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Stupid, stupid people--rant!

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Old July 20th 03, 05:27 PM
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Default Stupid, stupid people--rant!


you are so pathetic. You are ashamed of dogs. You are ashamed of their
behavior, their body parts, everything about them.

You are a sinister little social domineering toxic mommy terrorist who
loathes dogs and their behavior and, more than anything else is the
world, all you care about is being perceived as "irresponsible." It
keeps you awake at night. This post of yours is almost good enough to
get you put on the mentally ill allstarz.

Dogs are dogs you dumb bitch. They run, they play, they ****ing jump,
they frolic, they race and rumble the **** around. Get the **** over it.
Find another cause. Deep down (not so deep actually), you are repulsed
by normal dog behavior. Dogs are simply an outlet for your insane desire
to control freak and toxic mommy the world around you.

They are heelpless victims to your insane social domineering desires.

You are sick. Like many American HouseFraus, you've got WAY too ****ing
much time on your hands and unspeakable busybodyism is the inevitable
result. You are seriously, seriously, seriously f'd in the head. If
you're not on drugs for depression or some other mental illness, you
spend all your time obsessively fretting and scheming and plotting about
how to nitpick to death your immediate environment and
everything/everyone in it. You're a serial mom waiting to explode.

You are sick in the head. You are seriously ****ed in the head.

You are en enemy of dogs. You are a dog hating promulgator of
intolerance of dogs and their behavior and their body parts. You are
ashamed of dogs.

And I am ashamed of you,

you dumb bitch.

Krishur wrote:
URGHHHH! Yesterday the Dog Park group that I'm working with met with our
newly appointed liaison to the town's Recreation Commission to see a new
site being considered.

One woman from our group brought her long haired Shepard (the worst type of
dog owner--no real training on the dog but she thinks she has complete
control over them--and really doesn't!) and was holding this very excited
dog on a very tight leash w/choke chain.

Kali was in the back of my truck with all the windows down and she said "Let
her out!" I said no, b/c her dog has/had some weird disease/infection that
was never completely diagnosed that caused the dog to bleed from her nose.
She assured me that her dog was OK now, but I still didn't want Kali out and
told her that the dogs have to stay on leash and the pulling and tugging on
Kali's collar when trying to play w/her dog could be interpreted by Kali as
coming from her dog and that is a cause of leash aggression, a chance I
didn't want to take. So she says let's just let them off lead--I said no,
this is a public park and the sight of our dogs running around off lead
doesn't create a good impression for our group as responsible dog owners.

Then the Recreation Commission lady pulls up w/her two young kids and black
lab (on a harness) the Shepard started crying and barking and *pulled* the
woman over to the lab. The Shepard (on an extremely tight lead) tries to get
the lab to play with her and, surprise surprise, attacks the lab after a
couple minutes of being held on this tight choke.

The recreation commission woman basically holds the cards of whether we get
our dog park or not and one of our people's dogs attacks hers!!

It gets better, I suggest they put their dogs in the car--afterall we have
work to do and the dogs will just be a distraction--the Shepard lady puts
her dog in the car AND DOESN'T CRACK A WINDOW! I didn't notice until we got

Thanks for the rant! I'm definitely suggesting that dogs not come to any
site walks--these are not social occasions!



================================================== ======

"when i got harriet she was emaciated, so i asked my vet for advice on
slowly adding weight to her. six months later i took harriet in for her
spring check-up and my vet was surprised that at how thin she still was."
--shelly couv.rette

"raises hand i've been told by three different vets that
harriet (53lbs) is *way* too skinny. we're still
vet-shopping, BTW."

--shelly couv.rette

"if you really can't resist
it when your dog pulls the "i'm starving!" routine G, you can give
him some frozen green beans or a small amount of plain pureed pumpkin.
i would also suggest putting the food out of his sight. i keep my
food--still inside the bags, which are tightly rolled down--inside
trash cans in the closed laundry room. that keeps it fresh and keeps
it out of my dogs' sight."

--shelly couv.rette

"heh. i get the opposite response. people think that poor little
harriet is positively starved to death. i've actually had people stop
me in the pet supply shop and tell me that i need to fatten her up!"

--shelly couv.rette

"i think that may be part of the problem. who wants to go to a
vet who tells you you're hurting your .widdle precious? i
think the other part is that some vets really don't *realize*
that what they consider proper weight is fat. after having
been told by a couple of vets that my dogs are too thin, i've
got a dim view of vets on that topic."

--shelly couv.rette

"my mom is kinda that way, but not *as* bad. she thinks that harriet is
awfully skinny, so feeding her table snax is okay. she tells me that
just a bite won't hurt."

--shelly couv.rette


shelly's fat face
================================================== =====

There are a lot of big fat women on these groups who starve their dogs
out of vanity, but shelly is a special case.

shelly is moor.e than a little bit beyond the pale

Shelly has OCD, and maybe she's just a little obsessive about measuring
out extra tiny and discrete portions with a tiny measuring cup, or
counting out pieces of green bean or pumpkin that she gives her dogs
when they give her the "I'm Starving" routine. When grandma tried to
give Hattie a snack, shelly probably went apeshit, because it was in
violation of her Obsessive need to oversee every tiny calorie that goes
into her widdle precious' mouth.

shelly's a special case, a special kind of dog abuser.


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