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Breaking News - Usenet SPAMMER Finally Identified!!! ------Pbz2LrioypFX

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Old July 3rd 03, 11:05 PM
external usenet poster
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Default Breaking News - Usenet SPAMMER Finally Identified!!! ------Pbz2LrioypFX

You're not suggesting anything illegal are you? If something happens, could
you be held liable? SPAM, while annoying, is at the moment legal. Kind of.
In some places. But if somebody did an identity theft to this guy, that is
illegal. It's just not ethical to fight junk mail with serious criminal

Serious criminal conduct is identity theft, sending him a bomb, beating him
up, etc. SPAM is kind of illegal where I am (Washington state, US) but I
don't think sending him a letter bomb is appropriate. Now a booby trapped
VCR box for car prowlers is another subject, and another post =: ) jdoee

In article ,

Forgive me for using SPAM, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

I'm sure we've all seen the avalanche of SPAM that Mr. Steve Repsis spews
in our newsgroups on a daily basis; PHEROMONES, PENIS ENLARGER,

Well, I thought you'd all like to know this individuals' name, address, phone
and SS#. Perhaps you want to give him a call, or send him some 'presents'.
Maybe even update his credit profile, or better yet, pay him a visit!

Steven M. Repsis
2862 Cypressview Ct.
Kissimmee, FL 34746
(407) 944-0762

D/O/B: February 14, 1967
SS#: 092-62-0344
FL Drivers Lic: R122-793-67-054-0
FL Tag#: F53 27V & D728U

Let's all do our part to show our appreciation to Steve for all that he
has done for Usenet over the years.
PS: A big shoutout to our friends in NANAU for providing this information.
He might grudgingly comb inside sharp outer squares.

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Francis pours the proud cap very simply?


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