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Culture of Violence

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Old April 25th 13, 05:00 PM posted to alt.fan.neal.boortz,alt.non.racism,rec.pets.dogs.misc,soc.culture.african.american
Neal Boortz
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Default Culture of Violence

Can you imagine the terror a two-year-old must feel as he is being mauled
and shredded by the family pit bull? It happened again in Atlanta. The
mother turns her back and minutes later her child is dead.

Now I’m fixin’ to say some controversial things here. What the hell, are
they going to fire me? But as soon as I went on line and saw the
headline at AJC.com I knew -- was 95% sure – that when I read the actual
story I was going to find that the family that suffered this tragedy was
black. And I was right.

Oh! So you think that’s raaaaacist? Sorry, dumbass, but you don’t know
the definition of racist. This has absolutely nothing to do with skin
color. This is about culture. It’s about the predatory violence that
pretty much forms the basis for young urban black culture. Can you
argue, for instance, that violence is not at the core of the rap music
that permeates urban black culture. There is a reason why young black
males commit violent crimes far and away out of their percentage of our
population, and it damned sure isn’t poverty. When you don’t have enough
to eat you don’t kill someone for their necklace or tennis shoes.

There is nothing in the DNA that causes a young black male to adopt a
warrior attitude toward pretty much everyone he encounters. There is
nothing in the DNA that causes a black teenager to shoot a baby in the
head. This is learned behavior, not inherent behavior. Sooner or later
we’re going to have to admit that black urban culture in America is
violent and dangerous, and that it has nothing to do with race. Oh sure!
The members of this violent culture would LOVE to make this all about
race, about skin color. After all, there’s nothing much they can do
about that. Racism is YOUR problem to solve, not theirs. But if the
problems are cultural and not racial … well then that’s an altogether
different situation. Now it’s THEIR problem. Theirs is the culture that
needs addressing, needs changing. As long as they can play the racism
card that’s a problem they won’t have to face.

OK … back to the pit bulls.

Don’t give me this Bolshoi about pit bulls being kind and gentle. Just
Google pit bull attacks and you’ll find that these dogs are inherently
vicious. The dog that killed this toddler had been in the family for
eight years. Sooner or later some little tweak, some minor little
irritation, was going to short circuit this dog and cause it to attack

Much has been said about guns in the home. Well, let me tell you this.
I would NEVER let a child of mine go to a friend’s home to play or to
spend the night if there was a pit bull in that household. Wouldn’t

So … why are pit bulls pretty much the dog of choice in urban black
neighborhoods! The answer is simple. Because they’re perceived as mean
and dangerous … and this is exactly young black males want to be looked,
as mean and potentially dangerous. Come on, folks! Just look at how
they pose for pictures? Do you see any smiles? Anything that looks
friendly? See those heads tilted back? Ask your friendly neighborhood
anthropologist what that particular gesture means. Better yet … click
here. http://center-for-nonverbal-studies.org/headback.htm
You’ll find it interesting. So the next time you meet a young black male,
and you see that head go back ever so slightly, you’ll know what’s being

So if you want to be a mean, dangerous, threatening urban bro, get a
mean, dangerous, threatening dog. That way people will know just what a
bad dude you are.

There are other ramifications of this immense pit bull popularity in
black neighborhoods. How many times have we read over the last year of a
police office shooting a family pet, usually with minimal or no
provocation? Well, as long as you’re already screaming “raaaaaacist” at
me anyway, I’ll ask you to consider this. I would suggest that in the
majority of these family pet shootings you’ll find that the police
officer involved was black, and you’ll also find that he was raised in an
urban black neighborhood where pit bulls are prevalent. Not having that
much experience with other breeds, this means that the police officer is
conditioned to believe that dogs are dangerous and will rip you to shreds
without warning. So .. when confronted with a dog, shoot first and ask
questions later. I’ve asked some reporter friends of mine to look into
the statistics here, but they don’t quite have the courage to do it.
It’s as if a message from the black community has been sent to them:
“Hey, pal. I hear you’re doing a little story on the culture of violence
in our community. Make no mistake. If you proceed with this we will
paint you with a coat of racism that you’ll never be able to take off.”

Me? What are they going to do to me? Not listen to my show any more?


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