
to either of those options is a rogue, unsafe, and should be destroyed.

Lynn K.

[Lynn K. does not pull any punches
when it comes to killing dogs or
recommending that they be killed for
not getting with the program, or for
jumping up and playing with volunteers
at one of her "shelters"

ARRRRRRRGH!!!] --editor's note



================================================== ======

"when i got harriet she was emaciated, so i asked my vet for advice on
slowly adding weight to her. six months later i took harriet in for her
spring check-up and my vet was surprised that at how thin she still was."
--shelly couv.rette

"raises hand i've been told by three different vets that
harriet (53lbs) is *way* too skinny. we're still
vet-shopping, BTW."

--shelly couv.rette

"if you really can't resist
it when your dog pulls the "i'm starving!" routine G, you can give
him some frozen green beans or a small amount of plain pureed pumpkin.
i would also suggest putting the food out of his sight. i keep my
food--still inside the bags, which are tightly rolled down--inside
trash cans in the closed laundry room. that keeps it fresh and keeps
it out of my dogs' sight."

--shelly couv.rette

"heh. i get the opposite response. people think that poor little
harriet is positively starved to death. i've actually had people stop
me in the pet supply shop and tell me that i need to fatten her up!"

--shelly couv.rette

"i think that may be part of the problem. who wants to go to a
vet who tells you you're hurting your .widdle precious? i
think the other part is that some vets really don't *realize*
that what they consider proper weight is fat. after having
been told by a couple of vets that my dogs are too thin, i've
got a dim view of vets on that topic."

--shelly couv.rette

"my mom is kinda that way, but not *as* bad. she thinks that harriet is
awfully skinny, so feeding her table snax is okay. she tells me that
just a bite won't hurt."

--shelly couv.rette


shelly's fat face
================================================== =====

There are a lot of big fat women on these groups who starve their dogs
out of vanity, but shelly is a special case.

shelly is moor.e than a little bit beyond the pale

Shelly has OCD, and maybe she's just a little obsessive about measuring
out extra tiny and discrete portions with a tiny measuring cup, or
counting out pieces of green bean or pumpkin that she gives her dogs
when they give her the "I'm Starving" routine. When grandma tried to
give Hattie a snack, shelly probably went apeshit, because it was in
violation of her Obsessive need to oversee every tiny calorie that goes
into her widdle precious' mouth.

shelly's a special case, a special kind of dog abuser.


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