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UPDATE on Stu...2 YEARS in confinement.

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Old July 10th 07, 07:32 AM posted to rec.pets.dogs.rescue
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Default UPDATE on Stu...2 YEARS in confinement.


Below is the message on the MySpace page that I've created for
my dog, Stu. Stu is a Lab/Staff/? Mix that I rescued from the streets
of South Los Angeles while working on the film Training Day in 2001.
He was about 5 then and his been impounded since September 2005 for
biting my assistant when I left him with her to go to my mother's
death bed in Ohio with no notice.

My assistant had known Stu very well, and walked him often. She used
to let him lay his head in her lap. Stu has never attacked or bitten
anyone in the 5 years I had him living with me, going to dog parks, to
movie sets, to the corner cafe to play with children.

Somehow Stu and my shepherd mix, Maeve got into a scrap the day my
mother died. My assistant, Tatiana, called me to tell me about it. I
instructed her to take Stu to the vet to have his ear cleaned and
sutured. My father was a retired physician so I have grown up with
some knowledge of wound care.

I advised her to let him out of the small room in which she had locked
him so that he could walk around, calm down and not feel like he was
being punished. She was instructed to offer him the leash and if he
wasn't interested, she should call Animal Services or I would call
them to take him to the vet.

Tatiana ignored my instructions and entered the little room and closed
the door behind her. She cornered Stu and after hooking on his leash,
decided to add a harness to the mix and raked it over his ear. This
had been her story for a month afterward while I was helping her with
finances until her arm was fully healed. Photos of her arm 30 days
after the bite are at stu.911.googlepages.com

Pressured by her mother to sue me, she broke off contact, hired a
lawyer, reported the bite to Animal Control and filed a $6 Milllion
lawsuit. She, at the suggestion of her attorney developed a new
version of the incident which includes Stu "dragging" her back and
forth across the floor, her screaming "oh god" and him trying to kill

2 weeks ago she settled her claim for the policy limits of my
homeowners insurance $300K. So much for the $6 Million worth of

Stu was evaluated a year later (the department would not allow it
previous to that or for evidence at my hearing) by Dr. Polsky see

Dr. Polksy reviewed all of Tatiana's testimony, including the
department hearings, the civil depositions and the medical records. He
spent 2 hours evaluating Stu.
His findings are at Http://stu.911.googlepages.com

Please....if you love animals and especially dogs, will you
familiarize yourself with this case? Over 1000 people from all over
the world have signed Stu's petition to be exonerated and freed. The
link for the petition is on the MySpace page.

I am not a weatlhy man, and because my dog licenses were revoked over
this, my other dog Maeve has been in boarding for $400/month outside
the city limits until I can move. A new lawyer to take this to the
California Court of Appeals will cost me a $10K retainer. Mostly I'm
seeking intangible support for Stu and my cause. Letter writing, phone
calls, petition signing, etc. If you are able to donate a few dollars
that's fine but I think I will sell my house to help fund the lawyers.

There is so much about this case that is wrong on the part of the City
and it reads like a Kafka story. But it's true.

I am currently lobbying the Commissioners of the Board of Animal
Services of Los Angeles to re-open this case voluntarily and to accept
Dr. Polsky's report. Meanwhile, Stu languishes in a concrete cell,
with little or no human contact. He is filthy and going nuts. I see
him but they won't let me beyond the glass and it drives him crazy to
see me standing there where he can't be near me.

This could happen to anyone's pet. Please consider becoming a friend
of Stu and supporting his quest for freedom. We are close to getting
media attention after 2 years of trying. The current General Manager
of the Los Angeles Animal Services wants to kill Stu, but knows that
the back lash will be enormous.

http://myspace.com /save_stu

Jeff de la Rosa
Los Angeles, CA

ppA Los Angeles Animal Services Hearing Examiner found me to be

ppThe GM of the Dept. overturned that recommendation and declared
me "Dangerous" and sentenced me to die .That GM, Guerdon Stuckey, was
fired by the Mayor of Los Angeles within days of condemning me.

pI was evaluated by Dr. Richard Polksy, Phd. of dogexpert.com and
found to be NOT DANGEROUS

pMy owner appealed to the Board of Commissioners but they would not
overturn the GM.

pMy owner went to Superior Court to get the Dept. to re-open the
case. The judge denied my petition. I may be killed at any moment, and

pNow, Ed Boks, the current GM of Los Angeles animal services has
waged a personal PR war against Jeff, my owner, for being vocally
critical of Boks' administration.

pEd Boks has begun a "rumors" page at laanimalservices.com with Stu
at #1. His info is incorrect, sensationalist and full of lies.
The girl's arm was not shredded, Stu did NOT try to kill her, and she
is not "disfigured."

pA photo of her arm 30 days after the accident is at stu.
911.googlepages.com. This photo was taken AT LAAS and is public

pShe is 300K richer , though, as of last Friday. So I guess her
revised account of what happened has paid off.

pI have been impounded Since September 15, 2005 and am 20 lbs.
overweight, unhealthy, have been refused vet care, get no exercise and
cannot interact with my loving owner, Jeff. Can you help me by writing
(on paper) to the people in the blog entry above? Can you help to find
a rescue that will give me a temporary home until my owner, Jeff can
get me home?

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