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Pictures of my dogs

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Old May 10th 07, 04:26 PM posted to rec.pets.dogs.health
Lilah Morgan
external usenet poster
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Default Pictures of my dogs

Shadowbear(she's the alpha female, our now former neighbors found her just
before Christmas 2003 abandoned by the railroad tracks when she was just a
pup, was gonna leave her in the kennel with their dogs over the weekend
since it was Saturday and the shelter's closed on weekends, and the kid
wanted help putting her in so their two dogs wouldn't get out, but they
HATED the pup and acted like they'd tear her apart so I picked her back up,
and was gonna keep her just for the weekend...it's been a pretty long
weekend haha): http://www.roachsrealm.com/locus/Shadowbear02.jpg can't
quite see it in the pic, but she's got black 'freckles' in the white around
her nose. She's also the best behaved of the bunch, and the
gentlest/calmest. Origin of her name is that after I picked her up to 'save'
her from the neighbors' dogs, she clung to me and once I got her home, she
became my 'shadow', and the 'bear' part, her paws now are the same size as
when she was a baby pup, so we thought she was gonna be HUGE. Luckily she's
just the right size for a 'big'(for us at least) dog. I can pick her up if I
have to, I just really try to avoid it.

Dosie(our middle dog, was pup of one of above mentioned neighbor's dogs, got
her last May): http://www.roachsrealm.com/locus/Dosie01.jpg since you can't
see her face(it was her first winter and she found snow quite interesting),
here's a headshot of her laying on my bed:
http://www.roachsrealm.com/locus/Dosie06.jpg Mom named her Dosie since she
was the 2nd of the litter born(and a breach baby to boot), so the Dos is for
two(Spanish was mom's language in high school), and ie to acknowledge she's

Mishka(pup of dog of guy who lived across the street from the cafe I used to
work. Mishka was the runt of the litter. She and Dosie were born like in the
same week interestingly enough if I remember right. Her nicknames are Pudgy
Butt or Piglet because she can just never get enough food...that's how I've
gotten her inside when she snuck out. I'd make a trail of bits of lunchmeat
or hot dogs from the door into the house far enough to where I could get
behind her and close the door. And she knows it's a 'trap', but she wants
the food. She's actually started whining because she knows she'll be caught
if she comes in, but she is a Piglet, and it was tough for her to choose
what to do. Her stomach always wins out haha):
http://www.roachsrealm.com/locus/Mishka03.jpg and since it's hard to make
out her face in this pic because she's so far away and all black so it's
more blob-ish, here's a closeup of her on my bed too:
http://www.roachsrealm.com/locus/Mishka09.jpg Since mom got to name Dosie,
I named Mishka. I felt that since Dosie was a Spanish doggie, I wanted
something more Eastern European, and Mishka was a name I used for a
character in a story I was writing with a few friends(name got changed in
the story to something more Celtic, but I liked it).

And this is why I jokingly refer to our dogs sometimes as Small, Medium, and
Large. I just wish they'd understand that it's MY bed, and I merely allow
them to be on it. It's a privilege, not a right. I don't like waking up to
find my bed taken over and I have like 2 feet of space left for me. On the
bright side, when I was watering my plants, I was using a little spray
bottle(not like a cleaning product spray bottle, more like a perfume type)
for the peat pots, and it was kinda warm, and I'd thought I'd play with the
dogs and spray them to cool 'em down a bit, and I was surprised to find out
they HATED getting sprayed. They were afraid of it for some reason, even
though I've never had anything but water in it(and never will...well ok once
the lilacs bloom I will have lilac water in it, so I'll get another one to
use for them). So I found a good 'behavior modification' tool that doesn't
hurt them at all. They start acting up(as in barking viciously every time
they see the neighbors' dogs in their own yard), or rough-housing too much,
or looking in the litterbox for treats or eating my cat's food, I show them
the spray bottle and they cease and desist immediately. It really came in
handy with Mishka, because anytime I took her out, and the neighbor's dogs
were out in their yard, her hackles would get raised from head to tail and
she'd start barking/growling really viciously and tear up the ground and
everything, so I took the spray bottle with me and she got sprayed when she
did that the last time, and since then she's been calmer when she sees the
dogs out.

Old May 10th 07, 06:38 PM posted to rec.pets.dogs.health
Lilah Morgan
external usenet poster
Posts: 18
Default Pictures of my dogs

"Rocky" wrote in message
news:[email protected]

You used a lot of words to describe a punisher which works for
you. I'm happy that you've a corrective measure which works
well for you and yours. My dogs, on the other hand, love being
sprayed with water, so it wouldn't work here.

Yeah I didn't think they'd mind the water, since our first dog that we got
after we moved here(she was later stolen) loved to play with water. When we
had the hose out to water, her favorite game was to 'attack' the water
coming out. She'd bite at it and such. She'd get upset if we actually
watered the yard instead of playing with her.


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