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Bend Oregon Cancels Pet Parade

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Old July 2nd 07, 03:19 PM posted to rec.pets.dogs.misc
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Default Bend Oregon Cancels Pet Parade

How I learned to Love the Dog, or Bend's Keystone Cop's Find a Way to
Meet the Quota

I don't have a dog, but I laughed my arse off tonight on my nightly
bike-ride. I usually go up Phils-Trail in the evening, but tonight I
did the river from downtown up towards the siphon upriver.

I usually stop at McKay Park on this section of the run to rest, enjoy
the grass, and watch the Portage's as this is where you have to go
around the little fall's at Colorado. They still have the old bridge
for bicycles.

What struck me tonight is there was a cop hiding in the bushes by the
sandy beach. This caused me to completely detour my ride, and watch
with fascination what the cop was doing. This was no ordinary bends
finest, this was the mother goose in florescent yellow.

Now before I get into extreme detail, let me say this everyone is
always speeding in this town, and never stop for signs, yet I never
see cops anywhere. Yet almost every friday eve they're in the bushes
at Les-Schwab Amphitheature or McKay Park. You would think that on
friday from 4pm to 6pm that there was police work some where in this
town, but I think I have single handedly discovered the source of the
entire BendCityPolice Budget.

So here I'm at McKay, there's the RV that's been parked there all
week, where a bunch of homeless guys sleep, but by day they have taken
over ALL the bushes below the falls on the McKay side, naw the cops
weren't after them. Then there's is the constant line of boaters
portaging the river, they're supposed to have life-preservers if
they're under eighteen, I see them flow by and the cops don't make
their move, ...

There is kids walking by with six-packs of PBR, clearly not of age,
carrying their rafts, again the mounty's don't make their move. I
might mention the actual rule is NO alcohol, but in this world of law-
enforcement, selection is essential. You don't want to ticket a
bikini, someone may think your an asshole.

Then it happens, the picture is clear here from the street comes a
parent, child, and puppy. As soon as the they get near the river the
leash comes off, and the stick goes in the water, and so does puppy.
Then its flashing red-lights, and officer not-so-friendly T.Brown so
they say jumps out. "YOUR LICENSE PLEASE", "GO SIT AT THE BENCH", then
another, I think I'm watching a great fisheeman, Soon the whole picnic
bench is full of folks with dogs, kids and folks screaming, and the
cop turning red in the face. The basic technique seemed to have been
ask for their drivers license and send them to the bench, and once it
was full, to write tickets, and then repeat, ... back to the bushes...

I watch in amazement. After a little while I wander over on me bike,
and wondering what's up, there is a young couple screaming at the cop,
he's calling for back-up.

I inquire amongst the crowd what happened they tell me "DOG AT LARGE",
now I know that Bend is the land of law enforcement, hell this is why
we have NO illegals here, because in Bend NOBODY breaks the law. Bend
is the town that the only place I have ever seen a cop is the donut
shop. In fact I generally never see cops in Bend, with the exception
of bikini-river-drive during the summer.

Now, out in the country "DOG AT LARGE" means rabies, and its time to
bring out the guns. Every night that I go by McKay there are family's
playing with FIDO at the park near the water. What pray tell happened

Once this cop had rounded up what appeared to be a dozen folks at the
picnic bench, he started writing 'tickets', so I asked to see one from
the folks so lucky, it said "5.252 DOG AT LARGE", BASE FINE $327", Now
I thought to myself, there's not much more you can do on the road to
get a $327 fine. The guy yesterday that caused I-5 in Portland to
close for six hours, because he failed to use six tie-downs and used
four, got a whopping $150 fine.

So here you have Bend Oregon, its a friday night, folks work all week
long, they take the kids and wife down to the park, and play in the
water, like they pretty do every eve, but NOT tonight Officer T.BROWN
friendly is writing tickets.

I only watched this for little less than an hour, but I saw him write
six tickets, that's almost $2,000 in revenue for the city. In my
humble opinion that's $2,000/hr a cop in Bend can generate for the
city all day long, all the while bikini watching, ONLY IN BEND.

The cop didn't look like a cop, he looked like a clown in a yellow
rain suit. I guess this is why all the kids portaging didn't stash
their beer.

It's clear that the cop was only there for BIG GAME, .e.g. PUPPY-DOG.
I guess having McKAY park being a homeless camp is too dangerous for
big-game cops, besides these guys in the bushes all have Pit-Bulls,
and you can write tickets all day long, and never make the city a
buck, as there folks don't have a nickel to their name.

This cop never once went into the bush where the homeless day-camp is
and pulled out the off-leash pets down their, he just stayed near the
sandy beach and waited for the typical afternoon crowd to arrive,
where kids and pets cool-off everyday all summer, and its been this
way for years. I noted that most of the folks he tickets were average
looking middle class folk, not the kind of riff-raff you would expect
a brave cop to alienate. Most cops are terrified of the homeless as
they have nothing to lose, and are typically vietnam vets, who they
themselves were professional killers. In this biz we call it
'professional courtesy', thus you'll not see bend's finest mess with
homeless or meth-folk, only young couples with pet's & kid's.

When I got home I got on the Internet to figure what in the hell "DOG
AT LARGE" meant, and what BCC 5.252 is-was, what I found is that to my
surprise anyone in the CityOfBend that doesn't have a dog on a leash
is subject to this law. The only exception is dog in a vehicle, within
city limits, technically its not even clear to my reading the statue
for Bend that you backyard is ok.

Why in the hell are cop's not on the road from 4-6 on friday? My guess
is they're down there the same reason as me, its called bikini

I ride this ride a lot this time of year, and like I have mentioned,
its been this way every friday from 4-6pm at either McKay or LesSchwab
Amphitheature. Cops hiding looking for people that are throwing balls.
They never go after the street people, e.g. homeless. It always the
middle class folk. Most county's in Oregon post a priority list of
what is considered BIG-GAME, but Bend has always been secret-secret.

My guess is that Mrs. Breeze has come down on city hall and said we
want dat dar River-Corridor to be Condo friendly. There can be no
regular k-mart working people and their spawn seen where there are
condo's for sale. Of course the good cops of Bend are just following
orders. Another item is that you want to sell River-Condos, you want
two more things bikinis and booze, and then the ol pederasts that buy
condos along the river can be sure of having entertainment all summer
long. Mrs Breeze includes binoculars with every river-condo.

This T.Brown is-was a real asshole, it looked frightened, and many
times called for back-up, but none ever came, a few times the local
doggy prison truck drove by, so its clear that the PoundTruck is
working with the cops, most likely they cruise and tell the cop where
to go, I'm not sure right now that PoundTruck driving folk can write
tickets, I know the city is talking about making it so that the folks
that pick up trash can write tickets.

All the above was on my first pass of McKay, once I got past columbia
across from the upper dirt lot where folks put in their boats, there's
beer every where up there, I was some young girls that weren't 18, and
they had a full bar laid out on the ground by their car while they
were inflating their rafts. I never see cops up there, this is where
they're supposed to make sure that kids aren't drinking on the river,
this is where they're supposed to make sure that kids have life-
preservers. This is where they put in.

It's a pretty twisted town that officer T.BROWN arsehole has to write
$327 tickets to young familys, and there kids walking right by with
beer in their hand that he doesn't see.

Makes me think that the cops in Bend are totally out of control, or
someone has said "go where the money is", perhaps writing tickets to
kids who drink on the river is to close to home, after all, we're all
there for the bikini, word gets out that you'll get a ticket for
drinking and not having a life-preserver and there goes the bikini's.

That said if they drive away all the children, and puppys, what is the
point of having a park? Perhaps the point is just a place where the
bikini girls have to portage.

I'm sure there is a real good explanation for this, I'm waiting.

I still say that BEND has their priority's screwed to hell, later this
summer when another kid dies of drinking on the river without a life-
prevserver, just remember this article, and remember that the puppy
made the cop do it.

So please some of you republican law and order *******s, please
explain this to me. A favorite rant here by the bend-blogger-brigade
is enforce the law on the illegals, why do bends finest themselves
selectively enforce the law?

Sorry for the duncan style dear-diary blog, but I just thought this
was too strange to pass-up, bilbo in bend, your ace field reporter, by
bike everywhere.

Lastly, in the new JuniperRidge budget, there is a request for an
additional ten full time police, can you imagine how puppy's they can
screw then? Its mind boggling.

It's a good racket, as the economy worsens more folks will take to
simple things like hang at the river during the summer with the pets,
and of course the cops will get to write lots of tickets.

In all the incidents I witnessed folks were only letting the fido and
kid's play in the water, its difficult to let a dog play in water on
leash. A lot of the raft folk have pets, its extremely dangerous to
have a noose around a dogs neck in a boat, but NOTE that in the city
of bend anytime a dog doesn't have a noose around its neck, its a DOG-


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