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American Pit Bull Terrier + Toddlers = ???

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Old July 1st 03, 07:56 AM
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Default American Pit Bull Terrier + Toddlers = ???

wrote in message
I have to say that this was the misconception that tripped me up as well.
I thought it was all about socialization. I worked *hard* at socializing
my dog, learning to read him etc. When he got to be just over 2 years
everything changed. His friends were still his friends but all other dogs
were a differrnt matter. So I started to research and learn. And at last
I understood. Socialization can MODERATE a dogs natural behavior, but it
will not eliminate it.

i agree with this completely. however, i still stand by my statement that
not socializing a pit bull will only make the aggression worse. if a dog is
not familiar with how to behave around other dogs, they tend to resort to
aggression. i think this is true of most breeds.

I think this is very hard for some people to grok because of the other
lines constantly payed out to soothe the reputation of the fighting dog.
With sad voices and shakes of the head they say "its not the dogs, its the
owners." And thats TRUE in the sense that the dogs can be expected to
obey and to behave in a socially acceptable manner WHEN IN CONTROL of the
human. AND that it is abolsutely possible to train and manage these dogs
safely. SO any pit bull incident IS the fault of the human. But that
doesn't mean that socialization will change the basic nature of the
fighting dog. Its a point that is often skipped over when defending the
pit bull. Some breed defenders are afraid to admit to any natural breed
characteristics, such as a desire to fight.

actually, i agree with this too. and i think there has to be a happy medium
out there somewhere. i will not chain my dogs to a car axle just because
they're pit bulls. i do supervise them directly whenever they're outside in
the yard, actually i supervise them whenever they're playing at all. i do
take them to training. i do take them to public places like coffee shops
and the outdoor mall. and yes, i on occasion take Lola to the dog park.
honestly, i've been taking her less and less, and now that we have Manu, it
will probably become even less frequent. Manu won't be going at all
because he isn't as responsive as Lola, so i don't think he would be as

but i still believe i can manage my young, well socialized, well trained,
very submissive dog in the park we go to. remember, this is a 40 acre park,
which we visit during weekdays. there are rarely more than 50 dogs in the
entire park. we're not talking about a tiny dog run full of dogs.
i have a hard time when people who admit they don't go to dog parks tell me
what the environment is like in a park they've never even been to.
i also don't believe the "one personality fits all" idea that seems to be
assigned to this breed (or any breed). maybe that's a personal issue of
mine. if so, i'm ok with that.

thanks for taking the time to respond politely. i understand that this is a
hot button issue. hell, anything to do with pit bulls seems to be a hot
button issue.


Old July 1st 03, 02:24 PM
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"Melanie L Chang" wrote in message
All I know is, one of the most frightening experiences I have ever had in
the city was with a beautiful pit, and an owner who insisted that his dog
was different, had "never been in a fight," and "only wanted to say hi"
to my dogs. Meanwhile, his dog -- a large, intact male -- was strutting,
stiff-legged, hard-eyed, off-lead, in a large circle around me and both of
my dogs. I was almost an hour late to an appointment that morning
because we were literally trapped by this clueless guy and his dog. I
never want to have to deal with that again.

By the way, something must have finally gotten through to the clueless
guy, because I have never seen his dog off-lead again.

that's totally messed up. i can't imagine why someone would let their dog
of any breed behave that way. i'm sorry you had to experience it.


Old July 1st 03, 04:04 PM
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From: (Nic)

(BTW Debbie, I owe you an e-mail! Working on

I wondered what happened to you! :-)


Old July 2nd 03, 04:05 PM
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"Nic" wrote:

think about it, if by chance a lab kills
another dog at the park, no one is going to say "oh yea, i've always
heard labs were vicious! did you hear about the one that killed that
old woman? etc" but if it's a pit bull, it's another story all


I will add to this: in the 15+ years I've been going to the park- and our
setup is similar to Kelly's, not a small dog run- I have seen a LOT of *DOG*
people become anti-Pit after having their dogs attacked by Pits with novice
owners who thought it was "all in the way you raise them".

Kelly, if nothing else- for the sake of Lola and Manu, the other dogs at
the park, and Pits in general, you need to buy a breaking stick, educate
yourself on how to use it, and CARRY IT when you let your dogs off-lead near
other dogs.
The biggest problem in incidents like that is that the Pit owners stand by
clueless, and have no idea how to break up the fight once it's started.


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